Who Is The Most Annoying Super Hero?

Pika 2010/05/12 19:29:38
I'll tell you right now... it's not Superman. If you think it is, look harder into the super hero universes
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  • Jarhead 2010/07/29 21:46:13
  • Pika Jarhead 2010/07/29 21:53:06
    More annoying then Howard the Duck or do you not consider him a super hero
  • Jarhead Pika 2010/07/29 22:02:54
    no, i hate howard the duck more, but i just find superman more annyoing
  • Pika Jarhead 2010/07/29 22:04:50

    he can't even speak in complete sentences
  • Jarhead Pika 2010/07/29 22:12:26
    but at least he's awesome
  • Brosia - KarmaRaven 2010/05/23 00:49:56
    Brosia - KarmaRaven
    I talk to fish and breath underwater...so freakin' what!!! So can hermit crabs! And they are far cuter.
    aquaman talk fish breath underwater freakin hermit crabs cuter
  • Son of Furious 2010/05/13 02:47:24
    Son of Furious
    Howard Duck (Marvel) and Bouncing Boy. (DC) I could've named more but I had to decide. howard duck marvel bouncing boy dc couldve decide howard duck marvel bouncing boy dc couldve decide
  • The guy with Billy May's icon. 2010/05/13 01:07:30
    The guy with Billy May's icon.
    I've never liked Flash.
  • Brightsprite62 2010/05/12 23:05:15 (edited)
    Electra Woman and Dyna Girl electra woman dyna girl
  • killernick~PWCM~JLA 2010/05/12 22:38:38

  • Alan_Scott 2010/05/12 22:19:43
    I'd have to go with Howard the Duck

    howard duck
  • υяsυℓα  vεηgεαηcε ►нαя∂ cσяε sтяαιgнт ε∂gε◄
    Emma Frost. I hate her with a passion.
  • kevracer 2010/05/12 22:04:29 (edited)
  • Joe Finsternis 2010/05/12 21:11:15
  • Lady Whitewolf 2010/05/12 20:52:04
    Lady Whitewolf
    The Flash
  • (¯`·._.·[Dear Maria]·._.·´¯)
    Spiderman, he's such a wimp
  • Kirby 2010/05/12 20:26:48
    Batman, definitely, though he wasn't technically "super". Did you ever watch the old Batman show? I remember one episode where there was a bomb in a bar, so to get it, Batman and Robin were scaling the outside of the bar to climb in through a window, apparently so as to sneak up on that bomb or something, since the front door was open and it was filled with people. Anyway, Robin said something about why they were bothering anyway because the bar was filled with a bunch of filthy drinkers and Batman replied that even they were not beyond redemption, all while scaling a wall to get to a bomb which was inside a bar which was currently open. What were THEY drinking???
  • PinkSugarZombie (Tori) 2010/05/12 20:22:13
  • Mark5610 2010/05/12 20:09:10
  • Dave Sawyer ♥ Child of God ♥ 2010/05/12 19:45:43
  • SamTheSlayer [Codename: Duc... 2010/05/12 19:44:49
    SamTheSlayer [Codename: Duchess]
    Mm.. I still say Superman. He just really gets on my nerves...
  • moomoof 2010/05/12 19:44:42
    Superman! jk jk

    many it isn't so much the hero its self.....but the human or person thatis whiney blah blah oh oh the movie version of rogue whack i never seen a butchering of a character that bad.

    it sucks she was awesome they turned her into a whiney teen that.....had no gambit! what the.....ffff you know i am going ot stop now or i will hurt someone.

    the boy superman ....he is so .....useless and annoying
  • Pika moomoof 2010/06/12 10:51:15
    Funny actually he could beat the living snot out of all of the other Justice League heroes without a problem... They should just be thankful Clark has the powers instead of Bruce!
  • moomoof Pika 2010/06/12 18:13:28
    Not really
    Why should i be thankful about
    Bruce even without powers is ten times better than clark so all that clark has going for him is being superman
  • Pika moomoof 2010/06/12 18:33:09
    When Batman was given Superman's powers, he used them for bad purposes
  • moomoof Pika 2010/06/12 18:56:51
    Supers did the same
  • Pika moomoof 2010/06/12 20:10:39
    No he didn't. Superman never used his powers for Batman's style of crime fighting. In Finest Worlds Bats almost kills the entire justice league
  • moomoof Pika 2010/06/13 02:02:44
    Wrong superman took over the world with his daughter laura not only that but he helped lex and brainiac to cause a dictatorship on the world.

    Superman also has gone bad and kill super heros
    Not to mention that the whole point of those kind of stories are to show some sort of human aspect of the hero that they are short step away from evil and turn they go.
  • Pika moomoof 2010/06/13 10:38:34
    Main story line Superman has never done anything bad. Sometimes writers will write story archs about what if's and things like that. But Bats has really been a douche bag in the actual story. supes is jus a nice guy, and my proof for that is Superman doesn't actually have a daughter
  • moomoof Pika 2010/06/14 02:53:50
    We that just proves that writers take a character and ruin it because i read comics where sups is a douche and to me his character all together is anyway.
    He had a daughter and a son in another horrible story where all the heroes where turned douchey
    But my main point is superman isn't perfect and batman is liked more or at the same level.

    But to me batman is way better because to me he can be almost super but still be human yes i know superman tends to be human but he isn't and he seems to one sided i don't something always bothered me about him.
  • Pika moomoof 2010/06/14 03:12:35
    Supes isn't perfect. I never said he was, he has many flaws. He's too nice, too forgiving, and too trusting
  • moomoof Pika 2010/06/14 03:45:18
    No something else is off i can't put my finger on it quite yet ...he lacks charisma
  • Pika moomoof 2010/06/14 10:24:54
    Charisma? A little bit I guess but he is the leader of the JLA
  • rubellia 2010/05/12 19:44:35
    iron man iron
  • yare 2010/05/12 19:37:51

    i perfer the black spiderman then the original one
  • tooner259 2010/05/12 19:33:21
  • Pika 2010/05/12 19:29:49
  • Son of ... Pika 2010/05/13 02:49:11
    Son of Furious
    Sure, I don't like the modern day Green Arrow but really? The classic green Arrow is pretty good.
  • Pika Son of ... 2010/05/13 10:08:02
    He's a prick who forces his views down everyone else's throat... And he's a skirt chaser...
  • Son of ... Pika 2010/05/13 15:06:43
    Son of Furious
    Modern day interpertation.

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