What's Your Opinion On the NBA Lockout?

Sports 2011/10/04 15:00:00
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It's a word that still haunts hockey fans today, who no longer see the NHL on a prominent stage like the NFL, MLB, and the NBA. However, the latter organization may be in for the same fate. Since July 1, the NBA and its players association have been viciously negotiating for a new collective bargaining agreement. Players want to keep their money. Owners want to pay players less.

Commissioner David Stern says the NBA season could be canceled shortly. Agents of NBA players tell their clients not to cave in. Kobe Bryant is thinking about playing in Europe. Ron Artest changed his name and went on "Dancing with The Stars."

Did you get all that? Didn't think so.

At the end of the day, basketball fans want to see just that: basketball. They don't care who makes a million something or a million another. Fans can't relate to the high-priced salaries of players or the higher-priced spending of owners. What they can relate to is the game they love.

If the lockout takes the game of basketball away from its fans, even for one season, they're not guaranteed to ever come back.
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  • Caedus01 Sith Lord of the P... 2011/10/04 16:12:58
    Zip it and play basketball!
    Caedus01 Sith Lord of the PHAET
    The lowest paid player in the NBA makes more than the average fan that pays their expensive salaries. So I have very little sympathy for them. And I thought it was about the fans? Screw those guys college ball players have more heart anyway

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  • Nicole Phillips 2011/11/29 07:00:36
    Zip it and play basketball!
    Nicole Phillips
    Go Dwight Howard and all the rest of you talented players. We appreciate you.
  • MichaelDillon 2011/10/22 23:54:48
    The NBA knows what it's doing.
    Need a "meh" button
  • gidianedwards97 2011/10/09 17:02:23
    Zip it and play basketball!
    Not impressive any more.
  • Todd *RP 2012* 2011/10/08 13:45:18
    Zip it and play basketball!
    Todd *RP 2012*
    or don't play ball, I don't really care.
  • Bomb a 2011/10/06 04:41:32
    The NBA knows what it's doing.
    Bomb a
    It's football season; screw basketball.
  • argusdog 2011/10/05 20:30:00
    Zip it and play basketball!
    Personally, I prefer college basketball. I can watch the last 5 minutes of an NBA game (unless it's late in the playoffs) and be satisfied since the first 43 is pretty much just fluff. Isn't the main thing money? NBA players are WAYYYYYYY overpaid. I'd rather see the money go to the people working for the team than the dribblers on the court, but hey, the market forces always win.
  • freakoutnow... cuz mom's here 2011/10/05 18:39:43
    Zip it and play basketball!
    freakoutnow... cuz mom's here
    The NHL and MLB were both extremely hurt by lockouts in the 90's. NHl lost ground and went from being a sport on the rise to a niche sport not to mention it lost fans and is not been promantely featured on television since. MLB lost many fans but it has made a nice little comeback since. NBA players need to realize that they aren't worth the outlandish salaries many of them get paid. I love basketball but these days I prefer high school and college over pro.
  • Mario 2011/10/05 16:55:05
    The NBA knows what it's doing.
    I find watching sports games if far far too boring compared to actually playing the game. I don't watch NBA games but I'm sure there are plenty of people who would be dissapounted if they were gone.

    But if asked if I care, then my answer is a solid no.
  • bob 2011/10/05 16:31:29
    The NBA knows what it's doing.
  • Andy 2011/10/05 16:31:02
    Zip it and play basketball!
    Tough to feel sympathy when the average NBA player is making well over $1million. They are good...but, they don't seem to know how good they have it. ALSO...shame on owners...they want to pay less?? Aren't they the ones who have been throwing $$$ at these guys all these years??
  • overdog001 2011/10/05 16:06:45
    The NBA knows what it's doing.
    The term "collective bargaining" is what unions do. No one will ever be able to convince me that anyone making an 8-figure salary deserves a union.
  • THIRDEYE 2011/10/05 16:03:26
    Zip it and play basketball!
    Play your game and I'll watch the same number of games I watched last year..."Zero".
  • jayshawksnotboth 2011/10/05 16:01:35
    Zip it and play basketball!
    I preferred college anyway. Because you know for sure they play with their hearts and not for the money. And there ISN'T always next year.

    Go Wildcats!!!

