Who Should Buy the Los Angeles Clippers?

AdriHead 2014/04/30 22:00:00
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Famous multimillionaires and billionaires have officially come out of the woodwork -- so they can make an offer to buy the Clippers.

After Donald Sterling's less-than-savory words about black people was leaked to the press, the current owner of the L.A. Clippers may be forced to sell his team. And according to media reports, there are TONS of famous people interested in buying it.

oprah winfrey
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Oprah Winfrey, for one, may be interested in buying. Then there's P. Diddy, who expressed his interest on Twitter, tweeting "I will always be a Knicks fan, but I am a business man. #DiddyBuyTheClippers #NameYourPrice." Another hip hop mogul, Rick Ross, also tweeted that he's up to joining the bidding war. Then, there's also Magic Johnson... along with a handful of others.

Quite a list of savvy business people, if we do say so ourselves. So, who would you want to see buying the Los Angeles Clippers? Anyone on this list... or would you prefer to see someone else own the basketball team?

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  • Rigo Rangel 2014/04/30 22:27:43
    Rigo Rangel
    Why does it has to be a black person? This question is racist. Not even a white token, makes me Sick.

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  • Kimberly Sparks 2014/10/29 22:42:45
    Oprah Winfrey
    Kimberly Sparks
    I will manage them for u Oprah!!!!! Kimberly Sparks
  • Loner 2014/05/10 22:40:21
    Me I already own one team.
  • Thomas 2014/05/10 07:18:52
    I'll give you a dollar.
  • chrisjay 2014/05/07 15:09:28
    Oprah Winfrey
    I notice a lot of people complaining about the fact that people feel that only a black person should own the Clippers however, this all started because a white guy was being racist. Don't be mad at black people for wanted to be owned by black people. Sterling is the one who messed everything up. He had his chance and he threw it away.
  • joeschmo 2014/05/07 05:23:43
    Magic Johnson
    It would be poetic justice
  • Joe Six pack 2014/05/06 18:44:20
    Oprah Winfrey
    Joe Six pack
    Instead of "other", you should of put anybody but a black person, the white wing..I mean right wing conservative point of view. ...............and other wins by a mile.
  • kgiexec 2014/05/06 14:20:36
    I bet the team doesn't sell anytime soon since its actually owned by a trust and not by Donald Sterling himself.
  • askmike kgiexec 2014/05/06 23:59:07
    Really? You mean the other 29 team owners did not pay the NBA in order to be called owners? You mean the NBA bylaws that reference "owners" does not in fact reference the 30 people who think they are owners? Really? That is fascinating. By the way, the NBA is already considering the new owner from a list of candidates who have the money to pay the NBA the asking price of the Clippers.
  • kgiexec askmike 2014/05/07 01:10:07
    what are you having such a hard time understanding. Donald Sterling like many rich people placed his assets including the team under a trust with more than one owner. The ownership includes himself, his wife, and other persons i dont remember but probably other family members. So should Sterling (a lawyer) decide to challenge it in court, it will drag on for years. Maybe you should slow down and read more carefully before going on rants.
  • askmike kgiexec 2014/05/07 04:22:42
    The NBA has taken control of every aspect of owning and operating the Clippers. The NBA bylaws, that Sterling signed when he bought the team, specifically state that the NBA has the right to take control of the team, including the sale of the team. The reason the NBA has structured the bylaws in that manner is to preclude the machinations of people who want to stymy the NBA. Try to keep up.
  • kgiexec askmike 2014/05/07 13:09:23
    speak of keeping up genius, selling the team will require a majority vote by the other owners regardless of what the commissioner says. And again, lawsuits can delay anything. So back to my original post, I said I bet it doesn't sell soon. Not that it wouldn't eventually sell. The possibility of the team's sell being delayed by lawsuit has been discussed in depth on the news. I would ask you to take some mental notes at this point but I doubt you have anything to write on. How's that for keeping up?
  • askmike kgiexec 2014/05/07 14:57:21
    Regardless of what the commissioner says? Have you listened to the commissioner? Really? The commissioner says he has interviewed the owners and that he has the necessary 3/4 vote required. Your claim of "a majority vote" is proof positive you have no credibility.
  • kgiexec askmike 2014/05/07 15:01:52
    You are just plain simple. What do you not understand about the option to tie it up in court should he choose. Also interviewing owners and actually placing your name on the dotted line are two different things. haven't you ever seen an election. Since can't acknowledge the fact that a lawsuit is an option, how about you go back to your coloring book, grab your crayons, and go back to doing something you are competent at?
  • askmike kgiexec 2014/05/07 15:05:59
    Bravo! You are exceptionally good at posting silliness. Keep that silliness coming.
  • kgiexec askmike 2014/05/07 16:58:29
    Try to keep your coloring within the lines.
  • askmike kgiexec 2014/05/07 19:07:00
    Awww. Try again.
  • kgiexec askmike 2014/05/07 19:09:03
