What Were the Best Super Nintendo Games Ever?

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794 total games were officially released for the Super Nintendo system. But which was the best ever?

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  • tabatha.howay 2013/02/03 06:34:55
    Super Mario Kart
    The 1st racing game I didn't want to put down.
  • cloud strife 2012/12/25 21:32:56
    The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
    cloud strife
    screw mario. legend of zelda and metroid are the best
  • Tylurr 2012/11/27 21:34:08 (edited)
  • Atlas 2012/08/08 14:45:36
    The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
    All are decent, I select Zelda because Harvest Moon is not a choice in this matter.
  • Thecharliejay 2012/08/08 11:47:10
    Super Mario Kart
    Simple , all those games are awesome
  • OzKasm 2012/08/08 11:21:18
    The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
    Where's Chrono Trigger?
  • Airhead OzKasm 2012/10/15 07:01:49
    and Earthbound
  • Reikyrr 2012/08/08 01:02:04
    The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
    I also liked harvest moon 64
  • mwf122090 2012/08/07 21:12:24
    Super Mario World
    Super Mario beats out Donkey Kong any day of the week!!!
  • Sin 2012/08/07 19:43:22
    The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
    I just bought a SNES and all of my old games I used to have as a kid about a week ago... Growing up sucks.
  • pheonix 2012/08/07 09:01:28
    The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
    love zelda
  • TheRandom444 2012/08/06 16:33:52
    The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
    The game that got me into the Zelda series.
  • I(◕‿◕✿)I 2012/08/06 04:58:20
    Donkey Kong Country
    None! I think the game Zombies Ate My Neighbors was the best. :)
    Out of these options, though, I'd pick Donkay Kong.
  • Sin I(◕‿◕✿)I 2012/08/07 19:43:50
  • I(◕‿◕✿)I Sin 2012/08/07 20:41:57 (edited)
    I see you've heard of it lol.
    I see what you did there meme face
    The giant baby boss :o
    Zombies ate my neighbors baby
  • Sin I(◕‿◕✿)I 2012/09/14 19:36:00
    Oh, yes, indeed. I just recently bought a whole new SNES and many old games i used to have, including ZAMN. I've yet to beat it without a gamegenie, still.
  • Junior the Outer Space Musi... 2012/08/05 21:22:36
    The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
    Junior the Outer Space Music Man
    Got voted number 2 on top 100 video games of all time, which I figured SNES would get that honor. Nintendo used to be the best, now something has happened to them. These are my personal favorites:

    Final Fantasy VI

    Chrono Trigger


    Super Mario RPG

    Super Mario All Stars

    and I could come up with a lot more if I had way more time.
  • Sin Junior ... 2012/08/07 19:44:54
    Nothing happened to Nintendo. Good games are just overshadowed by mindless shooting games. It's sad.
  • Jennifer Villarreal 2012/08/05 18:39:37
    Super Mario Kart
    Jennifer Villarreal
    This game was my childhood. I still love it.
  • GLaDOS 2012/08/04 21:50:31
    The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
    Why isn't there an "Other" option? Of those listed, I say 'A Link to the Past."

    Otherwise, I would've had to pick between these:
    option listed link wouldve
    option listed link wouldve
    option listed link wouldve
    option listed link wouldve
    option listed link wouldve
    option listed link wouldve
    option listed link wouldve
    option listed link wouldve

    Though I'd probably end up picking this one...
    option listed link wouldve picking
    March of the Black Queen
  • Fred Ro... GLaDOS 2012/08/07 07:25:02
    Fred Rogers
    Man, you brought back some memories. I might have to steal my SNES back from my sister...
  • joshBigBoss 2012/08/01 00:49:51
    Donkey Kong Country
    Where is none of the above?
  • Ozymandias 2012/07/31 21:39:29
  • ~MandyLynn~ 2012/07/31 05:49:38 (edited)
    Donkey Kong Country
    I didn't even really want to rate on this one. Since I was always obsessed with playing all 3 of the games on here..(Marios, Donkey Kongs and the Zeldas) My 3 fave snes games! Classics! Never boring!

    BUT ALSO...I LOVEDDDDDDDD "Secret of Mana" best game ever. Really. My fav.

    secret of mana snes
  • Terrain 2012/07/31 01:31:00 (edited)
    Donkey Kong Country
    Yeah Donkey Kong All The Way
  • shazyb999 2012/07/30 20:25:23
    Donkey Kong Country
    always loved the DK !! i do love super mario but you always see it on the wii and stuff so id rather fo retro :-)
  • Sodahead Founders are Fascists 2012/07/29 20:33:21
    The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
    Sodahead Founders are Fascists
    None of the above.
    The best game for the SNES was Terranigma.
  • Alex 2012/07/29 09:31:19
    The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
    Every Legend of Zelda game, is legendary.
  • Obama Your MommA 2012/07/29 03:48:30
  • Danny 2012/07/27 22:16:27
    Super Mario World
    Chrono trigger ftw
  • Jacob Torres 2012/07/27 21:42:12 (edited)
    Super Metroid
    Jacob Torres
    Just kidding. It was Chrono Trigger.

    An RPG with art by the creator of DBZ, epic music, multiple endings, and a time machine that allowed you to have robots, knights, princesses and cavewomen in your party on a quest to defeat a space alien.

    chrono trigger art
  • Superman 2012/07/27 21:05:28
    Super Mario Kart
    None of the above. The best game is ken griffey junior baseball snes ken griffey junior baseball snes
  • Joey Superman 2012/08/02 07:01:19
    That a great game .
  • RLUX 2012/07/27 18:44:37
    Super Mario World
  • Eli Johansen 2012/07/27 11:05:04
    The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
    Eli Johansen
    Chrono Trigger!!!
  • The phantom menace 2012/07/27 08:37:56
    Super Mario World
    The phantom menace
    Do not dis
  • minx 2012/07/27 04:56:08
    Super Mario World
    One of the funnest
  • Mike J. Hirak 2012/07/26 22:13:43
    Super Mario World
    Mike J. Hirak
    Was the Moonwalker Super Nintendo? Or was it Atari?
  • Jenna Smith 2012/07/26 20:31:20
    Super Metroid
    Jenna Smith
    gotta love Samus Aran
  • Kuruptsoul 2012/07/26 19:41:18
    Super Mario World
    I never did play metroid.. but the rest of them are all equally as good

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