Why do guys tilt their heads sideways when they are checking out a girls butt/whatever else?

Christine 2009/12/31 02:40:21
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Just a note here, I don't know if guys actually do this. I just tend to see it in the movies a lot lol.
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  • ☯Trent-Tastic☯ 2009/12/31 15:55:32
    I dunno.
    Maybe all the blood is rushing from their heads so they dont have the strength to hold it up and *flop* it goes sideways. :D
  • Andre 2009/12/31 02:43:36
    It's kinda of a unspeaken comunication. If you're talking to someone, tilting your head sideways means "stop saying whatever you're saying, I'm not even listening to you, just let me finnish checking out that girl and you can start again".

    Well, I guess.

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