Which College Football Team Has The Best Looking Uniform?

☆WILLIAM☆ 2012/09/23 19:02:09
USC Trojans
LSU Tigers
Oregon Ducks
Alabama Crimson Tide
Oklahoma State Cowboys
Notre Dame Fighting Irish
Ohio State Buckeyes
Arkansas Razorbacks
Michigan Wolverines
Florida Gators
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Now, before everyone thinks Im going to be biased towards LSU, know that Im not an LSU fan, I just cliked on a pick for the question.

Aside from all the recent structural changes in college football, with conference changes and the death of the BCS, it seems that uniform concepts are the most unstable thing about the sport today. Many teams have gotten rid of their classic look and replaced it with flashier jerseys that often look nothing like the original team. The younger generations love the new eye-catching looks, and the older generations compare the flashy uniforms to an eight year olds Hot Wheel collection.

So what do you think? I know youll probably be biased towards the team you support,at least I am anyway, but which team do you find to have the best overall look?
Below is a list of the top ten most talked about uniforms, but none of them have to be your answer. They wont even be my answer.
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  • littlebuffalo55TBA 2012/09/29 01:33:18
    Oregon Ducks
    There are some of the more traditional ones here I have always liked. That said the Ducks were not always considered mush of a program. That's changed a bunch in the right direction and I like that their look has come forward as part of that.

    oregon ducks football uniforms

    Love the Composite Helmet look!
  • Superman 2012/09/24 15:39:41
    Notre Dame Fighting Irish
    I am biased as a ND fan, but it fits into my uniform profile. Largely I like teams with classic consistent styles. I've softened in recent years - I'm better with color shoes instead of black shoes now. And my opinion on Oregon is better - I used to hate them, but I see them as the originators of wacky uni style and thus its their "thing". I could do with them reducing the combos and picking one unique style but largely I don't have an issue with them.

    That said the top schools in no particular order are Notre Dame, USC, Alabama, Texas, K State, Wisconsin, LSU, Michigan. Stanford, UCLA, Iowa, Florida State.

    And I'm looking at the regular styles, not alternates or weird combos.

    Arkansas has one of the ugliest uniforms I've seen. Marylands bad. Mizzou finally nailed their coffin.
  • ☆WILLIAM☆ Superman 2012/09/26 09:01:35
  • Superman ☆WILLIAM☆ 2012/09/26 14:04:44
    The 1986 throwback is a good uni. They should go to that on a regular basis.
  • ☆WILLIAM☆ Superman 2012/09/28 00:30:08
    I agree. As long as its silver and not grey
  • Chandler 2012/09/23 23:06:23
    Alabama Crimson Tide
    I always like their classic color... Even though I'm a Tennessee fan.
  • Gracie - Proud Conservative 2012/09/23 21:13:37
    Florida Gators
    Gracie - Proud Conservative
    As always... Florida Gators
  • ☆WILLIAM☆ 2012/09/23 19:10:24
    None of the above
    Mississippi State Bulldogs
  • Arkansas Razorbacks
    ☆The Rock☆ * AFCL* The Sheriff!!
    LOL eventhough they are 1-3 right now!
  • Let'sGoToLondon 2012/09/23 19:08:01 (edited)
    LSU Tigers
    If you ever go to Gainesville, Florida it is Gator infested. Everywhere you turn is Orange and blue. I was like WOW
  • sickofpolitics 2012/09/23 19:05:44
    Florida Gators
    I love the FL Gators

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