Which news anchor is least likely to lie to viewers?

Let's Ask America 2012/09/10 23:00:00
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  • mike martin 2012/09/25 19:48:10
    Bill O'Reilly
    mike martin
    the last 2 ..or no surprise...
    .but,,stewert ..isnt even a news anchor , he's a comedian and he beat out 2 .."clowns " lol...to funny....
  • moiraregis mike ma... 2012/09/25 21:14:48
    none of you conservative haters can spell; why is that? do you have any idea how smart a comedian has to be? not idiots like gallegher or carrot top, but observational humor takes a lot of gray matter; jon stewart is very bright and one of the best news anchors in this country because he tells the actual, unflattering TRUTH, which is the root of all comedy--
  • idonia11 moiraregis 2012/09/25 21:32:58
    John Stewart is a comedian, not a news anchor. He produces comedy and opinion, not real news. Real news should be delivered in an unbiased fashion. Ever hear the saying "just the facts ma'am, just the facts". Unfortunately those days are long gone. As for calling someone on their spelling, how about using capitals and proper punctuation, you might sound a little more credible.
  • C:\DOS> idonia11 2012/09/26 00:43:11
    +1ed because you're right -- Stewart is a comedian, not a reporter (in fact, Williams is the only reporter in the bunch). However, I do agree with the OP on one point: the sort of political commentary Stewart does *does* require smarts. I doubt I could do it ('course, that might not be saying much :-) ).
  • Jay Theyme moiraregis 2012/09/26 00:50:24 (edited)
    Jay Theyme
    I could go on about your spelling and grammar but I'd rather take issue with your condemnation of comedians 'gallegher' and 'carrot top'. Neither of them are 'idiots' and Scott can spell Gallagher properly.
    Maybe more impressive is that both Gallagher and Carrot Top can write most of their material (which is loaded with observational humour).
    Jon Stewart does not. He READS comedy his writers put together. A small army of writers at that.
    10 guys work all day to come up with Jon Stewart's 'smart comments' which at this point are mostly showing a picture of whatever-conservative with a slogan "Conserva-Dope?' and Stewart making a 'gimmmeee a breakkk gahhh' face.
    Or his "not thissss shlt again" face.
    Or his "realllly??" face.
    Followed by his highly trained audience of college hipsters exploding into 'WOOOOOOO YAAA!!!! Wooo!!!!!' squeals and guffaws.

    So now you know the truth. Stewart couldn't get hired to write observational jokes for Carrot Top if you really want to know the 'unflattering truth'.

    Not that you could tell the difference.
  • GrumpyCat Jay Theyme 2012/09/26 01:43:59
    You seem very angry dear. Just relax, Jon Stewart is actually very funny if you just watch without condemning everyone in the audience.
  • Jay Theyme GrumpyCat 2012/09/26 01:59:42 (edited)
    Jay Theyme
    You seem to be very agitated by my truth-telling sweetheart. Maybe once you learn that Stewart is not a great comedy writer (or that funny) and his audience sheeple then you won't be in such a tizzy.
    (or is it just that time of the month?)
  • GrumpyCat Jay Theyme 2012/09/26 16:27:24
    Shh dear it's ok. I'm not agitated but thank you for your concern. No need to be vulgar or rude dear, your mother must have raised you better than that. If she didn't, I truly am sorry for you and that explains a lot. I think Stewart is funny, and I am pretty sure if you would just relax and take deep breaths, you would enjoy it too :)
  • Jay Theyme GrumpyCat 2012/09/26 21:45:47 (edited)
    Jay Theyme
    Ok ok calm down sweetcheeks... no need to go into snippy-mode that would work great against other teenage girls at your highschool,
    just calm down,
    take a motrin,
    its just hormones honey bunny.

