Who should win NFL MVP?

SportsNation 2013/02/01 14:07:48
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Peyton Manning and Adrian Peterson are going head-to-head! Well... kind of. If it were down to these two pro-football players, who would you vote for as NFL MVP? And if you're really having a hard time deciding between the Denver Broncos quarterback and the Minnesota Vikings running back, there's always an "Other" option for you, so feel free to sound off in the comments section with your pick!

peyton manning

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  • ..::localeye::.. 2013/02/03 14:49:04
    Adrian Peterson
    Only because I know
  • Muscle Man 2013/02/03 08:09:58
    Someone else
    Muscle Man
    MY MOM!!!
  • Steve Boston 2013/02/03 02:27:00
    Adrian Peterson
    Steve Boston
    He earned it. The defenses were stacked against him and he still prevailed.
  • jesse lemus 2013/02/02 23:18:11
  • KittyKat 2013/02/02 20:01:33
    Someone else
    Don't care.
  • joe mauro 2013/02/02 05:35:00
    Peyton Manning
    joe mauro
    still the best
  • kyle.reed.925 2013/02/02 03:53:23
    Adrian Peterson
    I'm sorry did manning almost break a record
  • republican! 2013/02/02 03:41:46
    Adrian Peterson
    he put da team on his back dough! and sometimes he put the other team on his back(literally) lol
  • gatelime 2013/02/02 02:07:00
  • S and S 2013/02/02 01:36:12 (edited)
  • H.E 2013/02/02 00:59:17
    Adrian Peterson
    2000 plus...

    Give it to him at least as a co MVP
  • Rogue_Loner 2013/02/02 00:48:00
  • JROD 2013/02/01 15:09:06
    Adrian Peterson
    AP. ALMOST broke the record for rushing yards in a season after blowing out both knees. He is an absolute beast!
  • Smokey 2013/02/01 14:43:11
    Someone else
  • Rogue_L... Smokey 2013/02/02 00:44:55
  • Smokey Rogue_L... 2013/02/04 20:20:13
    Hey buddy, RG3 won the Rookie of the Year Award. You're right about who sells the most jerseys, but you can't ignore how he changed an entire team because of his play. He's awesome and will be a name people will remind for decades!

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