Why do people call Justin Bieber gay

"Silence! I kill you!" 2011/03/03 20:00:25
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Don't you people understand how insulting that is to the gay community.
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  • McKayla 2011/04/26 01:02:42
    Idk i thought it was lesbian if u were a girl :D
  • Monkey's Uncle 2011/03/06 04:36:11
    Monkey's Uncle
    Probably because she is.
  • brittanyalex20 2011/03/05 02:29:29
    The ones who call him gay are boys because their afraid that their girlfriend may like him
  • McKayla brittan... 2011/04/28 22:07:46
    I call her a lesbian and I'm not a guy...
  • Caulfield, the Skywalker 2011/03/04 16:53:05
    Caulfield, the Skywalker
    i don't call him gay for the same reason
  • Errol Park 2011/03/03 22:37:05
    Errol Park
    Why is it never insulting to anyone who's happy when the term "gay" is used as an insult? "Gay" has meant "happy" for a lot longer than it has meant "homosexual."
  • ~Angel~ 2011/03/03 21:38:41
  • Biki~pwcm/potl~ 2011/03/03 20:45:04
    I don't call him gay, I just call him beaverhead. Is that insulting to beavers?
  • Wren 2011/03/03 20:37:12
    Seriously speaking, every time I see him, he looks quite gay. As in, he looks happy. I don't use the words gay or fag when referring to homosexuals. Also, pretty boys will always be considered homosexual by someone even if they are clearly heterosexual.
  • ChrisAH 2011/03/03 20:27:07
  • Brandy 2011/03/03 20:16:26
    I don't think he's gay, just needs to hit puberty already. What is he now? 12?
  • MisterD 2011/03/03 20:06:44
    Because they are tired of their drab lives.
  • McKayla MisterD 2011/04/26 06:18:07
    says the old guy... just sayin :P
  • MisterD McKayla 2011/04/26 11:53:22
  • McKayla MisterD 2011/04/27 04:11:17
  • RV ~ The Peacekeeper of PHAET 2011/03/03 20:04:40
    RV ~ The Peacekeeper of PHAET
    Because people are stupid and ignorant
  • Vicanna 2011/03/03 20:02:35
    Because people think that Justin Bieber is a very happy person

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