    And seriously now. What you were told (actually you jumped into a conversation) is that Jon Stewart doesn't write those witticisms on his show,
    yes his audience has described themselves as so highly controlled as to feel abused.
    As for your opinion of Jon Stewart's 'funniness'. It's not some level you attained. I remember when I was young and thought Jon Stewart was funny too.
    You may even think 'The Big Bang Theory' is funny.
    Or Jon Cryer is so funny on '2 and a Half'.
    Hopefully one day you join the rest of us who moved on. His Daily Show is not respected in the industry or by other comics.

    But what you do need to understand is that he doesn't write his jokes. He DOES make his 'goooooo whattttt?' faces.
    Or his 'Gimmeeee a break faces'.
    Or his 'Whaaaa??' faces.

    This is what you were taught. You should be saying 'Thank You' that someone who's in that business gave you some lessons. Say 'thank you Mr. Theyme' and go sit down. Trade your 'hilarious' 2002 "whassa matter poor baby" forum fighting gimmick with other single moms from 10 years ago internet world.
  • GrumpyCat Jay Theyme 2012/09/27 23:23:04
    Whoa there Charles Dickens, I didn't sign on here to proof read a novel.

    Whatever it is that is bothering you can be handled if you take care of yourself properly. I'm telling you, that's the key.
  • Jay Theyme GrumpyCat 2012/09/28 00:15:36
    Jay Theyme
  • GrumpyCat Jay Theyme 2012/09/28 01:43:16
    Glad you are getting the hang off it Jay, have a great day :)
  • Jay Theyme GrumpyCat 2012/09/28 01:55:37
    Jay Theyme
  • GrumpyCat Jay Theyme 2012/09/28 21:00:56
    I'll let you have the last word love :)
  • Raymond Allamby 2012/09/25 19:01:09
    Jon Stewart
    Raymond Allamby
    jon is the best, hands down.
  • TaxRetirementFund 2012/09/25 18:01:34 (edited)
    Jon Stewart
    What none of you are getting is EVERY ONE of these people are in bed with Composite Government. Bought and Paid for. If you don't know what that is, your in real trouble. So go do some research. I say Jon Stewart because you know what He Is The Man And All Of You Know IT! Mans Fin Beautiful. He Justs Gets It.
  • Bibliophilic 2012/09/25 16:27:20 (edited)
    Bill O'Reilly
    Whoops I thought that the question was:

    Which "news anchor" is MOST likely to lie to viewers.

    He's also the most likely to interrupt or throw a fit.

    href="http://z.about.com/d/po... target="_blank" rel="nofollow">bill o reilly lies
    bill oreilly fit