    you're disappointing your therapist. Let it go :)
  • kgiexec 2014/08/03 18:31:07
    the only Donald that can handle these kinda folk is Donald Trump.
  • Whiteslave_From_Wisconsin 2014/05/06 12:01:54
    This being America we as Americans are supposed to be able to have a freedom called " freedom of speech". In the case of Donald Sterling he is being chastised for his comments that were made in his private residence. I do not agree necessarily with his comments but I believe he has the right to be a bigot and voice it in his private residence if he chooses. What his girlfriend/gold digger did is reprehensible. As far as him being forced to sell the Clippers I believe that is wrong and I hope he fights this and digs his heels in.
  • askmike Whitesl... 2014/05/06 18:57:30
    Too bad, but your rant about Freedom of Speech proves you have no idea what the Constitution says about Freedom of Speech.
  • dog 2014/05/06 00:20:19
  • ratclifft~pwcm 2014/05/05 23:56:47
    No one they have an owner ,Who gave the nba the right to tell a person if they can own a team or not.If there going to be that way then no one should be able to own a team. just put all the player in a pool and then let a computer pick the teams that will play ,and just change up like when we were in school or better yet do away with pro basketball ,after the last strike they had I hate it even more than before
  • askmike ratclif... 2014/05/06 18:59:50
    Sterling signed a contract with the NBA that gave him permission to own a team, provided he abided by the NBA bylaws. Sterling did not obey the bylaws and the NBA took possession of the team.
  • ratclif... askmike 2014/05/07 06:13:26
    and just how did he not abide by there by laws
  • askmike ratclif... 2014/05/07 14:59:46
    Are you for real? You obviously are discussing a subject you have not followed. The NBA bylaws prohibit team owners from performing actions that cause their team or the league to lose income.
  • ratclif... askmike 2014/05/08 11:02:52
    GOOD I hope they all go broke and I never have to sit through another stinking game for the rest of my life.and if that be the case then why didnt all the players that wen on strike a fews years back lose there jobs ,do you think there was much money made while they were on strike
  • askmike ratclif... 2014/05/08 15:04:03
    You have zero credibility about the NBA because you have no understanding of the NBA. Good bye.
  • ratclif... askmike 2014/05/08 18:33:37
    I know the game suck's there a bunch of over paid people that run around on a hard wood floor in boxer and if they get bumped like the bum last night did they have to go sit down,,yean I understand the nba ,there out to make money but that has nothing to do withthe man being told he can not own a team thay he bought and paid for with his money not the NBA's money.this is the same as obama telling the ceo of GMC he had to step down when they got the bail out money
  • askmike ratclif... 2014/05/08 18:51:19
    Yep. You have zero cred.
  • ratclif... askmike 2014/05/08 19:06:07
    and i dont care what you think
  • askmike ratclif... 2014/05/08 22:30:21
    Wow. No cred and you are also silly.
  • askmike 2014/08/03 18:33:16
    Seems pretty cut and dry , but the law is far from that for some reason.
  • askmike 2014/08/03 20:29:06
    Sterling lost in the court trial. So tell us in 10 words or less how the law was not cut and dried.
  • Marte 2014/05/05 15:39:16
    I donĀ“t think he should be forced to sell the team. after all, that is a private busisness and he can do whatever he wants with it. who is forcing him anyway? if that was legal, a lot rich people wouldn't own any busisness what so ever. where does it says people can force you to sell you enterprice because you are racist?
  • askmike Marte 2014/05/06 19:01:22
    A private business? Really? The NBA is a private business? I bite. In 10 words or less, tell us the private party that owns the NBA.
  • Marte askmike 2014/05/07 19:32:59
    Excuse me, mike I don't know about NBA as mich as you, when a team has an OWNER ot is because that person invested money on that, right? So, just because of the way that person thinks you can not force him to sell it. Iluminate me with you endless knowlege if I am wrong.
  • askmike Marte 2014/05/07 20:29:16
    The NBA is a corporation. The NBA sells the rights to own the 30 teams that currently comprise the league. Applicants to buy teams sign a contract that specifies what owners may and may not do with the teams after they buy the team. Owners are prohibited from actions that cause their own team to lose money, and owners are prohibited to actions that cause the league to lose money. Sponsors of the Clippers ceased their financial support of the Clippers because of actions Sterling committed. Other sponsors advised the NBA they too were going to cease sponsorship if Sterling did not lose control of an NBA tem. The actions Sterling admitted by Sterling violated his contractual agreement to abide by the NBA bylaws. If 3/4 of the other team owners vote to sell the Clippers, the NBA will sell the Clippers to a purchaser of their choice. Stop and consider that the NBA relies on fans to make the product be a success. Sterling caused players, fans, and sponsors to protest his actions.
  • SpiroSwagnew 2014/05/05 08:00:31
    bill clinton
    Anyone with me?
  • Kusheena Kush 2014/05/05 04:11:34
  • Steve Boston 2014/05/05 02:47:46
    Steve Boston
    Rocky and Bullwinkle.
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