What song do you want playing at your funeral?

Tiff 2007/10/14 04:10:43
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  • thepastord 2011/02/27 15:24:43
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    I refuse to support the funeral industry........... No service for me, just cremate me and put me in the basic box! lol
  • coffeeaddict10 2011/02/27 14:35:39
  • Sam 2009/07/07 21:28:13
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    This old house.
  • :Guilty By Association: 2009/06/29 22:51:03
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    :Guilty By Association:
    Goodbye by Stabbing Westward
  • Jehnyhal~ Hope Not Hate~the... 2009/06/26 14:58:33
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    Jehnyhal~ Hope Not Hate~the Renaissance Women of PHAET
    Aftershow by the Courteeners.
  • ChildOfNovacaine 2009/06/26 14:57:15
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    "Ha ha You're Dead!" by Green Day or perhaps "Homecoming" by the same band, maybe even "Give Me Novacaine" again, by Green Day. Then again, I could go House on them and have "Passing afternoon" by Iron and Wine, Nah, I'll stick with "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)"
  • Anarchy 2009/01/23 01:41:18
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    The Path by HIM
  • MS 2009/01/11 04:57:00
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  • Angelhe... MS 2009/01/11 07:30:02
    Angelheart™In loving memory 10/03/09
    Not anytime soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Decahedron~~The Frozen Flame ♂ 2009/01/09 05:20:31
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    Decahedron~~The Frozen Flame ♂
  • buckleystyle 2009/01/08 22:09:11
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    I want Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd to be playing when I die.
  • Tony 2008/10/21 13:00:48
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    HIM injoy and sorrow, HIM Funeral of hearts, Dragonforce Heroes of our time, HIM Right here in my arms, In flames The chosen pasmessment, in flames the jester race, HIM join me, Dragonforce inside the winter storm, Seize the day A7X, Cyadine sun HIM. Betraed A7X
  • Relle 2008/10/07 00:10:20
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    I would like "buried alive by love" because hopefully I am in love with the most wonderful guy or girl when I die
  • vampfan30 2008/09/29 21:22:35
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    Resurrection by HIM......or most anything by Ville Valo.....
  • RawkerChik1212 2008/09/28 20:55:34
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    Wing Of A Butterfly
  • maggot 2008/09/22 23:20:29
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    Vermilion Pt.2 by Slipknot
  • VampireGirl 2008/09/20 17:03:51
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    Join Me in Death of course <3
  • Ghost 2008/09/20 04:25:47
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    your sweet 666
  • kels 2008/09/16 01:14:42
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    Beer in Mexico
  • GOTHICVALOGIRL 2008/09/15 23:58:45
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    join me in death
  • love in cold blood 2008/09/15 14:28:09 (edited)
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    love in cold blood
    HIM injoy and sorrow, HIM Funeral of hearts, Dragonforce Heroes of our time, HIM Right here in my arms, In flames The chosen pasmessment, in flames the jester race, HIM join me, Dragonforce inside the winter storm, Seize the day A7X, Cyadine sun HIM.
  • Jay 2008/09/14 03:46:43
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    Join me or When love and death embrace
  • ChRiStiN@ [FTDM!] 2008/09/13 06:46:00
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    ChRiStiN@ [FTDM!]
    it's a tie between MCR's "Helena" or Pink Floyd's "Goodbye Blue Sky."
  • chris 2008/09/12 20:28:35
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    funeral for a friend by elton john & Dead by my chemical romance.
  • big white 2008/09/10 17:10:33
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    big white
    i would want down with sickness by disturbed
  • Razorbldeheart 2008/09/09 04:42:50
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    Good Charlotte-Little Things
  • tukiepoison girl 2008/09/08 02:36:49
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    tukiepoison girl
    well..."bury me deep inside" , "join me in death" or "play dead"
  • rockstar2star 2008/09/07 05:53:07
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    either MCR's "Helena" or H.I.M. "Join Me"
  • metalwulf 2008/09/07 03:43:52
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    Funny this should come up. I've said for a few years that I'd like Godsmack's "Spiral" played at my funeral.
    If I were to choose a HIM song, though, hmmmm...probably "Wings Of A Butterfly", since that was the first song I ever heard by them, and is still my favorite. I'm also pretty partial to "The Sacrament". Tough choices...
  • juliana 2008/09/07 00:11:45
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    join me in death of curse.. but i guess that play dead or close to the flame oooooor when love and death embrace is wonderfull..these songs are very soulful..
  • OctoberHoliday 2008/09/05 00:15:51
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    "I Miss You" by Blink-182. It's been my favorite song for years, and it's basically me saying goodbye and I'll "miss you." I'm playing it at my wedding, so it's playing at my funeral.
  • Kenzie Chaos 2008/09/04 16:51:10
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    Kenzie Chaos
    At my funeral I want Seize the Day-by Avenged Sevenfold.
    Not because of the video,or "OMG I LOVE THAT BAND!"
    No.I want that song played because I want everyone there to understand what I'm trying to tell them.
    That they shouldn't cry over me,think that they could have done something or grieve when I go.
    I want everyone to understand that it was just the time.That they shouldn't live in regret because one day they'll look back and realize that their life was exactly the way they wanted it.So they should take chances because they could miss out on the best thing to ever happen to them.
    Because everything leads to something else.
    So I want Seize the Day to be played when I die.
  • nicky 2008/09/03 21:09:38
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    Play Dead
  • Lys 2008/09/03 17:07:22
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    Radio Arcade by Kill Paradise
  • LittleMissDeadGirl 2008/09/03 14:48:10
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    I would LOVE for The Sacrament or In Joy And Sorrow to play at my funeral.
  • SABI 2008/09/03 14:29:51
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  • Jessica 2008/09/03 01:51:04
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    gone with the sin
  • Vampireheartfan 2008/09/02 16:49:09
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    Cyanide Sun or Vampireheart.....listen to them again and you can see why!
  • Shelly 2008/09/02 02:23:10
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    Definitely The Path by HIM
  • Scarlett Rayven 2008/09/02 01:46:47
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    Scarlett Rayven
    Either Salt in our wounds or Death is in love with us... =]
    Any HIM song would make me happy!

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