Which graphic do you prefer for the 'Jewish Lens' Cinema Course?

Jerusalem Online U 2012/02/20 17:00:00
Movie Camera Graphic
Film Reel Graphic
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Please review these two pieces to market our new cinema course, and let us know which you like better, why, and what might make it even better!

Movie Camera Graphic

Movie Camera Graphic

Film Reel Graphic
Film Reel Graphic
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  • Fef 2012/02/20 17:20:36
    Film Reel Graphic
    I associate blue with Israel. The film reel looks like a complete film more than a student film.

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  • Maria 2012/03/20 23:37:24
    Film Reel Graphic
    both are boring.. but ill take the blue one, since it is ma favorite colour
  • Posha King 2012/03/12 15:21:27
    Movie Camera Graphic
    Posha King
    I wish I could tell you why this one appeals to me more. Usually I'm pretty clear on things like this, but at some level, this just appeals to me more. :)
  • Joshua Shaffer 2012/03/05 17:04:23
    Film Reel Graphic
    Joshua Shaffer
    It's cooler, Blue is a peaceful color, Orange is a bit aggressive.
  • Sagy Rockjass 2012/02/28 04:17:14
    Film Reel Graphic
    Sagy Rockjass
    I think this is the one... direct and elegant... I like this...
  • Lana 2012/02/27 01:29:10
    Film Reel Graphic
    If anyone would gt the impression that the "general attitude" of superiority in intellect or supremecy, entitlement, that statment is not blasted across the top of the page and that doesn't cloud your entire first impression. First one might be seen as a little bit of a turn off.
  • caninev69 2012/02/25 22:14:01
    Movie Camera Graphic
    the camera icon makes me think more of making movies. orange is brighter. i hope this isnt gonna turn into a 'jewish is better than....' sort of thing is it? the jews should stop expanding their area, & the muslims should stop attacking them. they both seem as bad as each other. i wish they could sort out a peaceful resolution. its sad that they cant.
  • Trent Marsh 2012/02/25 08:13:36
    Film Reel Graphic
    Trent Marsh
    More attractive.
  • Andrew 2012/02/25 06:13:50
    Movie Camera Graphic
    I guess.
  • onesource 2012/02/24 10:52:31
    Film Reel Graphic
    film reel graphic
  • lyteweaver.starchild 2012/02/23 19:12:46
    Movie Camera Graphic
    i just do.
  • Nekogirl 2012/02/23 06:18:22
    Film Reel Graphic
    the color is better, Its more professional and atractive, it caughts attention... I like It =D
  • sandy.damasio 2012/02/22 20:10:50
    Film Reel Graphic
    I'm not jewish but i love blue so easy choice.
  • Rosy 2012/02/22 17:59:32
    Film Reel Graphic
    Hi, I like the Film Reel Graphic, it's got a "retro" feel to it.
  • marty 2012/02/22 17:51:25
    Movie Camera Graphic
    Hmm, looks like they added a film strip to the orange poster. Orange is just more catchy from a distance and I'm more likely to take the time to read something that catches my eye than something I have to take slightly more effort to read. Both look nice, though.
  • Aemal 2012/02/22 06:43:40
    Film Reel Graphic
    I would like to know how much the talks about PASHTUNS right that they are one of the Jewish Tribe .
  • FPSRules 2012/02/22 06:33:10
    Film Reel Graphic
    Hmmm, thought I answered this one.
    The film reel is more professional looking and the clever use of the reel to subtly incorporate the 'Star of David' is very effective.
  • P. Sturm 2012/02/22 01:54:24
    Film Reel Graphic
    P. Sturm
    Cooler colors, softer edges, and a path that leads the eye to the main elements is a better composition, in my opinion.
  • lionheart 2012/02/21 22:25:32
    Film Reel Graphic
    I like blue and the graphic images are eye catching. The only thing I would change is make some of the smaller text brighter like the larger text.
  • zombiedaizy 2012/02/21 22:17:03
    Movie Camera Graphic
    the other makes me think of movies in general and the camera one makes me think of making movies
  • IslamSucks 2012/02/21 18:23:18
    Film Reel Graphic
    I like the blue but re-do the wording...
  • Stephen Oberkirch 2012/02/21 12:28:10
    Film Reel Graphic
    Stephen Oberkirch
    The blue one for sure. It has a tighter look and more visual appeal. I also like the retro look of the movie reel.
  • InkMermaid 2012/02/21 06:51:57
    Film Reel Graphic
    Blue ! For shure !
  • Barbie 2012/02/21 06:14:18
    Movie Camera Graphic
  • judge 2012/02/21 05:47:00 (edited)
    Film Reel Graphic
     creche Christ s birth
    Be inclusive of other races.
  • michelle 2012/02/21 03:27:48
    Movie Camera Graphic
    I thinf that is the best one
  • NessaFeriCat 2012/02/21 02:34:21
    Movie Camera Graphic
    Combination, Blue but with the title and fine print in the order of the orange. Flows more.
  • ken blackstock 2012/02/21 01:07:15
    Film Reel Graphic
    ken blackstock
  • Spudnut 2012/02/21 00:35:04
    Film Reel Graphic
    I find this one more captivating, also the color blue goes with the jewish symbol.
  • Massaro1150 2012/02/20 22:53:25
    Film Reel Graphic
    To my eye, this one is more appealing--it's not yelling at me. It holds an interest. If that helps.
  • Martin McCabe 2012/02/20 22:37:22
    Movie Camera Graphic
    Martin McCabe
    Didn't I already vote on this? Vote early, vote often!
  • Maverick Capitalist 2012/02/20 22:15:58
    Film Reel Graphic
    Maverick Capitalist
    Film Reel looks more impressive, clean, professional.
  • Rich Luna 2012/02/20 21:54:25
    Film Reel Graphic
    Rich Luna
  • GutReactionJournal 2012/02/20 21:52:09
    Movie Camera Graphic
    I like the film reel as it's a very iconic image, but it's dated as film is slowly giving way to digital. The camera graphic could cover both technologies so I voted for that one.
  • relic 2012/02/20 21:47:06
    Film Reel Graphic
    I've answered this already and I've deleted it from my shared questions a couple times too. How can I make it just go away?
  • zero 2012/02/20 21:42:48
    Film Reel Graphic
    I prefer the film reel graphic, it looks better, but any good ad follows a simple formula, AIDA.

