What's The Most Awful Song(s) You've Ever Heard?

Astro-Boy 2010/07/27 18:42:57
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  • KrazyArchyGurl 2010/08/14 17:26:41
  • DancingMachine 2010/08/11 21:00:59
  • GabrielsLoveSlaveLoki 2010/08/08 01:12:10
    justin bieber anything
  • ~TheDreamer~ 2010/08/03 07:06:33
  • Nick Name 2010/08/01 20:38:14 (edited)
    Nick Name
    Hansen's MmmBop. Even Craig Fergusen and crew couldn't save it. Documented prove that blonde and evil CAN go together.

  • Courtney 2010/07/31 22:09:20

    "This, right here, is my- swag. All, the girls, are on me- swag."

    It's the very first line and I'm just like 'What the hell?' All of his songs are crap though.
  • Jen ~ atheism & abortion 2010/07/31 21:50:59
    Jen ~ atheism & abortion

    I just hate it so much.
  • Anonymousforobvious 2010/07/30 22:43:27
    50 cents musical brilliance: its getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes, i am getting so hot, i want to take my clothes off.
  • Fizzbitch {ZeDameofFrenchBr... 2010/07/28 15:19:19
    Fizzbitch {ZeDameofFrenchBraziers}
    There are waaaay too many to name. One that I currently despise intensely is Kid Rock's song that sampled the 'Sweet Home Alabama' riff. I don't know what the name of the song is, because any radio or speaker gets swiftly smashed to pieces if they dare to play it, and I don't much care. The man rhymes the word 'Things'... WITH 'THINGS'! I mean, c'mon dude... At least TRY! You use the most un-descriptive word you can think of which shouldn't be used in a song in the first place, AND USE IT TWICE FOR A RHYME! But not just any rhyme, one that's in the CHORUS meaning we have to listen to you drone those god awful lyrics around 5 times! GOD DAMMIT MAN, GET A BRAIN! Yours is OBVIOUSLY broken... ¬¬
  • Twitch 2010/07/28 14:33:38
  • wcpjams 2010/07/28 14:21:52
    I'm sure about the worse song, but when Roseanne Barr tried to sing the National Anthem, that was definitely one of the worse things I have ever heard in my life.
  • BK 2010/07/28 12:34:28
    I want to punch my radio every time that one song by Candlebox comes on. I think it's called "Far Behind," but I'm not sure.
  • Katie~awkward child♥ 2010/07/28 07:37:03
  • lACE..<3 ChEVY GiRl 2010/07/28 04:21:06
    lACE..<3 ChEVY GiRl
    this, i havent even tried to give it a chance.
  • AvaC 2010/07/28 03:37:21
    Anything by:


  • mystic16 2010/07/28 03:36:44
    ive gotten tired of the song baby by justin bieber but i love music
  • Undead Little Red 2010/07/28 02:19:16
    Undead Little Red
    really anything by Robbert Pattinson but mainly this
  • Citizen... Undead ... 2010/07/28 15:55:42

    Whoever made this video would strongly disagree. They are also probably insane.
  • Undead ... Citizen... 2010/07/28 16:05:27
    Undead Little Red
    o.O i am confused lol
  • Citizen... Undead ... 2010/07/28 16:06:49
    Never mind. It's some person claiming that Robert Pattinson sounds good.
  • Undead ... Citizen... 2010/07/28 16:11:04
    Undead Little Red
    they must be tone death.
  • Aaron~The Guardian Angel 2010/07/28 02:18:05
    Aaron~The Guardian Angel
    Welcome to the Black Parade
    by My Chemical Romance!
  • angel_of_madness 2010/07/28 01:41:17

    I'm sorry to all you fans on here, but hearing them makes me want to hurl.
  • ++evanescence++ 2010/07/28 01:05:15
    Baby by justin bieber! oooh baby baby baby ohhh baby baby baby baby! ugh!!
    oooh baby baby baby ohhh baby baby baby baby ugh
  • anke 2010/07/28 00:54:08
    Justin beiber, miley cyrus, disney stars, lady gaga, taylor swift, and pop music in general, unless it is actually really good.
  • Blue Tiger 2010/07/28 00:39:39
    Blue Tiger
    Screamo, most hip-hop, and pop music like this:

  • captkirk999 2010/07/28 00:18:12
    Anything by
    I hate her.
    But I also hate the Rick roll song
  • brutusin~ Proud Apetheist 2010/07/27 23:21:32
    brutusin~ Proud Apetheist
    Any thing Lady Caca.
  • ❦TigerSound❦ 2010/07/27 23:20:10
    Bieber's -shudders-
  • Naui 2010/07/27 23:14:22
  • captkir... Naui 2010/07/28 00:15:59 (edited)
    That is bad. I like the song from the animated hobbit called the greatest adventure. I hope it is in the Hobbit movie Peter Jackson will do
  • ♥Always☮Shout☮Scarlette♥ 2010/07/27 23:07:02
    anything with autotune, which is everything... lol
  • Jessicmaka! The cleavage qu... 2010/07/27 23:01:21
    Jessicmaka! The cleavage queen of  ~PHAET~
    Omaha Mall... Justin Bieber. Its a horrible song. Plus way to write a song about a mall where people got shot... good job. He annoys me somewhat.
  • zack 2010/07/27 22:57:34
    miley cyrus and justin bieber and any country
  • JayBear716 2010/07/27 22:42:09
    anything from justin bieber. He sounds like hes 6, but he tries to sing songs like hes older... its just sounds weird to me. I dont hate him... i just hate how abnoxious he is:(
  • Jay0Byrd 2010/07/27 22:36:28 (edited)
    Surfin` Bird... by the Trashmen surfin bird trashmen
  • brutusi... Jay0Byrd 2010/07/27 23:16:23
  • Jay0Byrd brutusi... 2010/07/28 05:06:43
    YEAH! the surfin`BIRD!!!!!!!!!!!
  • SkellingtonCase7 2010/07/27 22:13:21
    I personal hate anything by Ke$ha and Justin Beiber. And Vanessa Hudgens, Avril Lavigne. And anything rap.. Grosss!
  • straightfoward 2010/07/27 22:04:34
    Just cannot take this song anymore and I think it's because it has been overplayed!

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