Which remix of Kanye West's "Love Lockdown" did you like the best?

kat3000 2008/10/09 13:24:25
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  • ... 2008/10/19 21:15:43
    Tonedeff - "Warden" ("Love Lockdown" Remix)
    He got this.
  • maticMan94 2008/10/17 20:19:15
    Tonedeff - "Warden" ("Love Lockdown" Remix)
    Tonedeff again proves why he's the man.
  • air green 2008/10/15 15:13:48
    Tonedeff - "Warden" ("Love Lockdown" Remix)
    air green
    Let's talk about the original version of "Love Lockdown" shall we? First of all, all of this talk about how original and different it sounds from everything else is complete bull poop. Come on, really? Everybody forget about T Pain already? And the music video looks like some idiot was like, "ok so this is what we'll do .... the song sounds really white, so what we'll do is get kanye dressed in all white and put him in a white house, and since the drums sound real African, we'll get some people that more African than most africans and have them dressed all tribal beating on african drums ... still with a white background though ... " Please. I bet Kanye was the fool that came up with the video concept. Hey Kanye, you might as well have just used some tribal native americans, then your thanksgiving release date could have a little more meaning.

    And with that in mind, I vote Tonedeff cause it sounds nothing like the original. I'm telling all my friends to do the same.

    ~air green out~
  • Kemblepdx 2008/10/15 15:12:57
    Tonedeff - "Warden" ("Love Lockdown" Remix)
    Shown love to Tonedeff!
  • Snowkitty 2008/10/15 14:33:16
    Tonedeff - "Warden" ("Love Lockdown" Remix)
    At first Tonedeff's version caught me off guard, but the 2nd time I played it I liked it more, and now I love it! I can't believe I didn't love it the first time! I can hear this song getting played on the radio. Royce was the best out of the other ones, but let's be honest here, all they did was change the words here and there. Tonedeff made a great new song with better production and incredible lyrics. I'm looking forward to hearing more from him.
  • Dru H-Man 2008/10/14 14:57:03
    Tonedeff - "Warden" ("Love Lockdown" Remix)
    Dru H-Man
    Tonedeff is amazing, he doesn't need the electric voice, gunshots, or excessive cursing to use as filler to get him to the next line, quality lyrics is all one needs, and its that he provides! I been a Tonedeff fan for a minute and know that this is not unlike his normal demeanor to put out tracks that are above and beyond!

    Good try other guys...but not so much! Respect Tone!
  • random 2008/10/13 18:01:57
    Tonedeff - "Warden" ("Love Lockdown" Remix)
    I like Royce's version alot, but Tonedeff wins handsdown for originality, and not using that damn vocoder. Royce did a good remake, but Tonedeff made a new song with great lyrics and a fire ass last verse. I was impressed. This could be my favorite Tonedeff song period. And I don't know how much more gun shit I could take, so ... Tonedeff all the way.
  • jon 2008/10/13 14:16:45
    Tonedeff - "Warden" ("Love Lockdown" Remix)
    best by far, trey only did 1 verse rest was kanye, royce completly changed the idea with the gunshots, and who hasnt done a song about killing ppl there are TONS of them, jins didnt load, and i didnt really want a euro mix
  • bango 2008/10/11 06:16:04
    Tonedeff - "Warden" ("Love Lockdown" Remix)
    shit is fire
  • Bakke 2008/10/10 17:39:02
    Tonedeff - "Warden" ("Love Lockdown" Remix)
    Royce's was funny, but Tonedeff got this easily.
  • Kenny D 2008/10/10 00:30:09
    Tonedeff - "Warden" ("Love Lockdown" Remix)
    Kenny D
    Like This one

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