Who is a more talented guitarist? Jimmy Page Vs. Dragon Force Guitarists?

dAnIeL 2009/06/23 06:09:29
Jimmy Page
Herman Li & Sam Totman
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  • Dam1an 2009/08/13 16:23:26
    Jimmy Page
    stupid question.

  • Soojin 2009/06/30 15:54:46
    Jimmy Page
    Hmm, let's see...one of the greatest metal guitarists in history versus a couple of kids with toys.

    I'm gonna have to go with Mr. Page.
  • Chris 2009/06/30 15:52:46
    Herman Li & Sam Totman
    They are the best!
  • Wizchick25 2009/06/26 06:46:08
    Jimmy Page
    idk who these ppl are dude. I just chose one cuz I can't just leave a comment.
  • Malerkus 2009/06/23 14:09:21
    Herman Li & Sam Totman
    I'm gonna have to say Rusty Cooley
  • fishlip 2009/06/23 12:31:07
    Jimmy Page
    it takes more than speed to be considered a great guitar player,ask yngwie malmsteen. you have to have soul and be able to wrench emotion from your axe. ive seen jimmy live on a couple of occasions and have been dumbfounded and almost brought to tears ,hes so awsome.jimmy needs to make an album or if he doesnt want to do that, put together a real box set of live and unreleased zeppelin material ,there is more than enough bootlegs and out takes to make a multi million selling box set.
  • guitar_foster_6 2009/06/23 06:43:26
    Jimmy Page
    He can actually play his songs live because he doesn't speed it up to where he can't play it.
  • bye 2009/06/23 06:13:41
  • GarGirl bye 2009/06/23 06:30:20
    Thats is very true.
    I didn't think of that.
    I saw Dragon Force live n they sounded like shit.
    But on my cd they are fuckin great.
  • bye GarGirl 2009/06/23 06:32:16
  • GarGirl bye 2009/06/23 06:33:18
    Ya thats true.
  • GarGirl 2009/06/23 06:12:41
    Herman Li & Sam Totman
    Herman Li & Sam Totman all the way!!!!!

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