    Kentucky Wildcats
  • Builder 2011/10/05 15:59:16
    Zip it and play basketball!
    What the hell. They all make too much money. Both the players and management. What about us who don't watch hockey or other winter sports?
  • keeper 2011/10/05 15:19:18
    Zip it and play basketball!
    Where is the "I don't care option"???
  • ronbo 2011/10/05 15:09:56
    Zip it and play basketball!
    These people already make tons more money and live a much more lavish lifestyle than I,ll ever see.As long as the pay cut is not extreme,they need to shut up and do what they were hired to do.
  • Truthteller 2011/10/05 14:48:02 (edited)
    The NBA knows what it's doing.
    Who cares? I quit watching the NBA years ago when they had their first strike/lockout - they are a bunch of overpaid thugs. Cancel the NBA, so what..let them actually have to work for a living, let the Europeans go back to their own rat hole countries that they escaped from where they would be making minimum wage working in some state owned factory and let the rest go back to the neighborhoods that they came from where they can go back to dealing drugs and playing ball in the streets. They won't be missed.
  • Flea Truthte... 2011/10/05 15:13:35
    SOMEONE is paying to see them, or they wouldn't be offered the multi-million dollar contracts they're getting. The team owners wouldn't be able to charge the outrageous amounts for tickets. Beer and food vendors wouldn't be making 6 dollars on every item they sell.
    Two words-- fan boycott.
  • Shae 2011/10/05 14:46:44
    Zip it and play basketball!
    I stopped watching the NBA, I prefer college basketball.
    The pros seemed to of forgotten the rules.
    They don't call:
    3 seconds in the paint
    double dribble
    or back court anymore....
    Its all about who can dunk the ball and make the 3 point shot.
    They don't even run good plays anymore.
  • jayshaw... Shae 2011/10/05 15:58:30
    I always preferred college. Because there you know they are playing for the love of the game, with all your heart, but most importantly... there ISN'T always next year.
  • Shae jayshaw... 2011/10/05 17:02:37
    Yeah, but alot of them are playing to get into the NBA. I just like that its more of a basketball game then entertainment.
  • wtw 2011/10/05 14:13:55
    The NBA knows what it's doing.
    I never watch BB
  • smitty 2011/10/05 13:48:53
    Zip it and play basketball!
    Never liked the NBA. College basketball is sooooo much better.
  • Shae smitty 2011/10/05 14:48:03
    I agree....
    Though my team drives me crazy but I love them.

    WVU basketball
  • smitty Shae 2011/10/05 15:11:55
    Don't they have Huggies there? Up here in Cinci they were devastated when Nancy fired him. The 3 point shooting that destroyed my cats was amazing. My family laughed at me because I was yelling at the TV saying go out there and defend.

    Still that 3 point shooting was amazing!
  • Shae smitty 2011/10/05 15:33:48
    I'm the same way.... I yell at the TV too.

    My roomate says, you know the coach won't one day call you up and say thank you for the help in last weeks game, your assitant coaching from the couch really helped our players.

    Yep, he's here!

    wvu basketball
  • smitty Shae 2011/10/05 15:56:51
    Dang.. I am not a UC fan. I do love hugs though. Lucky you all.

    Nancy became the most hated woman in Cinci.

    huggins uc fired up
  • Shae smitty 2011/10/05 17:03:45
    We like him.
  • Stan Kapusta 2011/10/05 13:32:50
    The NBA knows what it's doing.
    Stan Kapusta
    It's time those overpaid thugs get an eye opener. They should cancel this seasons thugball.
  • davidl 2011/10/05 12:44:04
    The NBA knows what it's doing.
    Those athletes would be lucky to get a job serving french fries if it wasn't for the owners. I hope the owners hang in there and cancel the season rather than submit to the player's demands.
  • Ami Kate 2011/10/05 11:13:18
    Zip it and play basketball!
    Ami Kate
    Geez, just play the bloody game.
  • shawnd19 2011/10/05 11:05:06
    Zip it and play basketball!
    Millionaires fighting billionaires.
  • SirWence 2011/10/05 09:39:58
    The NBA knows what it's doing.
    the NBA unlike the NFL actually has real monetary issues - And isn't raking in the cash Football is with the NFL. Thus the lock out won't be lifted until a real deal is made
  • david shiel 2011/10/05 08:29:00
    Zip it and play basketball!
    david shiel
    screw em.
  • Danny Barker 2011/10/05 05:44:46
    Zip it and play basketball!
    Danny Barker
    Why do they always seem to have issues? What about the fans they buy the tickets? I Guess we just sweep them under the rug.
  • bookworm42 2011/10/05 04:53:05
    Zip it and play basketball!
  • Fresno State Fan CB-05 2011/10/05 04:28:29
    Zip it and play basketball!
    Fresno State Fan CB-05
    I won't really notice the NBA's absence. I have NCAA and NFL football through the end of the year and NHL hockey til spring. Go LA Kings!

    LA Kings
  • Shae Fresno ... 2011/10/05 14:49:08
    Go Rangers!

    NY Rangers
  • garyt212 2011/10/05 04:23:59
    The NBA knows what it's doing.
    Does anyone really care what these overpaid, egotistical, idiots do? LOL :)
  • Jaz Killjoy Way 2011/10/05 04:07:02
    The NBA knows what it's doing.
    Jaz Killjoy Way
    Idk I don't know am not much of fan of that

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