Who's the Cutest Video Game Couple?

Gaming 2012/02/24 22:53:48
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Video games typically don't focus on romance, but many good stories contain at least a small element of love. The most obvious example of romance in video games would have to be the "Final Fantasy" series, late games in particular.

Ever since that love triangle in "FFVII," which involves one of the most memorable scenes in gaming history (we won't spoil the surprise, though it's extremely well-known), romance has been an integral part of the series. But that's certainly not the only series to touch on the subject.

What about Princess Zelda and Link? Are they even a couple? Most of the games in the series seem to suggest otherwise, and if you want to get into the nitty-gritty you'll discover that seldom are the Link and Zelda in one game the same as the last. It's complicated, but we can't escape the subtle magnetism inherent in the series.

The same goes for Mario and Princess Peach. What's the deal? All we see is that kiss on the cheek at the end, but what happens after that? We're going to count them both as "couples" anyway, because they're too essential to pass up. Deal with it! Who do you think is the cutest video game couple?

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  • Aingean 2012/02/26 20:26:09
    Mario and Peach ("Super Mario Bros.")
    The only two others I have heard of are Zelda and Link and the Pac-Mans.
  • Jackal 2012/02/26 19:59:59
    The cutest video game couple is...
    Ebony and Ivory... greatest couple of all!
    Ebony and Ivory
  • budgerigar42 2012/02/26 18:01:56
  • budgeri... budgeri... 2012/02/26 18:02:39
    Wait, here's the video:
  • LarrySt... budgeri... 2012/02/26 21:34:45
    I love smosh
  • budgeri... LarrySt... 2012/02/27 12:00:23
    Smosh is awesome!!
  • triniti budgeri... 2012/02/27 01:47:00
    Liked it great job
  • dbzandnaruto 2012/02/26 18:01:35
    The cutest video game couple is...
  • YeahISaidIt 2012/02/26 17:14:42
    Mr. and Mrs. Pac-Man ("Pac-Man")
    Nothing more romantic than two physically sexless balls with mouths.
  • ✞Knight... YeahISa... 2012/02/28 17:18:24
    ✞Knight of Honor
  • White Raven 2012/02/26 17:12:03
    Cloud and Aerith/Aeris [and Tifa] ("Final Fantasy VII")
    White Raven
  • Stephanie 2012/02/26 16:15:25
  • budgeri... Stephanie 2012/02/26 18:06:24
  • MJsladyinhislife 2012/02/26 15:49:12
    Link and Zelda ("The Legend of Zelda")
    Sooo cute :D
  • CサïCサï xχx 2012/02/26 15:34:55
  • jacob crim 2012/02/26 15:32:20
    Link and Zelda ("The Legend of Zelda")
    jacob crim
    zelda and link

  • socokid 2012/02/26 13:32:22
    Mr. and Mrs. Pac-Man ("Pac-Man")
    The age demographics are quite telling. ;-)
  • Just Jenn for Now 2012/02/26 11:57:12
    The cutest video game couple is...
    Just Jenn for Now
    I'm possibly the only one here saying this, but Chris and Jilll from Resident Evil.

    resident evil chris jill
  • YeahISa... Just Je... 2012/02/26 17:16:31
    Has Capcom ever actually confirmed a romantic relationship between them?
  • Just Je... YeahISa... 2012/02/26 21:35:35
    Just Jenn for Now
    Nope, nothing was really mentioned in any game or any interview as far as I know.
  • YeahISa... Just Je... 2012/02/28 01:27:28
    I would really just like for the two of them to at least say they love each other!
  • Khawla 2012/02/26 11:30:40
    Cloud and Aerith/Aeris [and Tifa] ("Final Fantasy VII")
    that's really GROSS
  • Zombz 2012/02/26 10:21:28
    The cutest video game couple is...
    The Joker and Harley Quinn. <3
    arkham  asylum  joker  harley  quinn
  • Princes... Zombz 2012/02/27 06:39:26
    Princess Amethyst
    The question asked for cute, not evil lol
  • Zombz Princes... 2012/02/27 12:03:56
    They are the most adorable couple with all their evilness included. c:
  • Party Boy [A7X Bat] 2012/02/26 10:07:03
    The cutest video game couple is...
    Party Boy [A7X Bat]
    Ellis and Zoey. If you don't know what I'm taking about, you suck. XP
  • Zombz Party B... 2012/02/26 10:33:15
    "A girl who can shoot?! I AM IN LOVE!"
  • Rave 2012/02/26 08:40:43
    The cutest video game couple is...
    Link and zelda couple

    And when I was younger I liked Solid Snake and Meryl in Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes

    Snake and meyrl
  • Your friendly neighborhood ... 2012/02/26 07:47:11
    Mario and Peach ("Super Mario Bros.")
    Your friendly neighborhood stalker
    I don't think Link and Zelda are a couple...
  • Twisted... Your fr... 2012/02/26 12:38:44
    neither are Mario and Peach
  • Jimbo 2012/02/26 06:55:20
    The cutest video game couple is...
    Mario looks like a creeper. Peach is way to hot for him.
  • Flea Jimbo 2012/02/27 02:56:59
    Peach likes mustache rides.
  • ✞Knight... Flea 2012/02/28 17:20:17
  • Chris 2012/02/26 06:52:17
    Cloud and Aerith/Aeris [and Tifa] ("Final Fantasy VII")
    It was quite possibly the saddest moment in video game history. :(
    saddest video game history
  • Ruby Dear - The Grifter of ... 2012/02/26 06:44:37
    The cutest video game couple is...
    Ruby Dear - The Grifter of PHAET
  • THB306 2012/02/26 06:09:40
    The cutest video game couple is...
    Sora and Kairi definitely!!

    All of these other choices are just plain awful... except for the Gears of War and Uncharted ones... I don't judge them because I haven't played either of those games. But Mario and Peach is just sad... how can you have a relationship when your girlfriend spends ninety percent of her life in the clutches of your arch-villain?
    Link and Zelda only count if you're talking Skyward Sword; otherwise, they're just two people destined to save Hyrule, not really a couple...
    And I'm not even gonna get started on the Pacs...
    The whole FFVII love-quadrangle involving Cloud, Aerith, Tifa, AND Zack was just a mess... Zack should be with Aerith and Cloud should be with Tifa, but does that make either contestants for cutest gaming couple? No.
  • XxDêâTHwΊhxX 2012/02/26 05:54:07
    Mario and Peach ("Super Mario Bros.")
    they iz soo cute :3
  • footlickerferret 2012/02/26 05:43:04 (edited)
    The cutest video game couple is...
    Luigi and Daisy 'cuz they are awesome luigi and daisy
  • YeahISa... footlic... 2012/02/26 17:17:14
    Daisy>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Peach
  • Batman 2012/02/26 05:38:55
    Link and Zelda ("The Legend of Zelda")
    argh, now I got that video game tune in my head from the 80s

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