Who Was Your Favorite Mr. Darcy?

ABC News U.S. 2013/01/25 22:12:44
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  • Sealy 2013/09/18 10:54:50
    Matthew Macfadyen - Price & Prejudice 2005
    Matthew Macfadyen, hands down. I adore Laurence Olivier and am in awe of his talent in all of his roles. Colin Firth is another of my favorites in other films. For Mr. Darcy though, Matthew is the dream that dreams are made of. *swoon* I just can't get enough of Matthew.
  • Brandy 2013/07/27 04:42:19
    Matthew Macfadyen - Price & Prejudice 2005
    I'm sorry Colin Firth's 1995 Mr. Darcy was too ooc and way too stiff for me. I did like Mark Darcy though. But the winner would be Matthew, IMO. (And I'm rather fond of the Mr. Darcy in the PPZ books)
  • tiffany jwalls 2013/03/06 08:47:47
  • arcie birne 2013/03/06 08:37:33
  • enya paol 2013/03/06 07:06:13
  • elena awal 2013/03/06 07:00:28
  • inton eberh 2013/03/06 06:32:51
  • laytonrab agrabag 2013/03/06 05:54:28
  • jami eregne 2013/03/06 05:51:16
  • sandy ballard 2013/03/06 05:50:48
  • Marlenedomi 2013/02/03 02:18:55
    Daniel Gordh - The Lizzie Bennet Diaries 2012
    Have you guys not seen Lizzie Bennet diaries. If you have you can clearly see Daniel Vincent Gordh is the best Fitzwilliam Darcy ever seen in the history of Pride and Prejudice adaptions. From his looks to his personality, he is the embodiment of what a real Mr. Darcy should be.
  • Shelly hessinger 2013/01/28 17:05:38
    Colin Firth - Pride & Prejudice 1995
    Shelly hessinger
    Firth was titillating as Darcy. I could watch that Pand P a million times. No one does him better.
  • David (oYo) 2013/01/26 11:42:59
  • kim 2013/01/26 04:18:49
    Colin Firth - Bridget Jones' Diary 2001
    Wow...I just really liked him...and I loved her with him. Had enough" Daniel Cleavers" in my life!
  • katywon 2013/01/26 02:54:45
    Colin Firth - Pride & Prejudice 1995
    He fit the part.

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