When do you put up your holiday lights?

Let's Ask America 2012/11/26 18:02:00
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  • MOMMA THOMAS 2012/11/29 19:58:08
    Monday before Christmas
  • Beagle Mom 2012/11/29 18:59:40
    Day after Thanksgiving
    Beagle Mom
    This year am a little behind. Rotten nasty cold.
  • addie 2012/11/29 17:47:27
    First week of December
    I'll do it this weekend since you reminded me. B)
  • Susanna 2012/11/29 17:38:28
    Day after Thanksgiving
    Earlier actually. I put up scads of blue and clear lights for the Hanukkah season. LETTING MY LIGHT SHINE! Responsibly of course, with timers and use of solar LED as well.
  • Manster 2012/11/29 14:09:29
    Day after Thanksgiving
    I usually get out there the weekend after Thanksgiving,but this year, I did it on Thanksgiving day,because the temp was nice and warm,so there was no freezing my bum off this time! YIPPEE!
  • Jennifer Cat 2012/11/29 09:12:42
    First week of December
    Jennifer Cat
    None of them.
  • Avi Rosen 2012/11/29 06:26:53
    Still have them up from last year
    Avi Rosen
    Not enough choices...
    I don't put Christmas anything.
    Being Jewish, it mean nothing to me...
  • rebel f... Avi Rosen 2012/11/29 10:33:02
    rebel force
    Maybe there wasn't a choice because, as you state, the question doesn't apply to you?!
  • pj 2012/11/29 01:02:24
    First week of December
    1st or 2nd week of decemberr
  • Philo® ~PWCM~JLA ✩ 2012/11/29 00:39:38
  • Professor Wizard 2012/11/28 22:35:38
    Day after Thanksgiving
    Professor Wizard
    Actually.... I put them up the weekend BEFORE Thanks Giving.. but did not turn them off until the Day after.
  • Kookieless The Sexy Nihilis... 2012/11/28 22:11:43
  • Huki68 2012/11/28 20:40:19 (edited)
    Day after Thanksgiving
    At work, we decorated and put it up yesterday... Looks amazing!!! We all have fun doing it.
  • Nonpartisan 2012/11/28 20:35:26
    Still have them up from last year
    When I find some good 12 volt LED lights that I can run on my solar system.
  • Sperry23 2012/11/28 20:35:04
    Still have them up from last year
    Never. Not at all. Not one. But that wasn't a choice, was it.
  • Dave**Gay for Girls** 2012/11/28 17:36:31
  • Apache 2012/11/28 16:46:18 (edited)
  • JOHN C 2012/11/28 16:00:03
    Day after Thanksgiving
    JOHN C
    then they are up to new years day
  • JohnT 2012/11/28 15:58:00
    First week of December
    I don't care that the retailers and everyone is in a rush, I enjoyed Thanksgiving and now that it is over will get the lights up next week.
  • Lady Winters 2012/11/28 15:44:27
    Day after Thanksgiving
    Lady Winters
    we put ours up before Thanksgiving because we were going to be out of town. lol
  • Willski 2012/11/28 13:27:11
    Monday before Christmas
    Well, that's closest, but still usually wrong.
    We put them up about a week before christmas.
  • Tattoo Nana 2012/11/28 13:19:58
    First week of December
    Tattoo Nana
    Truthfully, this year we're not putting them up. We have to pinch pennies and don't need to spend the extra electric for the lights. Besides, I am very scroogy this year, depressed and NOT even excited about Christmas, it's usually my favorite holiday. Oh well :)
  • disclaimer 2012/11/28 08:28:04
    First week of December
    First or second week. Not until I buy my tree.
  • Lady Serena 2012/11/28 05:55:57
    Still have them up from last year
    Lady Serena
    Simply gotta plug 'em in!!!
  • mae 2012/11/28 05:44:35
    Still have them up from last year
    They were such a pain in the arse to get them up, then one string went out, then they All went out, then we took them all back down and went and bought new ones and put them up all over again, and vowed to leave them up all year, since they're guaranteed to be weatherproof, with smaller recessed bulbs...we'll see...They are fun to have up in the summer for barbeques--festive.
  • L1 2012/11/28 04:50:07
    Monday before Christmas
    None of these; it's whenever I have time and energy....
  • LucyLucero 2012/11/28 03:52:09
    Day after Thanksgiving
    I hate putting them up so late, so much work just to take it back down!
  • Super ludum 2012/11/28 01:42:59
  • American Girl 2012/11/28 01:06:33
    Monday before Christmas
    American Girl
    At the end of November.
  • Kigan 2012/11/28 00:46:16
    First week of December
    Sometimes the end of November, just not the day after Thanksgiving.
  • ~ Niyala ~ 2012/11/27 22:01:29
    Still have them up from last year
    ~ Niyala ~
    They stay up all year round...inside the house.
  • heck 2012/11/27 17:49:27
    Still have them up from last year
    its a rented trailer. i might be breaking the lease if i took them down
  • Lee 2012/11/27 05:47:04
    First week of December
    I get lazier with it every year...
  • Shifting Piece 2012/11/27 02:07:39
    First week of December
    Shifting Piece
    Eh there's not an official date. More like whenever time is made.
  • Josie 2012/11/26 23:18:37
    Day after Thanksgiving
    i just have to put this out there, I've seen people put lights up on chrismas eve (mom)!!
  • JRGoesGreenland 2012/11/26 21:23:47
    Still have them up from last year
    They are up all year and never turned on.
  • John Walker II 2012/11/26 20:22:04
    Monday before Christmas
    John Walker II
    Should have a never options up there. I'm in an apartment where I don't have that freedom.

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