    He's stupid, but there's a logic to his stupidity. Sure, O'Really will give you his opinion on the "culture war" a war between the progressives and the regressives, but that's about all that he's good for besides- interrupting, ranting, mansplaining and making rude comments.
  • edward.k.coyle 2012/09/25 15:19:39
    Jon Stewart
    Sad when you have to decipher your news from the comedy channel.
  • Archer ... edward.... 2012/09/26 14:43:31
    Archer ~ The Limit Break of PHAET
    I watch that comedy channel for my news, and the news channels for my comedy. Sad, really.
  • Jim 2012/09/25 15:15:00 (edited)
    Bill O'Reilly
    Since when is Jon Stewart a news anchor and since when is comedy central a ligit news source? Truthfully Stewart is more like a boat anchor but then again, most so-called "news anchors" are little more than talking heads doing the bidding of their upper management.
  • edward.... Jim 2012/09/25 15:23:11
    Stewart bring to light news topics and point of views that only sarcasm can illuminate. For this he is a news anchor, and funny.
  • Connor ... Jim 2012/09/26 01:14:32
    Connor June
    Bill O'Reilly isn't either...
  • John T. 2012/09/25 14:58:27
    Jon Stewart
    John T.
    Bill OReilly Lioes to the public every day. You only have to check out what he is saying.
  • edward.... John T. 2012/09/25 15:29:16
    OReilly calls himself a conservative wants big government, FDA OSHA and more, Can you say nanny state. He also wants nearly 1000 foreign military bases and then complains about the deficit. That is just plain lying. He also claimed that the preamble to the constitution was the section that gives government the privilege to mandate health care, idiocy.
  • Bella edward.... 2012/09/26 14:11:10
    Actually O'Reilly calls himself an Independent and I've never heard him say he wants big government, not sure what you are talking about with 'FDA, OSHA and more'. And Republicans want smaller government, less spending, and jobs for people, but don't worry, they are for helping the people that need help. Republicans are just constantly misquoted by the liberal media or edited. The Democrats want big government, more regulations that continue to choke businesses, more people dependent on them, thus the continued votes and spend, spend, spend.
  • John T. edward.... 2012/10/07 13:09:48
    John T.
    O’Rilly is an over educated idea. He operates on a plane that he believes that everyone has the same educational level and chances for success that he has. Real people know that is not true. Romney and Ryan are operating under the same misconception as well. I hate it when a Republican calls themselves “Conservatives” They are anything but conservative on anything except putting MY Money in their pockets. Unless you have been sleeping for the past 250 years, they are War Mongers, They are the force behind the military machine and receive most of the military tax dollars. They consistently overcharge the government for goods and services that are often sib standard or non-existent. When I was in the military, I had the opportunity to see the supply system up close and personal. In the W. Bush war, Democrats passed the hat to purchase safety equipment for our military personal because the crap the government parched for them were getting them killed.
  • Bella John T. 2012/09/26 14:05:14 (edited)
    Your sources must be the liberal media. Bill is probably the biggest fact check out there.
  • swp 2012/09/25 14:46:01
    Jon Stewart
    I think Bill O'Reilly is a dishonest, ignorant, twit. Fox "news" in general is more of a political organization than a news organization.
  • edward.... swp 2012/09/25 15:34:34
    I also voted Stewart, but, Fox news is undoubtedly the best news organization. O'Reilly is news commentary. The establishment media has been "called out" from several directions on being leftist. They dismissively say Fox is slanted when they are referring to Hannity and O'Reilly, That is like criticizing Entertainment Tonight for being too easy on the President.
  • swp edward.... 2012/09/26 15:29:11
    It isn't just O'Reillys show. Fox news is a joke.
  • ComeOnNow 2012/09/25 14:32:24
    Bill O'Reilly
    No option for actual anchors like Sheppard Smith, or Chris Wallace. They are some of the very few that do not inject their personal bias into their reporting.
  • edward.... ComeOnNow 2012/09/25 15:35:51
    Good point but O'Reilly isn't a news anchor and neither is Maddow.
  • Bella ComeOnNow 2012/09/26 14:38:40
    Actually Smith and Wallace are Democrats. I see the bias come out every once in a while, but certainly not to the extent of the liberal media.
  • ThinkAboutIt! 2012/09/25 14:31:17
    Bill O'Reilly
  • Dan 2012/09/25 13:28:37
    Bill O'Reilly
    He's just more honest.
  • Ken Bennett 2012/09/25 13:26:31
    Jon Stewart
    Ken Bennett
    Bill Oreilly Are you freaking kidding BWAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAH That is a proof positive the number of ignorant closed minded simple people that populate this web space... That dude is a spin doctor... you all realize that is why he claims its a no spin zone.... Wow... Really? hahahah
  • Mvr 2012/09/25 13:19:32
    Rachel Maddow
    I had to pick someone, but Anderson Cooper would be my choice.
  • KingdomNow 2012/09/25 12:10:56
    Bill O'Reilly
    ...but he isn't a news anchor...

    O'Reilly is a commentator/analyst
    Stewart is a comic
    Rachel Maddow is a political commentator
    Brian Williams is a news anchor but I never waste my time with MSNBC
  • edward.... KingdomNow 2012/09/25 15:38:21
    I think Stewart is actually a news anchor, funny, but still an anchor.
  • idonia11 edward.... 2012/09/25 21:37:03
    No he's a comedian. He even admits it himself. To be a news anchor you have to be in an anchor position on a real news show, I don't recall anyone reporting on sports or weather during his show, but I have only seen it once or twice. Heard he is really funny though.

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