What's the Most Burnt-Out Video Game of the Decade?

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SLIDESHOW: Most Burnt-Out Video Game of the Decade?

"Grand Theft Auto"
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"Grand Theft Auto"

Beginning in 1997 as a British video game, "Grand Theft Auto" currently has five major versions in its series. And as you can assume from the title, it's all about crime, theft and violence.
  1. "Grand Theft Auto"

    "Grand Theft Auto"

    Beginning in 1997 as a British video game, "Grand Theft Auto" currently has five major versions in its series. And as you can assume from the title, it's all about crime, theft and violence.

  2. "Modern Warfare"

    "Modern Warfare"

    A first-person shooter game, "Modern Warfare" is the fourth installment in the "Call of Duty" video game series and is all about executions, civil war and politics. Pretty heavy, even for a video game.

  3. "Halo"


    Not into interstellar wars between humanity and a bunch of theocratic aliens? Well then, you wouldn't like "Halo" too much...because that's exactly what the sci-fi franchise is about.

  4. "Rock Band"

    "Rock Band"

    Perhaps the most interactive of all the video games mentioned, "Rock Band" is a musical game that comes with a set of two guitars, drums and a microphone. We bet you can all imagine what happens after that.

  5. "Madden NFL"

    "Madden NFL"

    "Madden NFL" has been in the sports video game business since 1988 and currently has 12 versions. And though popular among its fans, the game is also known among critics' circles as super lame.

What's the Most Burnt-Out Video Game of the Decade?
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This question is part of our "Best of 2011" series. Vote on them all!

Don't get us wrong: we love video games. Video games are awesome and fun and a nice little break from reality. But is it just us or are some of the most popular games out there getting a little old? With countless different versions of the same old thing, there are a good amount of video games out there that we feel have been burnt-out to the core.

From the criminal-infested "Grand Theft Auto" to the alien-obsessed "Halo" and even the limitless versions of a simple sports video game like "Madden NFL," we've tried to come up with some of the most popular, overplayed and overhyped video games still out there.

We've narrowed it down to these five winners (or losers) and we'd love for you to have a say in the final vote. What do you think is the most burnt-out video game franchise?
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  • Cymech Dragon 2013/09/09 23:25:25 (edited)
    "Modern Warfare"
    Cymech Dragon
    Grand Theft Auto & Halo (well maybe Halo, only 4 main-series games from it have come out) are the only ones on the list (maybe Rockband too) that don't obsessively come out every single year or don't even have a bi-year release. But for Madden NFL, Call of Duty, etc. - we are literally talking about games coming out every year or bi-year when they could undoubtedly make as much money by charging for yearly DLC packs since nothing ever changes. Not even the graphics in Call of Duty have changed since the early PS360 days while EA has done several things different each release (mostly terrible with each release since they're always taking and adding similar features and physics have not ever changed) that have not warranted buying new or different copies with Madden NFL.

    It's really unfair to Rockstar just to even implicate GTA on this list. Rockstar does not at all have any sort of yearly/bi-yearly obsessive schedule for releasing a new GTA game, and the only GTA game that didn't succeed well was the last rendition (and I'm speaking as someone that didn't care for either VC but did enjoy 4 for a while) which really only failed majorly because Rockstar wanted to make it into a serious mafioso in more ways than one while they've seemingly corrected all of its problems with V.
  • Jacksane 2013/08/18 20:23:13 (edited)
    "Madden NFL"
    The Madden Games come out every year and are hardly ever different. You could release annual expansion packs and achieve virtually the same change as each new game offers.
  • rahsmoov 2013/05/28 15:31:38
    "Grand Theft Auto"
    GTA all day
  • robert.goldsmith.14 2012/10/17 18:55:10
  • FunnyLittleNightmare 2012/05/14 21:00:26
    "Modern Warfare"
    I have to admit they do seem to repeat themselves. At least GTA changes the protagonist and environment. We don't have Madden NFL in the UK. Our is Fifa Football (Soccer). fifa 12 case
    Every game is identical. They literally slap another number on it and make the graphics better.
  • Cymech ... FunnyLi... 2013/09/09 23:26:47
    Cymech Dragon
    I'd bet Madden really covers all sports games developed/published by EA.
  • billanator 2012/02/26 15:11:57
    "Grand Theft Auto"
    I voted GTA but take a look at the newest Duke Nukem, it held most people interest almost as long as Turok 3.
  • shindogg 2012/01/07 23:19:55
  • Sean McDonald 2011/12/21 23:51:32
    "Modern Warfare"
    Sean McDonald
    pretty much the entire call of duty series
  • DemonChild Sean Mc... 2012/01/08 20:32:40
    It changes as much as Halo
  • [Katsu]™ 2011/12/16 19:47:19
    "Modern Warfare"
    I was considering voting GTA, but then I'd feel as if I'd be contradicting m'self. They are kinda repetitive when you get down to things, but I still go out and get the new ones as soon as they come out, and always end up having fun with them.

