What's your favorite Madden cover?

Ranker 2013/02/20 17:00:00
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Marshall Faulk
Brett Favre
Drew Brees
John Madden
Larry Fitzgerald and Troy Polamalu
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Over the years, many incredibly successful NFL athletes have graced the covers of Madden NFL video games. Putting the so-called "Madden Curse" aside (if you can), which athlete's cover is your favorite? Obviously if it isn't listed here feel free to sound off in the comments!


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  • Alex 2013/04/01 20:09:29
    Larry Fitzgerald and Troy Polamalu
    The first madden game I ever got.
  • luisofsuburbia 2013/03/02 01:41:15
    Brett Favre
    And the last madden I ever bought, It's odd to see competition being denied by the NFL. 2K made a mockery out of EA
  • cents-less 2013/02/27 20:11:50
    None of the above
    never really had a favorite.
  • GoingForTheJugular 2013/02/25 18:31:49
    Marshall Faulk
    Just brings back old memories. Greatest show on turf!
  • sharkhead 2013/02/23 02:19:58
    Drew Brees
    It's the one I own.
  • kyle.reed.925 2013/02/22 23:23:23
    Brett Favre
    He is the Ultimate Legend, I'd reckon he's the GOAT
  • Mike 2013/02/21 21:57:28
    Larry Fitzgerald and Troy Polamalu
    Two great people meeting in the Super Bowl...Play their hardest....Great models to have on the cover..!
  • Superman 2013/02/21 18:57:58
    Marshall Faulk
    As a Rams fan. Plus that GSOT team was dominant in the game.
  • Hakking 2013/02/21 17:18:26
  • Tylurr 2013/02/21 14:22:22
    None of the above
    Because Sports games started what the Call of Duty series has profited on the most: making millions by taking the same game and swapping a few minor aspects of it every release.

    No thanks. I'm fine with playing games with actual substance.
    Dead Rising 2
    Fable 3
  • GoingFo... Tylurr 2013/02/25 18:34:26 (edited)
    You're right. Dead Rising, a lot of substance there eh?
  • Tylurr GoingFo... 2013/02/27 21:07:02
    Ever go through the actual storyline and rescue survivors?

    There IS a lot of substance
  • BlackwinterG36C 2013/02/21 11:21:58
    None of the above
  • Tylurr Blackwi... 2013/02/21 14:23:39
    lol gif

    As much as I hate sports games, this is hysterical.
  • GoDucks5 2013/02/21 02:37:35
    Brett Favre
    He is my favorite player out of them all though.
  • American Nate 2013/02/21 02:33:16
    Larry Fitzgerald and Troy Polamalu
    American Nate
  • Zac 2013/02/21 01:10:00
    Larry Fitzgerald and Troy Polamalu
    I was born a Steeler. I was raised a Steeler. I shall die a Steeler. Troy forever.
    troy polamalu

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