BIG BAD JOHN R. 2012/07/15 13:45:14
Jon Hamm
Mark Wahlberg
Jake Gyllenhaal
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Jon Hamm

Pros: From Mad Men to Bat Man? Anyone who watches Mad Men knows that Don Draper is practically Bruce Wayne already. He’s smooth, he always knows what to say and he tends to get exactly what he wants in the end. His deep voice could be flexed ever so slightly to make a truly menacing Batman voice (hopefully better than Bale’s custom rasp) and he’s got tall, dark and handsome written all over his face. Everybody wanted him as Superman but he’s got a dark side to him that perfectly suits Bats.

Mark Wahlberg

Pros: Physicality is not a question with Wahlberg, if he isn’t buff enough already to play the part he can get into shape anytime he likes with the sports complex he calls a home. The man’s had an amazing physique for the past twenty years or so. We’ve seen him play tough, mysterious leads before and his turns in movies like The Departed, Shooter and Max Payne show that he understands both the action side and dramatic aspect as well. He also has very expressive eyebrows and a good angry stare. He is a credible blockbuster lead, just the times he has found himself in them (Planet of the Apes) it hasn’t worked out because of a bad production rather than anything he did.

Jake Gyllenhaal

Pros: At age 30, Gyllenhaal is still young enough to star in multiple films and return the character to where he was at with Batman Begins, if so called for. We’ve seen him as an action star in Prince of Persia and know he has the physicality necessary for the role and his appearances in Zodiac show he has the obsessive acting range to handle Batman. We’ve already gotten Heath Ledger from Brokeback Mountain, why not another star?

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  • Emily Barrington 2012/07/28 13:37:41
    Emily Barrington
    Christian bale.
  • Katja 2012/07/22 18:43:35
    alexander skarsgard
  • beach bum 2012/07/17 16:43:33
    Mark Wahlberg
    beach bum
  • Kylie 2012/07/15 16:01:23
    Jake Gyllenhaal
    I think every batman should be good looking.d-_-b
  • brayan 2012/07/15 14:34:23
  • TasselLady 2012/07/15 13:59:11
    Christian Bale. He already has that dark, menacing handsome face that has played similar roles. I'd like to see him get it. If not him, Jon Hamm would have a good chance. He plays good and evil parts well.

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