    As for Modern Warfare and Madden NFL, those are what truly are repetitive. Though you must consider die-hard fans of football will obviously continually enjoy it most-likely, and same for war fans. It's just their kind of thing.

    I've never played Halo so I wouldn't know, but I'll much prefer Guitar Hero over Rock Band any-day.
  • Brendan Mcdonald 2011/12/16 15:43:07
    "Rock Band"
    Brendan Mcdonald
    im suprised rockband was voted so low dosent anyone know how retarded you look playing it it was cool at first and died out pretty quick
  • Brispir 2011/12/15 01:09:31
    "Madden NFL"
    The Madden franchise has completely lost it. First, they bought out the rights to the NFL so no other game company can make NFL games. With the competition gone, EA has no real incentive to make their new NFL games any good.... and they haven't. There are bugs that stay in the game year in and year out, there are rarely any new updates, and they STILL can't make kick returns look anything close to realistic. Any Madden games I buy are from the bargain bin at Gamestop.
  • Buffalobill91 2011/12/15 00:39:30 (edited)
    "Madden NFL"
    dont you think that maybe "None of the above" or "other" should be an option here???

    Grand theft auto will always sell millions of copies even if it is GTA 24958

    Rock Band is one of the best games ever to play with friends when party'n in a house...it will never get old as long as they keep doing more bands and more songs...

    MW and Halo will always have their following and sell a million copies.. didnt MW just break an all time entertainment record for sales?!?!?!? beating even Avatar at the movies!?!? why would you put that as an answer here????

    Since I was forced, I had to vote for madden... because I never really liked the game at all... but im sure there are those out there who love it and would buy madden 2075 someday...

    I know I will be playing hockey on EA's NHL2065 from my wheelchair in some nursing home if I can still see the TV because I love that game.
  • Sonic 2011/12/14 19:12:36
    "Modern Warfare"
    Seriously? It only took these lazy developers 4 years to crank out 8 games. And all they have to do is pull together a few maps, a 30 minute campaign which almost nobody will play, and add 5 new guns and say, "So Many NEW FEATURES" in order to get every FPS whore to buy it up at 60 bucks a pop. At Least Elder Scrolls took a long time and put a lot of effort into their games.

    Madden is just as lazy! Just update some stats and boom, new game. I don't care how much they improve the hit collision engine. In reality, the game is played the exact same way. It's just a newer shiner upgrade over the previous one.

