Who likes roller coasters?

Grrr 2009/03/28 19:32:23
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i luv them
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  • Cat 2009/07/03 01:45:29 (edited)
    luv them
    one word: DIAMONDBACK! most amazing roller coaster i've ever got on. Not NEAR the scariest but awsome non-the-less

    Oh yeah and meh friends say i'm a little too obsessed... Like i start flippin out XD
  • A7X Fan 2009/03/29 15:07:56
    luv them
    A7X Fan
    They are fucking awesome!!! luv fucking awesome LMAFO!! luv fucking awesome lmafo SWEEEEEEEEEEEET!
  • ★ljames23★ 2009/03/29 01:49:53 (edited)
    luv them
    i get on them but i close my eyes cause am scared of hights
  • Vampie_Blackheart 2009/03/28 21:27:02
    I like some, and i'm scared of some...
  • luv them
    мυzιк.jυηкιε™ [ιη мy вιтcнεs ι тяυsт!]
    i used to hate them and be a little
    bitch about them but there was one
    that i rode and i was like "OH SHIT!
    this is fun" but i'm kinda still a little
    bitch about when the fair comes
    becuz they have iNSANE roller
  • Nightmare 2009/03/28 21:11:24
    luv them
    I'm a rollercoaster fanatic ;-)

    luv rollercoaster fanatic
  • imMAEHWA 2009/03/28 20:59:20
    luv them
    my favorite is kingda ka...so much fun :) luv kingda ka fun
  • professor71 2009/03/28 20:22:39
    luv them
    I haven't rode any in waaay too long. The price of park admission has just gotten so out of hand, I chose to just stop going to the amusement parks.
  • ashleigh__x3 2009/03/28 20:11:34
    i am sissy
    i dont really like them
    but i find myself going on them
    then i get all scared in the Q
    and when i get seated in them, im like
    then it sets off, and i screaaaam

    so yeah, i dont like them
    but i go on some.!!!! sissy scared seated omg wanna screaaaam yeah sissy scared seated omg wanna screaaaam yeah
  • realistic one 2009/03/28 19:53:29
    luv them
    realistic one
    I love em. I ran the old wooden one as a young guy in Chippewa Lake Amusement Park in Ohio when the guy went on break. Back in the old days there was no ride I feared.
    I always wanted to jump out of a plane but I never did. My friend growing up was Dwight Reynolds, US Champion Precision Jumper and member of the US Army Golden Knights.
  • Shell 2009/03/28 19:45:28 (edited)
  • sydney 2009/03/28 19:37:52
    luv them
    I just love coasters
  • the Pulsar 2009/03/28 19:36:23
    i am sissy
    the Pulsar
    But they are slowly growing on me. It's a bitch to get me on one, but once I'm on I love the rush.

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