What should Justin Bieber do next?

ABC News U.S. 2014/01/23 22:55:16
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  • cougarxr7 2014/01/27 07:37:04
  • sglmom 2014/01/26 08:03:52
    Go back to Canada
    Well ..
    how about the msm (including YOU ABC) ..

    NOT publicizing the stupidity and basic vapid nature of these idiotic 'celebs' anyways????
    (just do NOT WANT this garbage to be inflicted anymore .. you .. the msm .. have signed your own industry's demise .. by devolving down to being just a spewing advertising platform for every bit of divisiveness and inanity that is in the world today .. )

    Perhaps if one goes back and relearns what it means to be 'news-worthy' in the first place ..
    sticking to truth, just the facts ..
    no spewing forth bias, personal opinions, or dribbling off the messes as any huckster would do ..
    for the 'sale' of the 'snake oil' that you engage in every day is no longer wanted nor listened to ..
  • KieraAllison 2014/01/26 05:23:30
    Go back to Canada
    Well my answer is none of the above my answer: GO TO HELL XD (sorry to you justin bieber fans but it's what he SHOULD do)
  • Jdogg 2014/01/26 05:07:35
    Go to rehab
    Get his act together, His mom should smack him up side the head and tell him to start acting responcible instead.
  • manfrommars46 2014/01/25 10:43:38
    Go back to Canada
    He's a prat who can't cope with fame.
  • spiritgal33 2014/01/25 08:24:54
    Go back to Canada
    and go to rehabilitation there. and retire from the life of a thug
  • Kitty 2014/01/25 08:20:25
    Just lay low
    Do better than lay low - pack it in so we don't have to see or hear about him anymore.
  • Dickens 2014/01/25 08:14:05
    Go back to Canada
    ...or even better, deport him so he can't come back...
  • Kitty Dickens 2014/01/25 08:18:34
    C'mon give us a break Dickens - we don't want him back here, glad to get rid of him. If he comes back here, he's only a 20 min drive from me - our streets are safer without him in the region.
  • M A 2014/01/24 05:28:52
    Go back to Canada
    M A
    Leave before he kills someone.
  • Bradford 2014/01/24 02:45:02
    Go back to Canada
    Or just keep him here and wait for him to drive drunk again and harm an innocent person. I wonder if it would change him if that person he did in fact harm was a huge fan of his.
  • kaelynn 2014/01/24 00:43:30
    Go back to Canada
    He Is an ignorant immature spoiled brat who has made bad decisions and should suffer the consequences just like anyone else would have to. He is not a above the law and if he feels this treatment is unfair then he should go back to where he came from. Bye
  • Catherine 2014/01/24 00:39:17
    Go to rehab
    If he is ready to change his lifestyle he should seek the best rehab program there is.
  • *goodbye* 2014/01/24 00:17:59
    Go back to Canada
    In northern Canada, in winter, with a pair of hot pants for clothes, with hungry bears with a rape alarm for protection
  • froggie.picc 2014/01/23 23:46:50
    Go back to Canada
    go home.... and let his grandmother kick the crap out of him for being a snotty spoiled brat that thinks he's entitled to do what ever when ever!
  • vamps 2014/01/23 23:26:02
    Go back to Canada
    he should just go back to canada and DIE there
  • GodofDarkness 2014/01/23 23:04:01
    Go back to Canada
    Kill himself.
  • KieraAl... GodofDa... 2014/01/26 05:26:13
    HA not a bad idea XD

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