What Was the Top Viral Video of 2011?

Tech 2011/12/19 03:25:14

SLIDESHOW: Top Viral Video of 2011?

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Girl Falls in Mall Fountain While Texting

The moral of this viral video: Don't text and walk, especially if security cameras are around. And, oh yeah, if an embarrassing video of you goes viral, don't prolong the story by threatening to sue.
  1. Rebecca Black's "Friday" (Official Music Video)

    Rebecca Black's "Friday" (Official Music Video)

    The most "disliked" video ever to hit YouTube, Rebecca Black's "Friday" propelled the 14-year-old to viral video infamy. And we're still trying to get those dang lyrics out of our heads. "Partyin', partyin' (Yeah!)"

  2. Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass" by Sophia Grace Brownlee

    Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass" by Sophia Grace Brownlee

    We're not sure what we love most about Sophia Grace Brownlee: her amazing singing ability or her adorable personality! This 8-year-old's talent landed her on the Ellen Degeneres Show where she met Nicki Minaj.

  3. Homeless Man With a "Golden Voice"

    Homeless Man With a "Golden Voice"

    Homeless Ted Williams' "golden voice" rocketed him to stardom and landed him countless job offers. Unfortunately, the media attention was too much to handle and drove Williams back to heavy drinking.

  4. Webcam 101 for Seniors

    Webcam 101 for Seniors

    Bruce and Esther Huffman accidentally recorded a video of themselves on their new webcam. After their granddaughter uploaded the video, the public fell in love with this incredibly sweet and funny elderly couple.

  5. The Crazy Nastya** Honey Badger (original narration by Randall)

    The Crazy Nastya** Honey Badger (original narration by Randall)

    Nature documentaries are often pretty snoozeworthy. But not when you combine gruesome footage with sassy narration by Randall!

  6. The Force: Volkswagen Commercial

    The Force: Volkswagen Commercial

    An adorable kid combined with a classic movie is the perfect recipe for a Super Bowl commercial turned viral video.

  7. Girl Falls in Mall Fountain While Texting

    Girl Falls in Mall Fountain While Texting

    The moral of this viral video: Don't text and walk, especially if security cameras are around. And, oh yeah, if an embarrassing video of you goes viral, don't prolong the story by threatening to sue.

  8. Anderson Cooper Got the Giggles

    Anderson Cooper Got the Giggles

    Anderson Cooper got the giggles and we'll never let him forget it! While reporting about a celeb urinating on the floor of a plane, on his regular segment the RidicuList, Cooper just couldn't hold himself together.

  9. Jimmy Kimmel Halloween Candy Prank

    Jimmy Kimmel Halloween Candy Prank

    Jimmy Kimmel challenged parents to play a Halloween prank on their kids and then to post the video footage on YouTube. The results are nothing short of hilarious!

  10. Lily's Disneyland Surprise!

    Lily's Disneyland Surprise!

    Lily's parents surprised her with a trip to Disneyland and her reaction was totally priceless!

What Was the Top Viral Video of 2011?
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With the right combination of comedy, cute kids, talent, complete lack of talent, and (of course) cats you may have a viral video on your hands. We've combined 10 of our favorite, must-see viral videos of 2011.

Whether you loved her or loved to hate her, there's no denying that Rebecca Black's "Friday" was one of the most unforgettable (unfortunately) viral videos of 2011.

Another Internet singing sensation, 8-year-old Sophia Grace Brownlee from England, is arguably already more talented than Black, and she is certainly more adorable. We see stardom in her future!

Speaking of adorable, Bruce and Esther Huffman are one of the cutest elderly couples we've ever seen, even if they don't know how to use a webcam.

Ted Williams has one of the most amazing speaking voices we've ever heard and we're rooting for him to get his life together and make the most of it!

If you prefer funny videos, you probably enjoyed Anderson Cooper's giggle fit, the woman who walked into a fountain while texting, and Jimmy Kimmel's Halloween candy prank--so much crying!

And when it comes to 2011's top viral videos, who can forget Lily's Disneyland surprise, "The Force" Super Bowl Commercial, and, of course, the honey badger!

What about you? What do you think was the top viral video of 2011?

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  • hannah 2011/12/20 02:30:02
    Rebecca Black's "Friday" (Official Music Video)
  • émilie✿ 2011/12/20 02:13:04
    Rebecca Black's "Friday" (Official Music Video)
    I hate her -.-
  • beck 2011/12/20 01:28:09
    Rebecca Black's "Friday" (Official Music Video)
    holy crap!!! why does this video start playing automaticaly as soon as we open the page??!!
    we already knew how bad it was!
  • BloodMist 2011/12/20 00:59:04
    Rebecca Black's "Friday" (Official Music Video)
    It would quite literally in many ways fit the definition of a virus.

    (it fits so well)
  • Resp 2011/12/20 00:15:15
    Other (please leave a comment)
    None of these beat the Talking Twin Babies.

