Who will win 'Dancing with the Stars' Tonight?

ABCnews.com 2014/05/20 15:30:37
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  • Phyllis Allen 2014/05/21 04:32:13
    Amy Purdy
    Phyllis Allen
    I hope Amy wins!
  • plodalong 2014/05/21 03:52:05
    Amy Purdy
    Meryl may be a bit better dancer, but Amy is awfully good and with no legs, she is miraculous. Candace doesn't even belong in the finals, James, Charlie and Winnie Cooper were all much better dancers than she.
  • Polaris 2014/05/21 03:41:56
    Meryl Davis
    I know this is late but Meryl won
  • tess 2014/05/20 23:53:53
    Meryl Davis
    If we base it on grace, timing and everything about dancing and not popularity, Meryl is the winner.
  • Jess 2014/05/20 23:37:50
    Meryl Davis
    Not a fan of the show but it will be Meryl that wins it.
  • Cathy Pearson 2014/05/20 23:02:34
    Meryl Davis
    Cathy Pearson
    I think it would be a sin if Amy won.it would just be a sympathy vote.meryl & macs out dance everyone on the show.
  • Elizabe... Cathy P... 2014/05/21 03:18:35
    Elizabeth Darling
    I so disagree. Amy is graceful & has overcome unbelievable obstacles.
  • inalyn guevarra 2014/05/20 22:30:42
    Candace Cameron Bure
    inalyn guevarra
    They are good I don't know why the judges give them a lowest score.
  • leslie greenberg 2014/05/20 19:42:40
    Meryl Davis
    leslie greenberg
    I would not mind if Meryl or Amy won! They're both pretty amazing! But in my opinion, two great dancers, Charlie & James should have not been eliminated before Candace. She must have a huge fan base-everyone ( including her & Mark) seemed shocked that she was saved again!
  • chandra.jordan.9 2014/05/20 18:55:13
    Meryl Davis
    Meryl and Maks bared their souls last night
  • jan staton 2014/05/20 18:42:20
    Meryl Davis
    jan staton
    Meryl ' s the best.

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