Why do people hate The Looney Tunes Show?

LdyLeo 2011/11/26 03:52:28
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  • wallygator64 2011/11/26 03:58:30
    I grew up watching Bugs and Daffy and the gang.Thats classic cartoons in my opinion.You can neve go wrong with Bugs.

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  • BlackwinterG36C 2013/05/21 04:58:03
    I just hate the new one that just came out on Cartoon Network. The original is of course a classic.
  • PandahSixx 2013/05/16 00:50:16
  • Nothing 2013/03/20 01:23:31
  • LdyLeo Nothing 2013/03/20 02:12:15
    It's not like they ruined Looney Tunes and the characters that we all know and love. It's a different approach to the show that modernizes the characters by having them live normal lives and put them in different scenarios. Don't take the show the wrong way because they're not making fun of Looney Tunes. They're not going to stop just because other people don't like this show; it's not that bad of show if some of you haters give it a chance.
  • Nothing LdyLeo 2013/03/20 11:17:15
    Well, if they have to "modernize the characters by having them live normal lives and put them in different scenarios." then they should make another show, not Looney tunes! I'm not being rude with you. This show is just not what Chuck Jones started with, this is completely an insult to his works! And I'm not a hater. I'm being controversial over what they did to the Looney Tunes completely!! If they have to modernize it, they can just make it from where Chuck Jones left! By changing only the environment from 50s to 21st century NOT touching the characters lives and personalities, that can be accepted as modernizing it. But they changed them COMPLETELY!! What I'm trying to say is that Looney tunes we grew up is Classics, but this show... is just like "Contemporary" or lets say "Caricature" to fill the gap! Well, this show completely is not worth it. It offends me and the way I think. The episode I prescribed here seriously disturbs me. Wonder what kids feel? I wish I could even sue but since there're people who love them... guess it can't be helped. Have fun.
  • LdyLeo Nothing 2013/03/20 17:10:10
    I'm sure the kids like this show. We still have the old Looney Tunes on Cartoon Network. I had mixed feelings about this show as well, but as I got further into the show, I started to like it. I believe in giving things a chance; I gave this show a chance, now people should do the same since they are on their second season. And also, why the hell would you even sue? That's just stupid.
  • Nothing LdyLeo 2013/03/20 18:13:16
    Well, I don't wanna give it a chance, that's me. Why the hell would I even sue? For all the reasons I've mentioned here. And I also mentioned that it can't be helped! So go enjoy yourself for God sake! p.s... they're showing old Looney Tunes on Cartoon Network!? O.O
  • LdyLeo Nothing 2013/03/20 18:59:40
    Most real Looney Tunes fans would give this a chance. You have no chance of suing and even if you tried to sue (which is humorous), they wouldn't give you the time of day. Of course they are showing the old Looney Tunes on Cartoon Network.

    This is mature version of looney tunes a lot of people are stuck in there childhood. However, you and everyone else who dislike this show have to realize that times are changing. Sometimes you have to learn to adapt to change; If you have an open mind, this can be pretty funny. Could this show work with other characters? maybe but these characters were established so seeing these guys act like this feels a bit more natural than a couple of characters set up to play a role. Daffy's the Loon, Porky's a sucker, Bugs is Bugs. Don't take it too personal when you see something like Yosemite Sam as a salesman, they're trying to make you laugh about it not just yell at the tv for being stupid.
  • Nothing LdyLeo 2013/03/21 17:05:26 (edited)
    As being a "Most real Looney Tunes fan" I gave this damn show a chance! It aired on 2011, after the new episode came out I would download it in HD MKV format! I downloaded the whole season 1, burned in DVDs, watched in car and gave it a damn chance! but then season 2 came out with finally gray Bugs but everything else completely messed up! Still gave it a chance! Then that episode aired which I prescribed there disturbed me and completely made me hopeless! This will sound funny but I gave it so many chances that I even have TLTS happy meal toys collection with Bugs my fave who would make chewing sounds when pushing his arm holding a carrot up. But after that episode! I totally changed my mind! Its disturbing! It insulting! Daffy's personality is totally messed up! Its like all the characters are 40s and 50s aging men trying to find life. *sigh* Everyone holds their own opinions and have their own reasons to say it. If you love it, then love it! If we hate it, we'll hate it! Can't change other's minds. Go Google "The looney tunes show sucks" and you'll get tons of responses so we can't change everyone's minds right?
  • LdyLeo Nothing 2013/03/22 00:43:21 (edited)
    That's good that you gave it a chance because I hate people who judge things before even trying. Of course everyone is going to have their own opinions about this cartoon, but they need to stop whining and complaining about it and just let other people who like it enjoy it. I actually like Daffy's personality in TLTS; In TLTS. It makes the show even more humorous with his antics.
  • Safury 2012/01/18 22:59:32
    Their episodes have a lot of kid-unfriendly stuff in it... Not exactly inappropriate, but they're spreading the wrong ideas for kids...
  • LdyLeo Safury 2012/01/19 02:23:16 (edited)
  • Safury LdyLeo 2012/01/20 05:26:15
    Addiction, murder, cross-dressing, breaking out of jail, screwing around in court, extreme rudeness in general... These are just the few I got right off the top of my head.
  • LdyLeo Safury 2012/01/20 05:32:49
    LMAO! these are cartoons. Cartoons like this, Adventure time, and Regular show are gonna have a hint of suggestive themes, but nothing like addiction or murder.
  • Safury LdyLeo 2012/01/20 05:57:18
    Bugs became addicted to that caffeine soda and almost pushed Daffy off the roof of a skyscraper, Mordecai and Rigby got addicted to that coffe bean guy's coffee, and have been, at the very LEAST, 'involved' with the deaths of a bunch of half-humans, and how many talkings 'monsters' has Finn slayed?

