What was the Best Academy Award Winning Movie of 2013?

Kyle 2014/03/06 16:25:18
American Hustle
Captain Phillips
Dallas Buyers Club
12 Years a Slave
The Wolf of Wall Street
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  • Cat 2014/03/07 02:26:45
    none of the above
    I didn't see any moves in 2013
  • raine 2014/03/06 23:26:23
    none of the above
    I didn't see any of them. It is simply too cold to leave the house.
  • maggie 2014/03/06 20:09:36
    none of the above
    cant say...i didnt waste my money seeing these movies.....ill let ya know my opinion on a future date...if i get around to watching them on dvd or cable.
  • raine maggie 2014/03/06 23:27:24
    That is what I do, no need to rush.
  • Dee Zyn 2014/03/06 19:51:00
    none of the above
    Dee Zyn
    Hollywood movies are brainwashing the public.
  • Kurt 2014/03/06 18:21:15
    none of the above
    They all sucked in my opinion.
  • Jackie 2014/03/06 17:33:02
    none of the above
    No clue probably the incendiary slave one won even if no one bothered to see it. Haven't watched the phony spectacle since they snubbed ET. The biggest movie of all at that time. Loved by people five to ninety five. They ignored it and awarded some Ghandi crap that no one patronized. Knew then it was an empty sham award of no meaning. Never gave it any attention or merit since. Just a sideshow easy to do without. The winning should be the one that drew the biggest box office. Not movies the public ignored.

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