Who would Win? The 1992 Dream Team or the 2012 Team?

American Nate 2012/07/12 04:38:23
The 2012 USA basketball Team
The 1992 USA Dream basketball Team
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Dream Team has Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and Michael Jordan. 2012 Team has Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, and Kevin Durrant.

The competition is higher and athletes are much stronger compared from 1992 and 2012. 20 years of difference. It would be different if the 92 team grew up in the 2012 team decade. Every Sport always gets better and improves every year. I think the 2008 team is better than both teams tho with Dwight Howard, Chris Bosh, and Dwyane Wade.
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  • Sean McDonald 2012/08/15 20:36:06 (edited)
    The 1992 USA Dream basketball Team
    Sean McDonald
    I would put my money the 92 dreamteam

    92 dreamteam
  • rex 2012/07/12 09:49:03
    The 1992 USA Dream basketball Team
    Are you really asking this question seriously. There is not a single player on this years team that would be qualified to wash the jock straps of the 1992 team.
  • America... rex 2012/07/12 16:55:04 (edited)
    American Nate
    really? 3 time season mvp and 2012 champ mvp Lebron James and 5 time champ with 3 finals mvps Kobe Bryant wouldn't make the team? Griffin wouldnt make the team either? how bout Durrant? The players from the dream team wasn't even in their prime.
  • rex America... 2012/07/18 09:47:41
    Great Athletes vs great Basketball players. today's player would win at 1on1, becuase of their athleticism. 1992 had 9 hall of famers, 19 league MVP's over 30 NBA Titles between them. 18 finals MVP's, 5 NCAA player of year awards and 5 NCAA champions. Obviously Kobe and Lebron could replace Laetner and Mullin.
  • America... rex 2012/07/18 12:54:33
    American Nate
    No doubt that they are the best basketball players of all time but competition is different 20 years ago too. The World, international basketball is greater, plus the NBA too.
  • rex America... 2012/07/23 11:38:47
    You are correct, today they cant shoot, defend or play team basketball.
  • America... rex 2012/07/24 02:06:43 (edited)
    American Nate
    they play team basketball, do you ever watch? durant made every 3 he shot in the 1st, lebron had more assists then points in the 1st half and lebron finished with 15 points
  • rex America... 2012/07/24 09:19:23
    if they were as good as you say, they should not even have 1 close game... they already blew that...
  • America... rex 2012/07/24 19:46:43
    American Nate
    wins are wins.. and I said that international level is better plus the first 5 games don't count
  • rex America... 2012/07/27 10:26:31 (edited)
    Listen, There is absolutely no comparison in the talent levels of both teams.
    1992 had 9 Hall of Famers... 2012 will have 2, maybe 3.... And really No team with Tyson Chandler and Kevin Love and Anthony Davis as there pseudo Centers can call themselves the best ever....
  • America... rex 2012/07/27 16:51:24
    American Nate
    92 team is the best team of all time, no doubt but that doesn't mean they will beat them. its like the 0-16 lions could beat the 17-0 dolphins..
  • American Nate 2012/07/12 04:43:16
    The 2012 USA basketball Team
    American Nate

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