What Was Your Favorite Super Bowl Commercial?

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SLIDESHOW: Favorite Super Bowl Commercial

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Audi “Vampire Party”

Watch out Edward Cullen. Audi is coming for you!
  1. Acura “Seinfeld”

    Acura “Seinfeld”

    Seinfeld will do anything to be the first person to get the new Acura NSX. Too bad he doesn't have a jet pack like Leno!

  2. Audi “Vampire Party”

    Audi “Vampire Party”

    Watch out Edward Cullen. Audi is coming for you!

  3. Honda “Matthew’s Day Off”

    Honda “Matthew’s Day Off”

    "Ferris Bueller" nostalgia, anyone? Anyone?

  4. Hyundai “All For One”

    Hyundai “All For One”

    An a capella rendition of the "Rocky" theme song. What's not to love?

  5. Volkswagon “The Bark Side”

    Volkswagon “The Bark Side”

    These dogs can really bark!

  6. Volkswagon “The Dog Strikes Back”

    Volkswagon “The Dog Strikes Back”

    Another cute Volkswagon/dog/"Star Wars" combination.

  7. Sketchers "Mr. Quiggly"

    Sketchers "Mr. Quiggly"

    Animal rights activists were upset by the portrayal of greyhound racing in this ad, but Mr. Quiggly is so cute he's hard to resist!

  8. Chrysler “It’s Half Time in America”

    Chrysler “It’s Half Time in America”

    Clint Eastwood picks up where Eminem left off last year.

  9. Chevy Silverado “2012”

    Chevy Silverado “2012”

    If you're worried about the end of the Mayan calendar you'd better buy yourself a Chevy Silverado!

  10. Bud Light “Rescue Dog”

    Bud Light “Rescue Dog”

    Yet another cute canine commercial! This time featuring an actual rescue dog.

  11. Doritos “Sling Baby”

    Doritos “Sling Baby”

    This flying baby makes me hungry for Doritos!

  12. Toyota “It’s Reinvented”

    Toyota “It’s Reinvented”

    If only these "reinventions" were real!

What Was Your Favorite Super Bowl Commercial?
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When we asked SodaHeads what they thought about the Super Bowl, 73% told us that the commercials are the best part. Now that the game is over, we want to know: Which ad was your favorite?

This year, advertisers spent an average of $3.5 million per 30-second ad spot. Though the ads themselves played on familiar themes (celebrities, animals, nostalgia, sex appeal, etc.), 2012 ushered in a new trend for Super Bowl commercials.

About 20 of the 36 advertisers released previews and/or full versions of their commercials in the days leading up to Sunday’s broadcast. This is a huge increase from the handful of ads that were “leaked” early last year. While the advance releases received millions of views and certainly generated lots of buzz online, some of the ads may have been more effective if the element of surprise had been preserved.

Whether you watched the Super Bowl commercials online or on your television set, we want to know which one you liked the best? Check out a slideshow of some of our favorites and let us know what you think!

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  • PhyllisGodwin 2013/02/05 03:12:41
    None of the above
    Budweiser Brotherhood
  • Mac McDowell 2012/07/27 16:13:28
    Acura “Seinfeld”
    Mac McDowell
    Seinfeld Fan. Loved the Acura commercial. Remember the South Park episode with Satan and the Acura cake?
    In the episode, Satan decides to have a costume party in the lavish style of the parties that teenagers have on the show "My Super Sweet 16" on MTV? He tells his assistants that he wants a cake that looks exactly like a big Ferarri, so then, one of his assistants hires Jeffrey Daughmer, Ted Bundy, and John Wayne Gacy to make some huge cake in the shape, dimensions, and size of a real, full-size Ferrari. They mess up rather ridiculously, in the style of The 3 Stooges, and they end up not only killing all the people that were involved in even attempting to help them make the cake, but pretty much every single person that even walks up to them, or asks them anything, and finally, when they actually try to make the cake, they just end up killing each other. After all that, Satan ended up getting an Acura cake, and he reacted like one of the little sixteen-year olds on those birthday shows, when they don't get exactly what they want. That was a funny episode.

