Who do you think is the cutest Zac Efron or Corbin Bleu?

Jessinanda93 2008/02/19 21:33:55
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  • leroyjenkins 2009/05/11 16:57:48
    Zac Efron is the cutest
    lol I kind of like how you trapped us, Jessinanda93, but uh, no. Corbin Bleu is way hotter but they are both Disney so I wouldn't touch either one.
  • hello lovely 2008/05/21 22:11:10
    Zac Efron is the cutest
    hello lovely
    da that is all that is there corbin is ugly anyway
  • ♫☠Kestra☠♫[♥] 2008/04/07 01:44:28
    Zac Efron is the Cutest
    i dont mean that but i had to answer.i dot like ethier
  • zac is hot!!! 2008/03/25 00:14:26
    Zac Efron is the Cutest
    zac is hot!!!
    Um ok peeps do you even have to think about that??? Zac Efron is HOT CUTE AWSOME AMAZING DID I MENCHIN HOTTTTTTT
  • ♫☠Kestr... zac is ... 2008/04/07 01:45:39
    u didnt mention hot
  • I<3ZacEfron 2008/03/23 21:04:38
    Zac Efron is the cutest
    zac is sooooooooooooo cute, corbin is soooooooooooo UG-LY!!! have you seen corbin with a beard???? omg he is uglyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • CRAZY GURL 2008/03/01 23:52:18
    Zac Efron is the Cutest
  • ballerg... CRAZY GURL 2008/03/04 22:57:12
    Whoa... i <3 Zac... and no offence to him... but he looked really really freaking in this pic!!!!
  • ♫☠Kestr... ballerg... 2008/04/07 01:46:32
    u are so right.
  • MidnightCowboy said "What's... 2008/02/29 01:20:15
    Zac Efron is the cutest
    MidnightCowboy said "What's the name? :)
    Don't you have Corbin Bleu on this. But I like Zac Efron.
  • hello l... Midnigh... 2008/05/21 22:12:34
    hello lovely
    you are dumb
  • cmnmj7 2008/02/29 00:39:12
    Zac Efron is the cutest
    what if i liked corbin??????i don't tho
  • ballergurl93 2008/02/23 13:56:48
    Zac Efron is the cutest
    um yea... Zac is totally hotter! that is no compitition!
  • Jacattack 2008/02/22 01:06:59
    Zac Efron is the Cutest
    there is only one choice but i would have chosen it any way

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