Why do people post their personal business all over social networks like Facebook?

Melicious Kiss of PHAET 2011/04/05 16:16:37
Because they want everyone on their side:
Because they need attention:
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A woman has found out her husband is cheating on her, so for months her friends read about what a scum bag he is, and then for months about how they are working it out, and then for weeks about how he cheated AGAIN and what a scum bag he is.


A woman posts about how her best friend is a bitch and screwed her over....

A woman posts about how somebody told her horrible lies and made her cry...

Why do women feel the need to post their issues all over the internet??
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  • ToddBHarris 2011/04/06 18:38:25
    Because they need attention:
  • Sister Jean 2011/04/06 14:51:20
    Because they need attention:
    Sister Jean
    many people never mature
  • BlunderWoman 2011/04/06 12:52:00
    Because they need attention:
    Actually, more of my male facebook friends do it, although there are three women on my friends list who pretty much live to kvetch.
  • Melicio... Blunder... 2011/04/06 15:12:47
    Melicious Kiss of PHAET
    love that word Kvetch.
  • BK 2011/04/06 12:04:02
    Because they need attention:
    Some guys do this, too. I don't get it. Maybe I'm just too old for that crap, but your personal business is your personal business. Keep it that way.
  • Ves~Sailor Soldier of PHAET 2011/04/06 02:24:29 (edited)
    Because they want everyone on their side:
    Ves~Sailor Soldier of PHAET
    Both. (and attention)

    A friend of mine (no longer friend now) put a status about his UTI. Jokingly I said "Uh ewww, tmi!" and he flipped a lid. I told him I was just kidding but because he was being pissy I explained to him I think it's odd or a little out there for him to tell the world/people about his bodily issues. That got him even more upset (for whatever reason) he used his "I am not feeling well to argue with you" even though he started it. Usually when people are not feeling well or doing well per say yeah they do it for the attention. It's stupid and childish, I think people would or should much rather talk about it in detail to a close friend offline.

    And it's not just woman, guys are doing it too.
  • Stream City U.S. 2011/04/05 18:41:33
    Because they need attention:
    Stream City U.S.
    Really think are looking for something to make there life important and sharing whatever keeps them from facing the truth best to hire Dr Drew or Dr Phil if they need to share lol
  • Predators Eyez 2011/04/05 18:24:59
    Predators Eyez
    Probably both plus immaturity.
  • Sister ... Predato... 2011/04/06 14:52:29
  • Overld 2011/04/05 18:09:41
    Because they need attention:
    It is no different than these Housewives of XXX shows that are on. They are giving all their business to all the viewers. Most of them end up divorced, and was that the point of going on the show?
  • misterz 2011/04/05 18:08:06
  • Shadow's Companion 2011/04/05 17:22:04
    Shadow's Companion
  • brutusin~ Proud Apetheist 2011/04/05 16:54:01
    Because they need attention:
    brutusin~ Proud Apetheist
    They think it needs to be known by everyone. Too bad they then realized that not everyone cares or have other issues to deal with.
  • Melizmatic 2011/04/05 16:38:38
    Because they need attention:
    Maybe because Mommy & Daddy didnt hug them enough?

    mommy daddy hug attention whore

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