    Sure, there's no "real" addiction or murder, but Cartoon Network's starting to edge toward these themes.
  • LdyLeo Safury 2012/01/20 06:37:50
    So what? kids are watching these shows and they love it. Those aren't anything too bad.
  • Safury LdyLeo 2012/03/19 21:52:14
    Ok, so teaching kids that addiction and murder is ok and acceptable in society?
    Sure, these shows always have the 'good guy' win, and anyone addicted always recovers or at least gets help before the end of the episode, but Cartoon Network does not play that off well at all. Kids only see a few seconds of their recovery or them getting help, and it does NOT stick with them like the rest of the episode does. I haven't seen anything explicitly die in Loony Toons yet, but as for Adventure Time and Regular Show, creatures and/or people will flat out EXPLODE, and not one character from either show is even somewhat bothered or disturbed. They are instantly distracted by something else and walk away grinning.

    Kids will love anything that engages their attention properly. If exploding monsters and spazzy characters grabs their attention, then they will love that show.
  • LdyLeo Safury 2012/03/20 12:18:27
    You are totally taking this way too seriously. Yes, these shows are becoming a little bit adult content, but they're trying to not take it too far. Looney Tunes has always been violent, but these newer shows are upping the ante on the humor and the violence. These shows are just for entertainment; they are not teaching kids anything.
  • LdyLeo Safury 2013/03/20 02:08:53 (edited)
    You need to take a chill pill because this is just a cartoon. Cartoons like this and Tom and Jerry are supposed to have cartoonish violence that's doesn't edge towards adult themes. The violence in the cartoons are meant to be hilarious; that's why we love The Looney Tunes and Tom and Jerry. I just think you're looking way into these topic.
  • Utall 2012/01/16 20:26:32
    hating the looney toons is like hating having fun.
  • selmawolf 2012/01/16 18:02:35
    Is there really such people? I have 27 years and still adore The Looney Tunes ... How can we not love Bugs Bunny and others?... :D
  • www.sodahead.com/smithy 2012/01/16 11:01:27
    i like that cartoon
  • pramasita a 2012/01/16 09:42:32
    pramasita a
    I think because Bugs Bunny a bit annoying sometimes...
  • ☮ Ron ☮ Paul ☮ 2012! ☮ 2012/01/16 06:23:50
    ☮ Ron ☮ Paul ☮ 2012! ☮
    Isn't that a rhetorical question?
  • SebaTheSociallyAwkwardPengu... 2012/01/16 04:12:21
    SebaTheSociallyAwkwardPenguin 平和
    Because no one knows what good old cartoons are. Old Skool for life!!^^
  • Dweezle 2012/01/16 03:55:44
    I remember watching many old cartoons. there was Krazy Kat from 1913. The early Popeye cartoons started in 1929, & many were really racist. and then came loony tunes Originally owned by Warner Bros in 1930. Then there was Betty Boop, the icon of flappers produced by Max Fleischer and released by Paramount Studios in 1930..
  • Richard 2012/01/16 03:31:08
    The only Looney Tunes show I hate is called "The Republican Debates,"
  • I NEED A HORSE 2012/01/16 03:21:51
  • The Winter Sodahead 2011/11/27 01:53:19
    The Winter Sodahead
    People hate Looney Tunes!?
  • LdyLeo The Win... 2011/11/27 02:29:03
    No, there's a new show called The Looney Tunes Show. I guess some people hate it because it's not "Looney Tunes".
  • The Win... LdyLeo 2011/11/27 02:32:50
    The Winter Sodahead
    I guess they think it doesn't live up to the original
  • LdyLeo The Win... 2011/11/27 02:41:15
    Yep. I personally don't find it THAT bad of an adaption to the original looney tunes. It's different.
  • Doug King 2011/11/26 22:19:10
    Doug King
    I have no idea, Bugs and Daffy have always made good cartoons.
  • John 2011/11/26 21:08:42
    Because, as funny as I think the show is, it is very immature humor and some people grew out of that as a youngster xD
  • Beth-RAWR-Foster 2011/11/26 17:48:48
    i dont i love it
  • Doug King Beth-RA... 2011/11/26 22:19:37
    Doug King
    Why not?
  • Beth-RA... Doug King 2011/11/26 22:26:09
    cuz i love it
  • Beth-RAWR-Foster 2011/11/26 17:48:35
    i dont i love it
  • pammerjammer 2011/11/26 12:14:13
    Right now I am seeing Elmer Fudd sing "Time to kill the Wabbit" in my head and it makes me giggle. Yosemite Sam did not have a prayer when he battled Bugs. I admire Chuck Jones and the others that did the Classic Looney Tunes. It is damn funny.
  • Gangsta Pony 2011/11/26 10:11:58
    Gangsta Pony
    Because it's not so...looney as it used to be, It's alright but it's not as good and funny as the classic cartoon, They changed the humor in the show to be more settle instead of laugh out loud looney crazy stuff, It's not the same ol' Looney Tunes so that may make people not wanna watch the show.

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