Whats the top 3 cliche's that you hate to see while watching a film

++evanescence++ 2010/07/22 22:23:15
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  • SimplyShannon 2010/07/22 22:26:10
    1. Kissing in the rain
    2. girl running upstairs away from a killer
    3. killer coming back to life after hes been shot and stabbed and mangled.

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  • ~Violate Harmon~ 2012/04/06 02:56:49
    ~Violate Harmon~
    1. The princess who is actually a badass.
    2. Love at first sight.
    3. How the main character always has one of his/her parents dead.
  • ♪♥devil3328♥♪ ~*InMySistersITrust*~
    1. when the bitch of the movie is the only 1 tht lives
    2. when prople stand there 4 5 minutes when they know they're about 2 die i mean hello RUN idiots!
    3. annddd when people run from the fn door and trap themselves in a room with no way out even tho they coulda got outt b4
  • Morgan 2010/07/24 19:26:52
    1. when two people who hate each other end up falling in love. DRIVESMEHCRAZEH.
    2. when a person looks behind them and nothing's there, then turns back around and something's there.
    3. when people go towards the creepy town/village/other random thing and get attacked by a monster of some sort. if something's creepy, you walk AWAY from it. good lord.
  • [PeferctlyImperfect) 2010/07/23 02:49:56
    1. When the main character wakes up and it was all a dream.
    2. When a character is told not to do something and they go ahead and do it.
    3. The makeout/sex scenes.
  • ~BaiLeY~ 2010/07/23 02:37:26
    1.whenever theres a girl in some place dark she yells "is someone there? Hello?"
    2.when theres sometype of monster its never died the first time but they always think it is.
    3.in romantic movies they alomst always brake up then live happiy ever after.
  • wcpjams 2010/07/23 01:19:01
    1) Definitely "The Dream Sequence" something happens but then they wake up from dreaming.
    2) Make sure the killer's DEAD!! or at least take off while he's still down
    3) let someone other then the girl survive. All the men might as well be wearing Red shirts.
  • ++evane... wcpjams 2010/07/23 17:47:36
    totally agree with the last one. It makes me pissed off when only the chick survives.
  • toyaroxit 2010/07/22 23:21:09
    1-how the stupid victim can stand next to an open window,on the first floor,and still stand there screaming like an idiot instead of flying out the window
    2-the victims always have bad aim when trying to shoot the killer
    3-how nobody in the whole suburban neighborhood they usually live in, hears all the murderous screaming,and so they die cuz they're neighbors are either dumb or deaf.
  • invaderalexgetCRUNKorDIEXD 2010/07/22 23:00:57
    1.I hate the makeout/sex part
    2.When the crminal is caught but then he/she finds away not to be caught
    3.When The girl is stubborn after listening to the reasons why something is delayed
  • Nimara 2010/07/22 22:48:56
    1) Sex in horror movies...hello, there's a bad guy out there! I don't think it's time to have sex right now.
    2) When there are survivors in horror movies...
    3) When someone says, "shoot me" and the person with the gun can't bring themselves to do it. Then of course, you have this big crying scene. I hate that.
  • Linkums 2010/07/22 22:47:06
    1. Unrealistic computers/computer hacking
    2. People told to stay in one place run off immediately
    3. Worthless henchmen
  • PanicSwitch 2010/07/22 22:32:19 (edited)
    1. The main character wakes up and it was "all a dream"
    2. When a cop is close to solving a case, he'll be suspended from duty, which he'll ignore.
    3. If a person is told to NOT do something, then he/she/they will do it.
  • invader... PanicSw... 2010/07/22 23:02:08
  • SimplyShannon 2010/07/22 22:26:10
    1. Kissing in the rain
    2. girl running upstairs away from a killer
    3. killer coming back to life after hes been shot and stabbed and mangled.
  • invader... SimplyS... 2010/07/22 23:02:31
    I know rite cant dey just run out da house?

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