    Attention- Always use a headline. Your headline should attract the attention OF YOUR DESIRED AUDIENCE not everybody. How many ads have you seen where the business name is the headline? - FAIL.
    Interest- outline the key benefits of your product starting with the most compelling one. Notice I said benefits not features. Focus on what it will do for them, not what it does.
    Desire- build desire by appealing to your reader's emotions, get them excited
    Action- tell the reader to act NOW and give them a good reason to, if they do something else before they take action, odds are they won't take action. Give them a reason to act now.

    Finally, test. If you are placing ads, have at least two different phone numbers, web addresses, etc, and vary ONE facet of your ad at a time to see which works better. Place one version in one ad source using phone number A and the other version in a different ad source using phone number B. As you can see here, one idea will outperform another, but far better than opinions from the peanut gallery are real orders from real clients.

    Good luck with your project, I hope this helps.
  • kimdraker 2012/02/20 20:53:09
    Film Reel Graphic
    Gary Sinise is Roman Catholic.
  • Stewart 2012/02/20 20:46:34
    Film Reel Graphic
    I think this style makes you want to see it. It kinda pulls you onto the page
  • Smuwf, Twin 2012/02/20 20:01:21
    Film Reel Graphic
    Smuwf, Twin
    To me the reel seems stylish
  • Jennah King 2012/02/20 19:58:52
    Film Reel Graphic
    Jennah King
    I love the film reel graphic
  • Skip Carrie 2012/02/20 19:57:45
    Film Reel Graphic
    Skip Carrie
    Rosen - Film reel just looks better. The other graphic would be better in something other than orange.

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