  • AllTime... Resp 2011/12/20 01:24:11
    Omggh they are so cute!
  • Sakus<3 2011/12/19 23:47:30
    Rebecca Black's "Friday" (Official Music Video)
  • bobby Sakus<3 2011/12/20 03:47:53
  • Doctor Sherlock Daae 2011/12/19 23:37:16
    Anderson Cooper's giggle fit
    Doctor Sherlock Daae
    xD his giggles sound so girly xD
  • Resp Doctor ... 2011/12/20 00:22:49 (edited)
    I always see Anderson Cooper riding his bike with his boyfriend here in NYC. I wonder if his bicycle has a seat?
  • Inge 2011/12/19 23:24:56
    Rebecca Black's "Friday" (Official Music Video)
    I never saw any of the others so...
    But I will look 'em up right now xD
    Hmm, "Girl falls in mall fountain while texting" seems funny...
  • Vision of Verve 2011/12/19 23:07:13
  • evceleb Vision ... 2011/12/19 23:26:27
  • Clare Marie 2011/12/19 22:31:13
    Rebecca Black's "Friday" (Official Music Video)
    Clare Marie
  • Resp Clare M... 2011/12/20 00:27:28
  • glass_butterfly ~YSU~ 2011/12/19 21:55:46
    Rebecca Black's "Friday" (Official Music Video)
    glass_butterfly ~YSU~
  • budgerigar42 2011/12/19 21:39:34
    Rebecca Black's "Friday" (Official Music Video)
    Tobuscus. Rhett and Link. AWESOMEST YOUTUBERS EVER
  • KenjaiRo 2011/12/19 21:27:14
    Other (please leave a comment)
    Adam Corrolla taking on OWS losers.
  • mambotango 2011/12/19 19:58:36
    The crazy nastya** honey badger
    I love the honey badger vid!! badger badger badger gif
  • taco_co... mambotango 2011/12/19 21:15:52
    omg its mrweebl lol
  • Resp mambotango 2011/12/20 00:19:04
    Badger, badger, badger...
    Mushroom, Mushroom...

  • Osk 2011/12/19 18:55:58
    Webcam 101 for seniors
    I read it wrong, thought it said worse lol
  • moonchild 2011/12/19 18:42:55
    Webcam 101 for seniors
    Love the old couple-- but Cooper's giggles come a close second..
  • The crazy nastya** honey badger
    υяsυℓα  vεηgεαηcε ►нαя∂ cσяε sтяαιgнт ε∂gε◄
    He's a badass
  • Bunk11 2011/12/19 17:22:37
    Rebecca Black's "Friday" (Official Music Video)
    This is the first time I listened to the full song and saw the video. I have to say I can't stand the song (of course I'm a bit old to be in the demographic for the song), but the video is quite impressive and overall it's a pretty solid effort for a 14-year-old. Rebecca Black has a good voice and if she wrote the song and created the video, then she has a good future in show business, either as a singer or as a producer.
  • Reach130 2011/12/19 16:32:31
    Rebecca Black's "Friday" (Official Music Video)

    But my favourite was Sophia Grace. That girl is talented. The Halloween candy one was cruel but hilarious...
  • The crazy nastya** honey badger
    (¯`·._.·[Dear Maria]·._.·´¯)
  • ♥Gabs1697♥ 2011/12/19 16:20:36 (edited)
    Rebecca Black's "Friday" (Official Music Video)
    And also KOLAVERI http://www.youtube.com/watch?... Just see the no. of views!
  • selenafan123xx 2011/12/19 16:18:32
    Rebecca Black's "Friday" (Official Music Video)
    omg she is amazing even if you cont like her she has tried her best and she is also amazing coz she reblogsselena pics on tumblr you rock becs
  • AdelePotter 2011/12/19 15:58:44
    Other (please leave a comment)
  • voomi panchal 2011/12/19 15:34:20
    Rebecca Black's "Friday" (Official Music Video)
    voomi panchal
    Rebecca Black's "Friday" but offorse :P
  • Rayy 2011/12/19 15:02:23
    Rebecca Black's "Friday" (Official Music Video)
    It has to be Black - everyone's seen it, everyone hates it. I've seen more response to her than to any other of these videos, and I haven't even heard of most of these (which causes me to doubt their "viral" status). So yeah, Friday for sure.
  • Jenjenajenjen 2011/12/19 14:26:24
    Rebecca Black's "Friday" (Official Music Video)
    It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday! Everybody's looking forward to the weekend, weekend! Partying, partying, yea! Fun fun fun fun! Looking forward to the weekend!
  • Lexi 2011/12/19 12:41:11
    Rebecca Black's "Friday" (Official Music Video)
    EVERYONE sings that at school.... especially on fridays.
  • Feria~Badass of PHAET~ 2011/12/19 12:26:03 (edited)
    Other (please leave a comment)
    Feria~Badass of PHAET~
    epic rap battles of history
    Anyone with me? Anyone?
  • Latti I... Feria~B... 2011/12/20 03:45:02
    Latti Ice Nerd Gangsta of PHAET
    I'm with you F lol

  • Feria~B... Latti I... 2011/12/20 11:57:46
  • Latti I... Feria~B... 2011/12/20 16:52:00
  • Feria~B... Latti I... 2011/12/20 16:53:00
    Feria~Badass of PHAET~
    Aww, the picture decided to be a bitch and not show up :(
  • Latti I... Feria~B... 2011/12/20 17:02:13
    Latti Ice Nerd Gangsta of PHAET
    lol I'll repeat F.

    high five gif

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