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ABC News U.S. 2013/07/05 15:00:00
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Prince William and Kate Middleton's baby is already a star, but what do the stars have to say about the royal bundle of joy on board?

royal baby

The Duchess of Cambridge is expected to give birth to the royal baby boy or girl in mid-July, sources have told ABC News, which means that the third in line to the throne will likely be a Cancer.

Cancer, the fourth sun sign of the zodiac, includes those born between June 21 and July 22, notably the dad-to-be, Prince William, who just celebrated his 31st birthday on June 21.

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  • suzzy 2013/07/23 19:12:53
    The Royal Baby
    Soo excited to see the royal baby!
  • John Paul Allen 2013/07/16 13:24:02
    The Royal Baby
    John Paul Allen
    The royal baby is history. North West is probably cute too, but I don't care.
  • firefly 2013/07/09 19:47:02
  • Chip Buffalo 2013/07/09 18:47:04
    The Royal Baby
    Chip Buffalo
    Not that I really give a crap but I care even less about anything that comes out of a Kardashian. What I'd really like to see is Kate in the buff...
  • Rohosande <3 2013/07/09 16:31:55
    The Royal Baby
    Rohosande <3
    i have no idea who they are, but babies are cute so i pick this answer xD
  • PapaBC 2013/07/09 15:30:40
    The Royal Baby
    None of the Above.....Who is North West?
    I am more excited to see my families photos.
  • Nicholas DeShane 2013/07/09 11:49:43
    The Royal Baby
    Nicholas DeShane
    But really I am not that exited over either. At least the royal family finally let their family tree branch, and two generations in the row wow, I bet the queens ancestor two headed flipper king is rolling over in his grave. I do not understand why all those old stories were obsessed with heroes winning the hands of princesses when most were so inbred they were ugly as sin.
  • Tom R 007 2013/07/09 08:51:26
    The Royal Baby
    Tom R 007
    Wills and Kate are great.
  • happyhappyhappy 2013/07/09 05:46:55
    North West
    Wow I feel like an idiot for choosing this but I don't care about the royal couple at all and honestly, I really wonder how Kim's baby will look aha.
  • MQ-American Values Again (AVA) 2013/07/09 01:40:51
    The Royal Baby
    MQ-American Values Again (AVA)
    I'm thinking how proud Princess Dianna would be of her first grandchild ...
  • none 2013/07/08 20:12:15
  • lolo 2013/07/08 18:55:41
    The Royal Baby
    I'm sure North West will be in many many photos to come.
  • siouxthegal 2013/07/08 17:52:42
    The Royal Baby
    haha, obviously by the votes, most of us our on the right road, haha
  • WendyDarling 2013/07/08 17:30:18
    The Royal Baby
    Kardashians need attention all the time, and that's annoying. Also, North West is a ridiculous name, and that baby should be allowed her privacy to come to terms with that.
  • Oli 2013/07/08 15:43:22
    The Royal Baby
    I'm so looking forward to this!
  • Ashley 2013/07/08 15:17:02
    The Royal Baby
    As long as they do not profit from it.
  • Sandra 2013/07/08 13:45:08
    The Royal Baby
    Neither is a big deal.
  • Guru_T_Firefly 2013/07/08 12:02:31
    The Royal Baby
    Neither, actually.
  • Shifting Piece 2013/07/08 11:38:30
  • Dolly 2013/07/08 09:00:00
    The Royal Baby
  • Rave 2013/07/08 08:23:46
    The Royal Baby
    I don't really want to see any babies, ever. Not interested at all.
  • bribriberry 2013/07/08 06:49:12
    The Royal Baby
    I wanna see my own kid someday....not someone else's!
  • Dyonus 2013/07/08 05:50:23
    The Royal Baby
    Neither. I don't give a crap about either of them.
  • Angela 2013/07/08 05:27:37
    The Royal Baby
    Seeing as the royal baby will be future queen or king, I would rather see that baby.
  • oldcavpilot 2013/07/08 04:34:37
    The Royal Baby
    I'm tired of both, but a West and Kardashian TMZ-fest is too nauseating to consider.
  • Patrick Henry~PWCM~JL 2013/07/08 04:23:17
    North West
    Patrick Henry~PWCM~JL
    NONE OF THE ABOVE!!! I could understand it if this were the UK, it directly impacts them, but here in the US?!?! SERIOUSLY???
  • Anonymous Patrick... 2013/07/09 00:10:05
    I don't see how it directly impacts the UK. It's just a baby -_-
  • Patrick... Anonymous 2013/07/09 00:37:09
    Patrick Henry~PWCM~JL
    The child of the Heir Apparent.
  • Anonymous Patrick... 2013/07/09 01:54:40
    Yeah... so it'll have an impact on Prince William, the rest of the world couldn't care less about their baby.
  • Patrick... Anonymous 2013/07/09 02:11:52
    Patrick Henry~PWCM~JL
    That is pretty much the track my train of thought was running on...
  • Mary Mary 2013/07/08 04:11:14
    The Royal Baby
    Mary Mary
    I can't wait to see Kate and Wil's baby
  • Tannenberg1993 2013/07/08 03:27:26
    The Royal Baby
    I really don't think either baby is more important than any other child in the world, but between the two I think I'd much rather see British royalty than the unfortunate heir to America's throne of fame and trashiness.
  • *~Chris~* 2013/07/08 02:08:26
    The Royal Baby
    To be honest though?

    None of the above
  • Lydia Barber 2013/07/08 00:32:33
    The Royal Baby
    Lydia Barber
    how about neither. just had to pick one or the other to comment. id rather watch real news with important things
  • Mishka 2013/07/08 00:01:17
    The Royal Baby
    At least this child will be raised to think of Britain and her people as its own family. The other child will be raised to think of America and the world as its own personal playground, filled with little human toys that are here for the explicit reason to please it.
  • 3750339 2013/07/07 23:57:21 (edited)
    The Royal Baby
    Wee Baby Bunting of Worcestershire fame.

    babay in big hat
  • mila.kunisx 2013/07/07 23:09:57
  • Trish 2013/07/07 22:06:08
    The Royal Baby
  • Erica Z 2013/07/07 21:54:47
    The Royal Baby
    Erica Z
    Even though I clicked 'The Royal Baby', I couldn't really care less about the little fella/lass.

    I just wanted to see a "other (specify which)" option so I could say 'My baby'.

    Especially as I'm single and not pregnant.

    That would be an interesting experience.
  • gumasa14 2013/07/07 21:12:06

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