Which Has A Better Love Story? Twilight, The Notebook Or Romeo And Juliet?

Ella. 2009/11/30 20:25:16
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Which Story In Your Opinion Tells A Better Love Story?? story opinion love story story opinion love story story opinion love story
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  • VoodooDemon 2010/07/04 03:35:47
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    Moves me to tears every time.

    I don't care for any of those.
  • Cj Porter 2009/11/30 21:21:19
    The Notebook.
    Cj Porter
    I loved the book and the movie. I t was so romantic! notebook loved book movie romantic notebook loved book movie romantic
  • ~Diva.Satanica~ 2009/11/30 20:50:33
    Romeo And Juliet.
    its a classic
  • The Notebook.
    Lady Jules ♥♥ in Lestat I trust ♥♥
    To me it's really the only romance listed. Those characters really loved each other. Twilight to me seems way too much like an abusive relationship and Romeo and Juliet is a bit twisted.

    My favorite romance though is PS I Love You. I mean a man loves his wife so much that as he lay dying of cancer he only thinks of how he can help her get on with her life once he's gone. He then sends her letters in different ways to give her tasks of things to do to move on. The movie was good but the book is just a major tearjerker.
  • Beca :D 2009/11/30 20:30:05
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    Beca :D
    I would say twilight but the one from the vampire diaries is reallu good too...
  • CallMeDora(: 2009/11/30 20:29:45
    The Notebook.
    very tough but yeahh lol notebook tough yeahh lol
  • Luka Delarosa 2009/11/30 20:26:08
    The Notebook.
    Luka Delarosa
    of course the notebool
  • CallMeD... Luka De... 2009/11/30 20:30:12
    i agree:D
  • Luka De... CallMeD... 2009/11/30 20:32:04
    Luka Delarosa
    Romeo and Juliet is also cool
  • CallMeD... Luka De... 2009/11/30 20:34:54
    true..but i like the notebook is a lil better

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