    Sorry for writing so much, but when I am surfing the internet, and there is something that reminds me of something, and I see an area where I can post my rather random thoughts, I simply begin typing and then I end up with a full paragraph, even if it's about something that people might not know, care, or think about.
  • buneter 2012/06/29 07:21:18
    None of the above
    it might be time to quit your job
  • animeknight16 2012/02/07 23:10:18
    None of the above
    The M&M; commercial it's the best :)
  • ruthanncase 2012/02/07 19:26:48
    Bud Light “Rescue Dog”
    too many dogs and cats need a good home ADOPT never buy a dog or cat
  • bbsrtrain 2012/02/07 16:44:43
    None of the above
    It had to have been the Samsung commercial with Justin Hawkins. One of the best frontmen in the world.
  • Calvin Harris ✌ 2012/02/07 15:48:52
    Doritos “Sling Baby”
    Calvin Harris ✌
    i liked this one! i also liked the m&m;'s one!
  • MissTam4 2012/02/07 15:14:35
    None of the above
    You can't beat the M&M; one!!
  • Kino 2012/02/07 05:48:24
    Chrysler “It’s Half Time in America”
    I thought Clint Eastwood did an amazing job.
  • Flyingbug 2012/02/07 05:13:13 (edited)
    Volkswagon “The Dog Strikes Back”
    I didn't see all of the commercials, but I thought that 'Dog Strikes Back' was quite funny. The other Doritos commercial ('You Didnt See Nuthin') was funny, too. I also liked the three Coke Polar Bears commercials.
  • VenomHalos 2012/02/07 04:45:30
    None of the above
    The M&Ms; one!
    And I didn't even watch it DURING the super bowl. Or is it Super Bowl?
  • MOMMA THOMAS 2012/02/07 04:32:30
    Chrysler “It’s Half Time in America”
  • Mtnsmith 2012/02/07 03:47:53
    None of the above
    Overall seemed like everyone was trying way too hard this year....
  • Mae 2012/02/07 03:45:19
    Audi “Vampire Party”
    Anything that makes fun of Twilight is funny to me!
  • Splinter76 2012/02/07 03:33:12
    Acura “Seinfeld”
    I'm pro Seinfield.
  • ►Cesar◄ 2012/02/07 02:45:34
    None of the above
    didnt saw them
  • katybugg 2012/02/07 02:26:06
    None of the above
    I like the m&m; comercial
  • M.C 2012/02/07 01:30:24
    Chevy Silverado “2012”
    this commercial is funnier when you know about how ford tried to stop it from airing by first trying to stop chevy when that failed they tried to keep NBC from airing it. the reason? read the small print in the ad, among registered trucks, from 1981 up, chevy has the most with 250,000 plus miles on them.
  • Leah 2012/02/07 00:58:21
    None of the above
    I like the Coca Cola polar bear ones, they were cute :)
  • leslie Leah 2012/02/07 02:43:43
    This was a great one too
  • T J 2012/02/07 00:11:35
    Acura “Seinfeld”
    T J
    Seinfeld was funny.
  • sally 2012/02/06 23:39:36
    None of the above
    I'm biased... I liked The Voice's commercial and Smash.
  • Catita 2012/02/06 23:39:03
    Sketchers "Mr. Quiggly"
    good commercial cute dog, I also liked the rescue dog.
  • kmay 2012/02/06 23:25:46
    Sketchers "Mr. Quiggly"
    1/2 time sucked!
  • JackoClubs 2012/02/06 23:02:54
    Audi “Vampire Party”
    Vampire party was funny.
  • Ben 2012/02/06 22:59:35
    Bud Light “Rescue Dog”
    Mr Quiggly plus the dog strikes back
  • Ben Ben 2012/02/06 22:59:52
    M&m; too
  • mm61675 2012/02/06 22:33:35
    Bud Light “Rescue Dog”
    I thought they all were a let down, but that dog is adorable and a beautiful dog. I thought the M&M; one with the "naked" M&M; was cute.
  • NorseMayhem 2012/02/06 21:58:54
    Chrysler “It’s Half Time in America”
    Two words, Clint Eastwood. Also the chevy one was pretty funny.
  • mae 2012/02/06 21:47:14
    Bud Light “Rescue Dog”
    Weego, due to his great message.
  • RobertRowe 2012/02/06 21:37:05
    Chevy Silverado “2012”
    any commercial that bashes ford i love. ford is so SMUG that they didn't use bail out money but the only reason they didn't have to do so is how their bigshot lawyers got all the rollover contreversey put on firestones back where the dodge durango, jeep grand cherokee and chavy trailbazer didn't roll with those tires. the explorer rolled so many time due to wheel studs being too small, look at any big rig with open lug nuts and you always see atleast 3 threads beyond the lug nut and the explorer used standard nuts and you can fit your pinky in the nut down to the cudicle. due to that the explorer would hit the dirt of the median ripping the wheel off due to those small wheel studs and pulling the vehicle over.
  • Dead Inside 2012/02/06 21:23:28
    Chrysler “It’s Half Time in America”
    Dead Inside
    It was a really good and motivational commercial
  • MistyFay8879 2012/02/06 21:14:28
    None of the above
    M&M;'s "Sexy & I know it", Bud w/ Wego the rescue dog
  • wpsark 2012/02/06 20:53:50
    Chevy Silverado “2012”
    and the camaro commercial
  • R. 2012/02/06 20:50:58
    None of the above
    The doritos commercial where the dog buries the cat.
  • katybugg R. 2012/02/07 02:27:38
    I love that one!
  • stravu9 katybugg 2012/02/07 23:34:43
    Then you'll love the follow up where they put ground glass in the dog's alpo! What a laugh, yeah?
  • Anna E 2012/02/06 20:43:31
    Audi “Vampire Party”
    Anna E
    lol Skechers was pretty good, too. Had me wondering what the guy at the end was doing to the dog with his right hand.
  • Sully 2012/02/06 20:36:47
    Chevy Silverado “2012”
    I thought the End of the World thing was great, all the while poking fun at Ford!!
  • wpsark Sully 2012/02/06 20:54:39
    I'm a Ford girl but that was my fave too ;-)

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