Why are American girls so angry all the time and so pissed off at men?

FEer 2009/08/03 07:51:11
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This isn't an international phenomenon. American girls are so pissed, and treat men as "accessories" or a "necessary burden" and have a hard time respecting men. Why? And if a girl is even slightly a little bit attractive, why do they act like "hot shit" and all, and assume and tell everyone that all men want them, while they are barely attractive? And why do they think they are better than other women in the world when they act very masculine and angry?
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  • Rhiannon 2009/08/04 20:38:16
    Femminism had a viewable bad side-effect in the USA with a misunderstanding o...
    I can't exactly explain it, but I can assure you that not all American women are like that. Some of us treat men and other women with respect and, while we expect respect in return, we don't think or act like we're better than everyone else.

    I think that maybe the girls who act like that are overcompensating for their own insecurities. Perhaps they think that if they are mean and intimidating, they will never get close enough (emotionally) to anyone to have to deal with rejection. It could also be a preemptive strike: they could think that if they act mean enough, people will be too intimidated to be mean to them.
  • Miss Sweety 2009/08/03 09:29:00
    Guys are all naturally assholes and girls are better than them
    Miss Sweety
    lol you get girls like that all over the world...i live in South Africa and i know of girls who thinks they can get any man they want...lol which is definitely not true
  • FEer Miss Sw... 2009/08/03 09:45:29
    lol I live in Colombia, have a great girl, but in reality, can get many beautiful girls very easily.. but in the US the ugly girls are so arrogant.... Why?
  • Miss Sw... FEer 2009/08/03 09:50:27
    Miss Sweety
    lol i dont think any1 is ugly...but the way they are makes them ugly
  • FEer Miss Sw... 2009/08/03 09:54:31
    Well, that is mostly what makes a girl attractive, how they are as a person....
  • FEer Miss Sw... 2009/08/03 09:50:11
    I live in Colombia, and every girl is beautiful, and you ask why? Why are all the girls so mean in the world? Here the girls are so beautiful and nice. But, Miss Sweety, you are also nice as well.
  • Miss Sw... FEer 2009/08/03 09:56:44
    Miss Sweety
    thanx...yes i am a well mannered person..and very down to earth...all girls have different personalities...you get mean girls and you get nice girls...thats life..not every1 is nice
  • Me 2009/08/03 08:06:52
    Guys are all naturally assholes and girls are better than them
  • Guys are all naturally assholes and girls are better than them
    Kaptn☠King☠Hate☠Machine(Im back!)
    again I luld
  • FEer Kaptn☠K... 2009/08/03 08:36:01
    What does "luld" mean? I don't know that one.
  • Kaptn☠K... FEer 2009/08/08 19:40:19
  • Green is a color 2009/08/03 07:53:47
    Guys are all naturally assholes and girls are better than them
    Green is a color
    LMAO! i JUST LOVE YOUR ANSWERS! hehe,,, though i reallly dont think most guys are a**holes,,,and im like never madd or pissy...lolz i just make a joke out of everything....and i dont think all kinds of guys think im hot and whatnot, but then again i know im not atttractive!! soo, idk!
  • FEer Green i... 2009/08/03 08:38:25
    Thank you! I'm sure you are a great gal. And yes, you are very pretty. But moreso, very nice. That's more important, I think....
  • Green i... FEer 2009/08/03 08:39:56
    Green is a color
    welll thank YOU! lmao, yep a doodles! i liek bein nice!
  • FEer Green i... 2009/08/03 08:52:57
    Well, no thanks to YOU!! Thanks for liking my silly answers, most people don't. Thanks to YOU!! grEen nice cute girl....
  • Green i... FEer 2009/08/03 08:56:00
    Green is a color
    yor welcommme! lolz them kinds of answers are cutee hehe!
  • FEer Green i... 2009/08/03 09:17:14
    Well, as far as feminism goes, I respect you very very much as a woman and as a person.
  • Green i... FEer 2009/08/03 09:17:47
    Green is a color
    aaww! thank youu!!!! i reckon i respect you too!

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