What Song Do You Think Gets Played Way Too Much On The Radio?

Laura 2010/06/28 03:47:06
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  • Mel Winchester 2010/07/03 20:00:34
    Mel Winchester
    Anything Justin Bieber related.
  • lisafregilt 2010/07/03 13:15:32
    Anything by Ke$ha or Lady Gaga.
  • Hales 2010/07/03 02:11:33
    Almost everything X__X.
  • brittneylalaa 2010/07/02 16:20:11
    Its sooo funny to me. Everytime I get in my car the OMG song is always starting up. Its like everytime i start my engine,"Baby lemme luv u dooooown." Lol.
  • ♥!テマリ!♥ 2010/07/02 01:53:59
    Rude Boy by Rihanna. That song just annoys the hell out of me now. >.>
  • Haleigh... ♥!テマリ!♥ 2010/07/02 18:27:53
    me too D:
  • Chamii 2010/07/01 22:56:35 (edited)
    california gurls- katy perry
    nothin on you
    hey soul sister
    your love is my drug
    anything by justin beiber
  • mrs awesome face 2010/07/01 22:35:46
  • Janet 2010/07/01 20:06:57
    "Nothing on You" by B.O.B and Bruno Mars.
  • NatAlex23 Janet 2010/07/04 11:47:11
    That song is what made me stop listening to music on the radio.
  • G 2010/07/01 19:28:27
    Any song that is ever played on the radio.
  • TeardropsOfBlood4The1iiLove♥ 2010/07/01 16:28:20
  • guitar4life16 2010/07/01 01:12:13
    Your Love is My Drug - Ke$ha
  • boneman1 2010/06/30 14:38:23
    Anything by Lady Gaga. I don't understand the obsession for hip hop and rap either.
  • thє вluє wαndєrєr 2010/06/30 13:30:36
  • insane1 2010/06/30 11:56:40
    Alice in chains- Your decision I must here that thirty time within an hour,....
  • Funky Bracelet Chick 2010/06/30 05:16:07
    Funky Bracelet Chick
    Need You Now by Lady Antebellum. I can't stand it anymore. They played it so much that whenever I hear it my ears begin to bleed. lady antebellum played hear ears begin bleed
  • axel Funky B... 2010/07/07 05:29:21
    i agree with you
  • Funky B... axel 2010/07/12 03:54:54
    Funky Bracelet Chick
  • DemonxOisin 2010/06/29 23:45:39 (edited)
    Airplanes - B.o.B.
    It's a really good song, but it's starting to get on my nerves -.-

    Oh, and Chicks, Cars, and the Third World War - James Colin on Q107, my local classic rock station -.-
  • annie 2010/06/29 21:30:32
    OMG by Usher
  • brittne... annie 2010/07/02 16:14:09
    Funny you said that. Everytime I get in my car that song is almost always just starting. Its funny to me.
  • Paul Revere 2010/06/29 18:04:04
    Paul Revere
    I have no idea. I haven't listened to broadcast radio in years. I like the diversity of streams over the internet. Lately I've been tuning into Death.FM

  • limegreenhorsey 2010/06/29 14:08:53
    flierflies by owl city= trash!
  • Patty limegre... 2010/06/29 15:19:26
    finally, someone who agrees with me!
  • Zach 2010/06/29 13:54:13
    Anything by Lady Gaga gets played to much. Billionaire, California Girls, That Drake song. Annoying crap.
  • Samantha 2010/06/29 05:59:08
    california gurls. i love the song but it gets old :(
  • Snapes ... Samantha 2010/07/01 20:45:10
    Snapes mistress
    it does
  • Hope 2010/06/29 05:56:38
    California Girls by katy perry. it drives me crazy!
  • Tw!stəd_S!stər 2010/06/29 04:56:33
    I don't listen to the radio that much but every time I listen to Open House Party they always repeat Usher's OMG and I hate that song.
  • Laura Tw!stəd... 2010/06/29 04:57:42
    that song is themost annoying
  • Punk Rocker 2010/06/29 02:55:33
    Punk Rocker
    Scouting For Girls - This Aint A Love Song
  • Judester 2010/06/29 02:44:09
    It's not a song it's the ID that they say with every breath identifying their radio station over and over almost to the point of what in the name of Christ are you trying to convey? The employees sign on with their radio call sign and sign off with the same only to get another person signing on with the same call signs. It drives me crazy with the ads that repeat their phone three times, no, four times and some times five times. It's the same with TV. You watching an ad and the phone number is there in front of you and they repeat it over and over, it drives me crazy.
  • Fire Wolf 2010/06/29 02:39:32
    Fire Wolf
    kesha-your love is my drug
    katy perry-california gurls
  • AnelMoon 2010/06/29 01:40:02
    Alejandro -_-
  • Domino 2010/06/29 00:38:23
    Michael jackson
  • jzambada 2010/06/28 23:53:34
    bad romance.

    god, i get it! rah rah rah, you're in a bad romance. something in french. some random lyrics. blah blah rah ah ah. just shut up!!!
  • Janet jzambada 2010/07/01 20:08:39
    I thought it was Italian.
  • The Ruby 2010/06/28 23:48:32
    The Ruby
    Justin Bieber - Baby
    Lady GaGa - Bad Romance
    Ke$ha - Tic Toc & Your Love Is My Drug
  • Buhbye SodaHead 2010/06/28 22:24:21
    Buhbye SodaHead
    Muse - Uprising
    Its on constantly. I used to like the song. Now I hate it, just because the radio won't stop playing it. And when one station plays it, 5 minutes later 2 more start playing it.

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