Which Star Wars Trilogy is better?

mwf122090 2012/02/12 20:03:31
The Original Trilogy
The Prequel Trilogy
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It verges on cinematic treason to suggest that the "Star Wars" prequel trilogy is in any way superior to the original trilogy. However, history has proved that treasonous behavior is just as often necessary to stimulate progressive revolution as it is to endow malevolent forces with unrestricted authority necessary to obstruct basic human rights. So here goes: the first three episodes in the saga of Anakin Skywalker are deeper, better structured, and more politically astute than the final three. Not only is that why the prequel is superior, it is also a pretty decent elucidation of the original trilogy's greater popularity.

Which trilogy do you think is better?

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Yes, I'm only giving you two options because the idea is that you have to pick ONE.

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