What's the Best Sci-Fi Movie of All Time?

Film 2012/06/08 19:00:00
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In honor of Ridley Scott's upcoming sci-fi feature "Prometheus," CelebTV has put together some of the best and worst sci-fi movies of all time. Some of the movies, like "Terminator 2," are indisputable classics. Others, like "Plan 9 From Outer Space," are so terrible they're great. Check out the clip below for some truly awful and amazing flicks.

There's plenty of bad sci-fi out there, but when it comes to good sci-fi, your options are limited. You could go with an obvious choice, like the original "Star Wars" trilogy or Steven Spielberg's "Jurassic Park" classic; or you could go with something a little more subtle, like Scott's cult favorite "Blade Runner" or "2001: A Space Odyssey." If you don't see your favorite, feel free to write it in. The choice for best sci-fi movie is yours to make!

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  • irish IndyTech 2012/06/10 16:41:02
    i didn't except for the end.
  • TasselLady 2012/06/09 14:41:23
    "The Fifth Element"
    Oh !#$$#$!@!!!! I tried to put in STAR WARS:
    Star Wars
  • TerryAgee 2012/06/09 14:39:27
    My choice is "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde." Mad scientists make the best villians. For another example, Dr. Frankenstein. Yay or nay?
  • Fenabarb 2012/06/09 14:26:46
    "Blade Runner"
    time to die
  • beach bum 2012/06/09 14:09:53
    "Star Wars"
    beach bum
    star wars
  • Christopher Kirchen 2012/06/09 13:37:20
    "Star Wars"
    Christopher Kirchen
    Plan 9 from Outer Space? You've got to be kidding; that is widely acknowledged as the worst movie of any genre ever made.
  • mas 2012/06/09 13:07:46
    "Plan 9 From Outer Space"
  • Aksana 2012/06/09 12:57:50
    "Terminator 2"
    l love Terminator 2
  • Coasterdude02149 2012/06/09 12:37:17
    "Terminator 2"
    T2 rocked!
  • Rural Charmer 2012/06/09 11:28:16
    Rural Charmer
    Teenagers from outta space
  • cheighti g 2012/06/09 11:10:34
    "Star Wars"
    cheighti g
    Also ROBO-COP!
  • Emily Barrington 2012/06/09 11:00:00
    Emily Barrington
    Only one I've seen out of all of them lol
  • Jackal 2012/06/09 10:10:49 (edited)
    "Star Wars"
    Star Wars (First Place)

    Terminator (Second Place)

    Avatar (Third Place)

    Predator (Fourth Place)

    I can't wait for Terminator 5 and Avatar 2 to come out.

    Terminator 5, supposedly John Connor goes back into the past before Judgement Day, but this time he is in London... Damn It! When is Kyle Reese going back!

    Avatar 2 is about the Space Marines coming back to Pandora, are they still hostile or friendly? I don't know. Maybe there is a bigger threat coming to Pandora...
  • The_Infidel_Atheist 2012/06/09 09:20:35
  • Jackal The_Inf... 2012/06/09 10:13:11
    Equilibrium is the most underrated Sci-Fi movie around. It invented a new form of gunplay, that is ultimately badass.
  • Little Fawn 2012/06/09 08:41:01
    "Star Wars"
    Little Fawn
    Of course Star Wars. There are a whole bunch of other great movies out there though.
  • Wolverineland 2012/06/09 08:31:24
    "Forbidden Planet"- Anne Francis & Leslie Nielsen, teleporters a decade before Star Trek, special effects that had never been seen before, 60 gallons of robot replicated Kansas City "Ancient Rocket" Bourbon and the unlikely comedic pairing of Earl Holliman with Robby the Robot. Those combinations spell instant classic. forbidden planet
  • margs605 2012/06/09 07:12:11
    "Jurassic Park"
  • RogerCo... margs605 2012/06/10 03:51:23
    A great movie.
  • maythinn 2012/06/09 06:47:06 (edited)
    i've watched it like thousand time.. i love t avatar
  • Johann 2012/06/09 06:38:56
  • Jackal Johann 2012/06/09 10:14:31
    Another underrated movie! Even Kayne West made a music video about Akira.
  • ☆SPIDERPIECES☆: HERO of PHAET 2012/06/09 06:29:37
  • MR. 2012/06/09 06:09:36
    *THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL (1951') Michael Renee/ Patrica Neil/ Sam Jaffe/ *Dir. Robert Wise -"The Future Rests With You!"-
  • C-ZAR™ of the PHÆT 2012/06/09 05:50:20
    C-ZAR™ of the PHÆT
    Its still king at the Box Office, lol
    Btw, James Cameron directed 3 of the ones on the list, Aliens was better than Alien, sorry
  • ✞Knight of Honor 2012/06/09 05:46:07 (edited)
    "Terminator 2"
    ✞Knight of Honor
    The real answer is the original Terminator film (The Thing [1982] and Aliens are a close competators though).

    I'm also giving respect to Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan and Tron: Legacy too.
  • BlackwinterG36C 2012/06/09 05:40:50
    "Star Wars"
    The Alien series, Matrix series, and Terninator series come close. But ANY of the 6 Star Wars movies tops this whole list.
  • some idiot who thinks he kn... 2012/06/09 05:30:19
    "Blade Runner"
    some idiot who thinks he knows everything
    Blade Runner and Moon
  • ♌βļąƈʞƦơșƐ3033♌ 2012/06/09 05:22:20
  • Bob DiN 2012/06/09 05:10:46
    Bob DiN
    It Came from Beneath the Sea.
  • Jdogg 2012/06/09 05:01:54
    "2001: A Space Odyssey"
    the original war of the worlds
    The original versions of these movies.
  • EmoKiss:3 2012/06/09 04:52:36
    "Star Wars"
    noone can forget I am your father darth vader chibi

    I am your father C;
  • Jackal EmoKiss:3 2012/06/09 10:19:36 (edited)
  • Marcus Clark 2012/06/09 04:50:01
    Marcus Clark
    It would be hard to pick one single best of all time sci-fi movie. I would have to say all of the above as well as many of those listed in the comments.
  • OzSurfer 2012/06/09 04:49:05 (edited)
    The second Alien movie called "Aliens" was the best I thought.

  • J-DUB 2012/06/09 04:35:33 (edited)
    How about an "all of the above" option?
    Also "They Live" is an awesome classic.
  • TheAvengers#1Fan 2012/06/09 04:25:12
    "Jurassic Park"
    Jurassic Park OWNS
  • kaka702 2012/06/09 04:18:52
  • mae 2012/06/09 03:58:51
    "2001: A Space Odyssey"
    I did not click on 2001: A Space Odyssey. My Favorite is "The Fifth Element" I love this movie, and I think I've seen this about 30 times, and still not tired of it.

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