Why does Miley/ "Hannah Montana sing?"

Yuki~IFIT~In Finn I Trust~ 2010/03/01 01:08:20
She's soooooo annoying. Listening to her "music" makes me want to put a drill through my temples. Anyone feel my pain?
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  • jade 2010/04/05 22:53:27
    Because she wants all dat fame and fortune ,she's a media whore .Hopefully she'll disaper in a few years ,I'll sure be wishing that on the next falling star
  • Dahanna S.O.C.K. P.U.P 2010/04/03 16:38:50
    Dahanna S.O.C.K. P.U.P
    Why does Miley/ "Hannah Montana sing?"?
    bcuz she wantz 2...n she'z fortunate enuff 2 do it...
    i'm not a big fan..but
    she doesn't bother me wit her songz...
    if i dnt like it
    i dnt listen...
  • katie_nara 2010/03/31 22:42:17
    i really have no idea why she sings....her music is only for 4 year old girls that wants to be prncess and rockstars and stuff like that.....its not for my age actually...she sucks...
  • Yuki~IF... katie_nara 2010/04/02 15:42:43
    Yuki~IFIT~In Finn I Trust~
    Thank you. That is my thought exactly.
  • katie_nara Yuki~IF... 2010/04/02 18:20:08
    any time
  • random thought 2010/03/01 14:41:45
    random thought
    she usually lip synchs but this is when she dosnt
  • abs44 2010/03/01 08:05:48
    No please. If you're going to put a drill through anything let it be that girls brain. Put the poor thing out of its misery. I don't think it's trying to sing. I think it's begging for mercy. Kind of like a dying cat....
  • Yuki~IF... abs44 2010/03/01 08:07:46
    Yuki~IFIT~In Finn I Trust~
    Like a dying cat getting its nuts cut off...poor SOB...
  • abs44 Yuki~IF... 2010/03/01 08:15:07
    lol. sad sad sad.
  • Yuki~IF... abs44 2010/03/01 08:16:40
    Yuki~IFIT~In Finn I Trust~
    I can't wait for her show to come to the season finale.
  • ɟʇʇoɔs Yuki~IF... 2010/03/01 09:57:17
    Don't you mean SERIES finale??
  • Yuki~IF... ɟʇʇoɔs 2010/03/02 22:58:10
    Yuki~IFIT~In Finn I Trust~
    Oh I wish. lol
  • ɟʇʇoɔs 2010/03/01 07:05:32
    Who said she actually sings? I think she lip synchs
  • Yuki~IF... ɟʇʇoɔs 2010/03/01 07:11:26
    Yuki~IFIT~In Finn I Trust~
    That's possible. But that also means someone is still that awful of a singer. lol
  • GG 2010/03/01 03:53:39 (edited)
    Yes, sadly I understand. I have little cousins who love Hannah Montana and they play her music all the time. I lie to you not, I think my ears start to bleed at one point.

    Then when they leave and I turn on my alarm clock radio, guess what comes on......... "Party in the USA" I was about to throw my alarm clock out the window.
  • Yuki~IF... GG 2010/03/01 06:03:54
    Yuki~IFIT~In Finn I Trust~
    You poor thing. I'll be at recess with my friends in the gym and that god awful song would come on the radio and I'd scream, "SHOOT ME!!!" Then one of my guy friends would try calming me down. It never works til the song from Hell is over.
  • cassidyskye 2010/03/01 03:52:09
    to infect our minds and make money.

    she should just stop.
  • Yuki~IF... cassidy... 2010/03/01 06:04:32
    Yuki~IFIT~In Finn I Trust~
    Forget stopping How about dying?
  • cassidy... Yuki~IF... 2010/03/01 23:35:16
    lol, i mean... thats a tad bit harsh. :P
    never seeing her face again would be nice.

  • Delilah Rasputin 2010/03/01 03:02:03
    Delilah Rasputin
    of course i do!!!!
  • Yuki~IF... Delilah... 2010/03/01 06:04:52
    Yuki~IFIT~In Finn I Trust~
    I want her to die...
  • Delilah... Yuki~IF... 2010/03/01 19:54:23
    Delilah Rasputin
    be nice.....
  • Esmey♥ 2010/03/01 02:37:55
    That is so true she shouldnt sing at all!
  • Yuki~IF... Esmey♥ 2010/03/01 06:05:59
    Yuki~IFIT~In Finn I Trust~
    She's god awful! Plus her dancing on the stripper pole makes her look like a whore! God she's a dumb ass...
  • Esmey♥ Yuki~IF... 2010/03/01 21:39:42
    tht is so true!!
  • ♫ Radioactive♫Riley ♫ 2010/03/01 01:09:09
    ♫ Radioactive♫Riley ♫
    sometimes u try things becsue u no ur going to fail
  • Yuki~IF... ♫ Radio... 2010/03/01 01:15:11
    Yuki~IFIT~In Finn I Trust~
    Ain't that the truth. lol
  • ♫ Radio... Yuki~IF... 2010/03/01 01:43:13
    ♫ Radioactive♫Riley ♫
  • Yuki~IF... ♫ Radio... 2010/03/01 06:06:19
    Yuki~IFIT~In Finn I Trust~
    I say she's a whore. lol
  • ♫ Radio... Yuki~IF... 2010/03/01 06:11:40
    ♫ Radioactive♫Riley ♫
    yeah she is big tie
  • Yuki~IF... ♫ Radio... 2010/03/01 06:49:09
    Yuki~IFIT~In Finn I Trust~
    I hate having to deal with her music. It get old and tiring. What do ya wanna bet she'll be old news in the next couple of years?
  • ♫ Radio... Yuki~IF... 2010/03/01 06:52:03
    ♫ Radioactive♫Riley ♫
    oh yeahafter she quits her show peeps r gana drop her like a slutty potatoe
  • Yuki~IF... ♫ Radio... 2010/03/01 07:02:45
    Yuki~IFIT~In Finn I Trust~
    lol. Yep. I think she's the only disney star that's a whore.
  • ♫ Radio... Yuki~IF... 2010/03/01 07:04:55
    ♫ Radioactive♫Riley ♫
    lol yeah my little sis looked up miley cyrus and all these naughty pic.s came up

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