    IN face, the same can be said about all these franchises on the list. I'd like to see them all just die.
  • darrell.mackenzie 2011/12/14 05:32:31
    halo is horible
  • Holmes 2011/12/14 03:05:00
    "Grand Theft Auto"
    There's a lot of Grand Theft Auto games, but I don't think any of these are burned out completely yet.
  • ryuu khan 2011/12/13 19:57:22
    "Madden NFL"
    ryuu khan
    got to say madden its been around for a long time and really you play video games on a gamestation not a sports game if you want to play football go outside and do it youl lose more calories doing that and its more fun you get to hurt people depending on the type of game you play P.s flag sucks
  • jo jo 2011/12/13 15:41:47
    "Grand Theft Auto"
    jo jo
    Can't believe they'd really encourage this.
  • Sir-Rock jo jo 2011/12/13 17:57:22
    let me guess, you're a 'protective mother', or something similar.
  • rahsmoov jo jo 2013/05/28 15:33:25
    Its going to be the most ambitions game rockstar ever made!
  • rebelboy 2011/12/13 14:52:54
    "Modern Warfare"
    Call of duty 4 was great best cod ever MW2 not as good and they shouldn't even call it MW3 it should be MW2.5 the only things they changed was guns and maps and added s few game modes if you ask me, it should've just been a MW2 add-on.
  • 24FilmProStudio 2011/12/13 14:44:49
    "Modern Warfare"
    They should really lay it to rest.
  • have fork will travel 2011/12/13 14:41:37
    "Modern Warfare"
    have fork will travel
    It's beyond me why anyone wants a war video game. I've seen enough of the real thing to last me a lifetime.
  • aric.brand 2011/12/13 00:12:07
    Sorry, Halo burnt out on me after the very first go...something the rest of the franchises haven't accomplished
  • Conbryvas 2011/12/12 23:42:56
    "Modern Warfare"
    I know a lot of people play Modern Warfare, 1,2, and 3. Black Ops and World at War also.
    They are practically the same game, and there is a lot of popularity amongst them.

    I just don't understand why though.
    I just don
  • boiyaza 2011/12/12 18:37:29
  • eljawhara 2011/12/12 16:36:16
    "Grand Theft Auto"
    i love this game
  • Buffalo... eljawhara 2011/12/15 00:45:45
    so why OH WHY would you vote that the series is the "most burnt out?" .......duh.

    everybody I know already is drooling about GTA5 being announced in gameinformer this month.
  • mindpowerblog 2011/12/11 17:48:21
    "Rock Band"
    What about Powerful Brain Games, These are getting popular by the day . Have a look now http://mind-mysteries.blogspo...
  • Todd 2011/12/10 21:57:36
    "Modern Warfare"
    Just call of duty in general. it's the same exact game every year and people keep buying it. The same game comes out every year
  • DemonChild Todd 2012/01/08 20:33:12
    Different Campaign and weapons every year though.
  • Todd DemonChild 2012/01/08 22:33:33
    This is true, I guess I have a gripe with the multiplayer. The devs don't care about balance and good gameplay. The things that were an issue 4 years ago are still pissing me off. They just make a game that appeals to the masses to make money. When I started playing the game seriously and competitively I just realized how it catered to bad players and I can't believe that this franchise is still around
  • Riley 2011/12/10 04:57:50
    "Rock Band"
    I love GTA
  • Aurora 2011/12/10 00:23:52
    "Madden NFL"
    They just change the players and re-release.... boring
  • Big Benedict 2011/12/09 19:02:01
    "Madden NFL"
    Big Benedict
    Here's mine,

    Madden NFL
    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
    Street Fighter
    Soul Calibur
    Ridge Racer
    Dead Rising
    Marvel vs Capcom

    I hate EA, Activision, NAMCO and Capcom. These MFs will keep milking their franchises until customers stopped buying. I'm sure to get these guys bankrupt ASAP.
  • Conbryvas Big Ben... 2011/12/12 23:39:20
    They only released 2 Dead Risings. The second one was different than the other, it actually wasn't bad.
  • Big Ben... Conbryvas 2011/12/16 07:50:55
    Big Benedict
    Think again, they released the new one about few months ago. So three installments, I suppose and the third game is the same game as the second?
  • Conbryvas Big Ben... 2011/12/17 02:11:14
    Dead Rising 3 hasn't come out yet.
  • ryuu khan Big Ben... 2011/12/13 20:01:02
    ryuu khan
    hey leave tekken and soulcalibur and marvel vs capcom alone you can harp on the rest just not those three games

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