Why Do Girls Like To Stick Out Their Tongues When Having A Picture Taken Off Them

~The Tickler~ 2010/06/29 19:40:45
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  • MCR_Freak 2010/07/10 22:47:39
    Some do, some don't. I do if its a funny picture.... or a family picture for that matter XD And not only girls do it, a good deal of my guy friends do that!
  • Jen ~ atheism & abortion 2010/07/09 02:31:42
    Jen ~ atheism & abortion
    You have an excuse for looking not perfect in a picture - like you did it on purpose!
  • ~The Ti... Jen ~ a... 2010/07/09 12:04:23
    ~The Tickler~
    hahaha your so right
  • I quit sodahead 2010/07/08 03:09:01
    I quit sodahead
    No clue, and I don't think I've ever done it in a picture.

    clue ive picture
  • -3mily- 2010/07/03 06:05:04
    I never do. I'd rather not look mentally retarded. Or like a dog for that matter.
  • MyChem.Till.the.end† In.MCR... 2010/06/30 10:13:21
  • blessmaev 2010/06/30 04:19:16
    IDK may they think it's hot or something (BTW i don't stick my tongue out)
  • Merlin 2010/06/30 04:13:24
    That's almost as annoying as girls making a fish face in attempt to "kiss" the camera while taking a picture!!!!!
  • SimplyShannon 2010/06/30 02:19:22
    I don't know....
    I do it sometimes.
  • ~The Ti... SimplyS... 2010/06/30 03:06:16
    ~The Tickler~
    with boobs like that,you can do whatever you want.
  • Rosie Posie 2010/06/30 02:17:29
  • Nona 2010/06/30 02:04:16
    I do it
    because I have
    a tongue ring & I like it alot!
    I think most girls do it to be goofy XP & girls
    arent the only ones that do it cuz I know a lot of boys that do it!!
  • ♥Carebear♥ 2010/06/30 01:38:00
    i do that sometimes for funny pics
  • Molly 2010/06/30 01:24:00 (edited)
    i dont but one of my best friends sticks her tongue out in almost every pic n i asked her y...she said that it makes her look sexy n through sticking her tongue out she lets men know that she wants them..on facebook she sticked her tongue out at almost every pic my question ,does that mean that she wants every man that looks at her photos?idk n i dont care cuz i always knew shes crazy n i never tried to explain thing she does xD
  • AmandaBluhm 2010/06/30 00:08:28
    nt all girls do that bt i do that sometimes to be funny in pics lol

    nt girls bt funny pics lol
  • Nona AmandaB... 2010/06/30 02:05:02
    I love the pic
    Katy Perry is so sexy!!!
    I love her!!!!
  • AmandaB... Nona 2010/06/30 19:55:59
  • Nona AmandaB... 2010/06/30 20:43:13
    Ur welcome!
  • AmandaB... Nona 2010/07/01 20:32:47
  • ash95 2010/06/30 00:02:30
    uhhhhhh i have no idea actually. never thought about that
  • Superpepsiman20 2010/06/30 00:00:36
    Gay guy's do it too. gay guys
  • XxXnitemareXxX 2010/06/29 23:21:03
    not ALL girls do that. i dont do that i think its lame
  • LimeGreenQueen 2010/06/29 22:11:10
    Because it makes them look so gosh darn attractive ;)
    gosh darn attractive
  • ♥Carebear♥ LimeGre... 2010/06/30 01:37:02
    haha it does look mighty attractive! lol
  • jacose 2010/06/29 21:29:28
    i think it might be a subconscious bisexual tendency
  • RawrRawrNinjaCupCake<3 2010/06/29 21:23:09
    Cuz we like our tongues?
    I don't know, it's easier to do than smile XD cuz tongues easier smile xd
  • MyChem.... RawrRaw... 2010/06/30 10:07:46
    MyChem.Till.the.end† In.MCR.I.Tust†
    Haha. Shes going for gold!!! Lmfao
  • RawrRaw... MyChem.... 2010/06/30 22:13:14
    ii just stuck my tongue out >_<
    lmfao ii stuck tongue gtlt
  • MyChem.... RawrRaw... 2010/07/01 19:51:45
    MyChem.Till.the.end† In.MCR.I.Tust†
  • RawrRaw... MyChem.... 2010/07/01 20:40:09
    IDK why I stick my tongue out though;
    I have some where I really dont (: ROFFL THIS PIC OF ME MAKES ME LAUGH :D
    yeahh haha xd lawl idk stick tongue roffl pic laugh
  • MyChem.... RawrRaw... 2010/07/01 20:45:29
    MyChem.Till.the.end† In.MCR.I.Tust†
    It's a beautifull picture. I love the dirty hair!! I wish mine could look like that.
  • RawrRaw... MyChem.... 2010/07/01 20:50:04
    here's what I do to get my hair to do that;
    Take a shower; and towel dry your hair so it's only slightly damp
    you get mousse and hair spray;
    Before you put either in your hair, you grab the ends and push up and squeeze (bear with me here haha) until you get it slightly curly, then you repeat that step with the mousse, and then hair spray it to get it to stay (: I straighten my bangs afterwards, and then the rest is all curly (:
    I love it :D step mousse hair spray stay straighten bangs rest curly love
  • MyChem.... RawrRaw... 2010/07/03 07:04:38
    MyChem.Till.the.end† In.MCR.I.Tust†
    SWEET!!! Thans!! Ima go try it out now!! I dont have hairspray though.
  • RawrRaw... MyChem.... 2010/07/03 07:45:58
    ii learned the hard way that it doesn't stay very long without hairspray; and after you hair spray it, you have to keep scrunching it (without product) until it dries, not continuously but every so often;
    To keep the curls nice (:
    or else it will flatten out like this :
    stay hairspray hair spray scrunching product dries continuously curls flatten stay hairspray hair spray scrunching product dries continuously curls flatten
  • MyChem.... RawrRaw... 2010/07/03 08:03:15
    MyChem.Till.the.end† In.MCR.I.Tust†
    Dude the first picture is how HALF my hair loos. Idk why but one side of me hair dries straight and the other half curls.lmafo BUT I will definatley follow your advice!!
  • RawrRaw... MyChem.... 2010/07/03 08:09:21
    haha; my hair is all curly unless I blowdry or straighten;
    personally i like my hair straight better;
    What do you think??
    haha hair curly blowdry straighten personally hair straight haha hair curly blowdry straighten personally hair straight
  • MyChem.... RawrRaw... 2010/07/03 09:34:31
    MyChem.Till.the.end† In.MCR.I.Tust†
  • RawrRaw... MyChem.... 2010/07/04 20:09:59
    wow really?? :D
    how come??
    happy fourth :D
  • MyChem.... RawrRaw... 2010/07/05 03:13:52
    MyChem.Till.the.end† In.MCR.I.Tust†
    I like curls.
  • RawrRaw... MyChem.... 2010/07/06 22:19:01
    ii hate my hair curly XD haha
    but thanksss :D

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