Why am I not Elvis Presley 's kid?

Poet003 2011/04/13 00:08:50
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because my Mom didnt have sex with him.I probably am a second or third cousin
of him on my Moms side because of our hillbilly and native-american blood.I
imitate all of his songs.I sing bass badly like I sing soprano badly.I sing mezzo-
soprano,alto,tenor, and higher baritone.I can imitate Patsy Cline and Elvis on
some songs when I warm up my voice enough.Also some Edith Piaf and Enya
but not all of them either.
I was'nt in my right mind when I said I was Elvis Presleys offspring.
I had a head injury.I passed out for 3 days or so soon afterwards.
Just about everyone knows the rest. I am sorry if I caused any trouble.
Lets celebrate hillbilly and native-american culture since we are having
this discussion!Elvis was probably nicer than what I know of Ike Turner
which goes to show you that being nice has much to do with how well
remebered you are.
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  • Doc Frank stein 2011/04/13 08:38:54
    Doc Frank stein
    Same reason I'm not McCartney's or Tom Jones'LOL!

    Besides, would u want to look like Lisa Marie or do you prefer how you look now??
  • Poet003 Doc Fra... 2011/04/15 05:47:14
    I wouldnt mind looking like Lisa-Marie. She has cool arched eyebrows etc.In fact she played
    Vampira in a Depp movie.However I wouldnt have plastic surgery to look like anyone not even
    myself.I just try to look healthy if anything.I will just get old and ugly without plastic surgery.
  • Doc Fra... Poet003 2011/04/15 05:55:33
    Doc Frank stein
    Let me tell you something, Young Lady:
    You probably look pretty much as good as Miss Presley. She might be an attractive girl, but so are you: I wouldn't trade you for her. She is quite attractive, but let's face it, according to females, she has nothing on her father's looks, or his personality, for that matter.
    I think if you just be a good girl, and be the very best that You can be, you will be well on your way to being a 'winner'LOL. :)
    and it's there in you: you just need to do and believe in good and love other people :)
  • Poet003 Doc Fra... 2011/04/15 05:57:33
    Yes, thats totally what I need to do. I am glad you find me attractive.
  • Doc Fra... Poet003 2011/04/15 07:37:45
    Doc Frank stein
    Yes; you do look very attractive.
    But with such blessings, let's hope that we live as attractively as we might look ;)
  • Poet003 Doc Fra... 2011/04/15 11:30:18
  • Doc Fra... Poet003 2011/04/15 12:37:22
  • Polly Poet003 2013/09/18 18:24:38
    Lisa Marie Smith played in the Johnny Depp movie NOT Lisa Marie Presley!
  • I_Like_Trains 2011/04/13 01:49:06
    i herd from me mum that Elvis Presley was rasist... o.O
  • Poet003 I_Like_... 2011/04/13 02:11:13
    The chef that lived in Elvis Presley's kitchen was a african-american woman.She probably wouldve
    poisned him if he was a racist for being a hypocrite.I think her name was Paula Nicholson.She
    died 2 years or so ago.My mom says Elvis has a native-american forehead.
  • I_Like_... Poet003 2011/04/13 11:26:29
    ohh..ok cool
  • knowledgeispower 2011/04/13 01:01:01
    Why isn't my last name trump
  • Poet003 knowled... 2011/04/13 01:04:06
    because your not blond? lol
  • Autarchic 2011/04/13 00:14:50
    We are what we are, and nothing more.
  • Poet003 Autarchic 2011/04/13 00:23:50
    Yes, we are what we do more than what we are physically comparable too!
  • Poet003 2011/04/13 00:10:11
  • Poet003 Poet003 2011/04/13 00:11:06
  • Poet003 Poet003 2011/04/13 00:12:10
  • Poet003 Poet003 2011/04/13 00:16:26
    Elvis was probably mostly verbably abusive (which is abuse and I know Im that way sometimes myself) and over controlling of Priscilla.From what I have read though he
    was'nt physically abusive until she left him.Ike Turner used to beat up Tina Turner
    all the time.Plus I like Presleys music better than Ikes even if he didnt originate it.
    Elvis had a good voice, wrote some good songs, and arranged some songs well.
  • Poet003 Poet003 2011/04/13 00:18:52
    I think Fats Domino,Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry etc are more esteemed than Turner too.
    Yet if Rocket 88 was the 1st rock song or even a early one its still of historical importance.
  • Poet003 Poet003 2011/04/13 00:21:28

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