What would you do during a Power Outage.

Zoo Bear 2011/09/04 08:28:55
I just had a power outage. . . i'd had a few before, i'm just curious to what other people would do, like, camp out or whaattt ?? ^_^ Make it funn(: or scaryy!! D:
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  • Sherry 2011/09/20 14:55:13
    Bring out the camp stove, road grill, coleman lantern, light a log in the fireplace, and deal with it. We've always loved tent camping anyway. Throw in the indoor/outdoor radio, and good to go.
  • Vision of Verve 2011/09/04 17:39:18
  • tiger in disguise 2011/09/04 10:48:25
    tiger in disguise
    I don't really mind power outages all that much, they're boring during the day but I think they're kind of fun at night. Unless I'm online doing something important or in the middle of IM'ing someone and I just randomly leave the conversation cause the powers gone out :/ that's annoying. Usually I just listen to my iPod and wait for it to come back.
  • fer_reals 2011/09/04 10:31:28
    talk to the family- i hate it when the power goes out
  • natkra90 2011/09/04 09:30:16
    Our family has a tradition where I play the piano and we sing until the power company can't take it anymore and turns our power back on. XD
  • Zoo Bear natkra90 2011/09/04 18:08:38
    Zoo Bear
    That's Epic(:
  • 1Actual 2011/09/04 09:24:00
  • Jamacc 2011/09/04 09:07:56
    We have a hurricane kit at the ready which includes; Battery powered lanterns, battery powered t.v. and radio. We have a corded phone in our kit so we can still make calls during an outage since the cordless wont work and to save cell power. We also have Personal DVD player which will work til the battery is dead. We have a coffee maker that is actually for camping but you plug into your car power outlet. So we drink coffee, watch t.v. or a movie and call friends.

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