What Was Jennifer Lopez the Best in?

Clarity 2011/01/13 01:50:52

SLIDESHOW: Favorite Part of Jennifer Lopez' Career?

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She had her first big break on "Selena," playing the real-life Mexican pop star who was murdered by one of her employees. She rocked it!
  1. "Selena"


    She had her first big break on "Selena," playing the real-life Mexican pop star who was murdered by one of her employees. She rocked it!

  2. "The Wedding Planner"

    "The Wedding Planner"

    I didn't really like this movie but J.Lo still did awesome in it.

  3. Singer


    Jennifer Lopez also became "J.Lo" and transformed into a singer. Did you like any of her songs?

  4. "Maid in Manhattan"

    "Maid in Manhattan"

    Going from a maid to the belle of the ball, Jennifer was awesome in this flick. But was it your favorite?

  5. J.Lo


    Sure, J.Lo isn't exactly a role she played but I feel like it was kind of her alter ego.

  6. "Gigli"


    The movie was a flop but I still think it's notable!

  7. "American Idol"

    "American Idol"

    And now she's gonna be a judge on "American Idol." Do you think this will be her best venture yet?

  8. Herself


    When it's all said and done, I think Jennifer Lopez is best as herself. :)

What Was Jennifer Lopez the Best in?
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I love love love Jennifer Lopez and can't wait to see her on "American Idol."

That being said, J-Lo has been around for quite sometime. She's been an actress, she's been a singer, and she's just been plain old "Jenny from the block" (you knew I had to go there haha).

Anyways, what's your favorite thing that Jennifer Lopez was in or your favorite thing she's done?

I put together a slideshow of some stufff so you can browse through it in case you forgot ;)
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  • selena costa 2011/07/20 19:47:41
    selena costa
    not becouse of my name! btw im girl..ppl always say i wanna watch that movie and i like it becouse of that NOO its a good movie thats all
  • LaurenClark 2011/03/15 18:59:08
    i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee Jennifer Lopez she is amazing and i lokk foward to watching american idol ever week u rock jenn
  • Albermarle19 2011/03/07 01:22:12
    a singer
    My first option didn't make the list. she was best in MY BED! Back in 1994 me and Jenny had a little fling. We met at a N.Y. city nightclub. Imagine that, me and Jenny taking care of business at the Plaza Hotel. She was actually a pretty sweet, caring person! I often wonder if she even remembers me, oh well.
  • Mark5610 2011/02/11 11:56:36
  • gamman 2011/01/26 23:27:26
    green dress
    green dress jennifer lopez green dress green dress jennifer lopez green dress
  • nelipooh 2011/01/16 03:44:45 (edited)
  • Propaganda, Ink. 2011/01/14 01:12:55
    Propaganda, Ink.
    It's not so much what she was best in as much as it is WHO was best in her... ;)
  • CandiceIsHere 2011/01/13 21:07:06
    all of it really
    but definately selena
  • wcpjams 2011/01/13 12:22:45 (edited)
    She was at her best in the movie "Selena". But after watching "Enough" I new I had had enough of Jennifer Lopez. But I must admit, I may not be a fan of hers, but I just love the sound of her voice and she can sing to me any day.
  • Angel 2011/01/13 06:00:07
    Also "Enough" and "Monster in Law"

    I like her as both an actress and a singer.
  • starguide 2011/01/13 04:41:54

    her start as a flygirl
  • AdriHead 2011/01/13 02:02:37
    it kind of all went downhill from there...
  • XRenX 2011/01/13 01:56:34
    and definately, "Enough".

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