Which one looks HOTTER?

Natasha 2012/02/29 13:26:39
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THIS ONE.. the hair, OMFG!
She's a model, and an ACTOR.. for peace sake. sexxy
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Two totally different people. One is slightly semi-gothic, while the other is all blond and colourful!! which one? you decide..
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  • Subarashi-sa666 2012/02/29 20:00:57
    She's a model, and an ACTOR.. for peace sake. sexxy
    The colors on the other girl scares me.... O.o#
  • Natasha Subaras... 2012/03/01 10:18:28
    haha mmm... :)
  • green 2012/02/29 19:03:34
    THIS ONE.. the hair, OMFG!
    luv the hair
  • Natasha green 2012/03/01 10:18:38
    lol, i know right...
  • METALheadMom 2012/02/29 14:46:43
    THIS ONE.. the hair, OMFG!
    NEITHER. Not sure what happened, but tacky and tasteless didn't look good in the sixties either. If that is you in your avatar, yours is nice because it is NOT 20 unnatural clown colors. Please don't do that. You have no idea what people say behind your back.
  • Natasha METALhe... 2012/03/01 10:20:41
    yeah no, i wasn't even THINKING bout doing that to my hair, AB-SO-LUtELY bloody not.. but yeah it is me in my avatar and yeah, i just wanted to see what people thought. :)
    you always have great things to say, like 100% gold comments :)
  • cddjmikey 2012/02/29 13:54:34
    THIS ONE.. the hair, OMFG!
    I don't know if its just my phone or what but I only see one photo, the brunette in bra and panties holding the cherries.
  • cmdrbnd007 cddjmikey 2012/02/29 16:57:40
    Trust me on this one that is the only pic worth seeing.
  • Justin Smith 2012/02/29 13:51:39
  • I NEED A HORSE 2012/02/29 13:30:43
  • Natasha I NEED ... 2012/02/29 13:37:55
    oh well, the cross is just grunge wear and danglying necklaces, she is atheist!! JUST LIKE ME
  • I NEED ... Natasha 2012/02/29 13:48:16
  • Natasha I NEED ... 2012/02/29 13:52:18
    mmm it's all bout show, now isn't it?
  • I NEED ... Natasha 2012/02/29 13:57:44
  • gone i guess 2012/02/29 13:29:10
    THIS ONE.. the hair, OMFG!
    gone i guess
    like her more
  • Natasha 2012/02/29 13:28:39
    She's a model, and an ACTOR.. for peace sake. sexxy
    while i like the other girl's look ALOT.. but i L-O-V-E Kaya!! She's so skinny.. but beside the point she is hawtt... c:

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