What Music Did Your Parents Play For You When You Were a Kid?

Sister Jean 2010/11/03 23:53:09
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  • FIONALOVESPARAMORE 2010/11/05 23:04:34
    They played...
  • RV ~ The Peacekeeper of PHAET 2010/11/05 21:48:46
    They played...
    RV ~ The Peacekeeper of PHAET
    Classic Rock. Great music.

  • whitebear62 2010/11/05 17:20:18
    They played...
    A combination of Country, Oldies (50's Rock & Roll, Classical, and the occaisional Pop of the period (60's Rock and Roll but the lighter side; Gary Pucket & the Unioin Gap etc.)
  • Alex 2010/11/05 15:38:45
    They played...
    my dad is the biggest fan of rock...that's why he played rock dad fan rock played rock
  • Georgia50 2010/11/05 12:21:29
    They played...
    big band era, polka, country ballads, cocktail music (ratpack stuff). It's what made me the rock freak I am today. Listening to that music was worse than being submerged in molten lead.
  • ANZ 2010/11/05 10:13:14
    They played...
    Good Old Brudda Iz <3333
  • Anna E 2010/11/05 06:05:34
    They played...
    Anna E
    Everything from acid rock to zouk (Caribbean music). lol
  • Blueskies Anna E 2010/11/05 08:56:08
    That was my music, my parents played swing, rock and roll, jazz, and Lawernce Welk
  • Anna E Blueskies 2010/11/05 20:02:40
    Anna E
    Cool. I'm glad my parents played a lot of different stuff. I think it's why I like almost any type of music.
  • Bulletproof Vendetta 2010/11/05 03:57:45
    They played...
    Bulletproof Vendetta

    Awesome stuff. :D
  • Talisman 2010/11/05 03:24:05
    They played...
    Some Rock, some Country. My Grandmother played classical for me. So I grew up with a pretty eclectic taste in music.
  • JJ 2010/11/05 03:23:51
    They played...
    Nursrey Rhymes and Country
  • starstruckBaby 2010/11/05 02:40:56
    They played...
    Michael Jackson, Earth Wind and Fire!!!!!!!! A bit of Queen and rock music.
  • Snare Chick 2010/11/05 02:17:25
    They played...
    Snare Chick
    country *shudders*
    i much prefer rock:D
  • bigeasy628 2010/11/05 02:10:34
    They played...
    Classic Country and Bluegrass
  • Nikki 2010/11/05 01:43:30 (edited)
    They played...
    Lot's of smooth jazz,old school r&b; music,real blues musicians and gospel music lots smooth jazzold school rb musicreal blues musicians gospel music lots smooth jazzold school rb musicreal blues musicians gospel music lots smooth jazzold school rb musicreal blues musicians gospel music
  • FencerCat 2010/11/05 00:56:16
    My mother was always singing when I was little. Irish trad. tunes, Doris Day songs (she loved Doris Day) and Rose Marie Clooney songs, and she would sing the Dumbo song to me often when I went to bed. (Baby of mine.)
  • Sister ... FencerCat 2010/11/05 01:05:49
    Sister Jean
    I love Miss Bet
  • FencerCat Sister ... 2010/11/05 01:07:35
    Yeah. She is definitely different. I didn't even notice it was her version. I love that song. If I ever get to make a record, (wishful thinking) I'm going to put that song on it.
  • Jasper 2010/11/05 00:25:51
    None of the above
    Whatever was on the radio
  • They played...
    ♥ chαmα (((G)))™ (IMPERIAL GANGSTER ckrαzє, 197 ♥) ♥
  • sabbatha 2010/11/04 23:14:33
  • Nick~believe ^MOTOOP^ 2010/11/04 21:34:19
    They played...
    Nick~believe ^MOTOOP^
    They had some children's music on 45s (if you're old enough, you know what those are) and casettes (again). And my mum would let me listen to her Beatles LPs.
  • Bobby 48 2010/11/04 20:54:45
  • BadDog 2010/11/04 20:31:02
    They played...
    the radio, and it played Roy Orbison, Elvis, Everly Brothers, Nat King Cole, Chuck Berry, Ray Charles......pop 40.
  • socokid 2010/11/04 20:21:09
    They played...
    I only listened to what they played. Usually 70's pop.

    When I was around 7 I started on my own path. Thankfully. Used allowance to buy records from FlipSide. Music junkie... never got into kids stuff. Totally skipped it. ;-) My first full length album was Foreigner Double Vision when I was 8 years old. Had some 45s before that one.
  • Ara 2010/11/04 20:11:10
    They played...
    Tori Amos and Evanescence :)
  • Tori Lynne 2010/11/04 19:58:56
    They played...
    Tori Lynne
    Aerosmith, Guns N Roses, Led Zepplin, Lynyrd Skynyrd, AC/DC
  • squirre... Tori Lynne 2010/11/04 20:07:34
  • humdrum 2010/11/04 19:33:16
    None of the above
    Sorry wrong choice :). My parents played oldies and eighties :). Good mix right?
  • Kawaii<3 2010/11/04 19:17:38

    this was my favourtite song from my dads collection when I was little. :D
  • Ophelia,,☮♥♫ 2010/11/04 19:17:23
    They played...
    (my dad)The Beatles,Jimi Hendrix,The Who,Thin Lizzy
    Some more but these ones stuck out...he had good taste :)
  • toyaroxit 2010/11/04 18:31:41
    They played...
    my parents didn't really have us listening to little kid music,they were always playing their kinda music.My dad would be playing The Beatles,Kiss,ac/dc,queen,and metallica,and my mom would be playing Michael Jackson,Stevie B,Backstreet Boys,and Whitney Houston so i always had a really wide range of musical taste although i kinda took after my dad a little more. bbackstreet boysand whitney houston wide range musical taste kinda dad bbackstreet boysand whitney houston wide range musical taste kinda dad
  • misterz 2010/11/04 18:20:05
    None of the above
    They didn't - I do not remember them every playing any type of music. remember playing type music
  • Surgeon ~The Egalitarianist~ 2010/11/04 18:17:19
    They played...
    Surgeon ~The Egalitarianist~
    The Beatles mostly.

    Actually 'When I'm 64' was the ONLY song that would ever calm me down long enough for them to put me to sleep.
    My mom actually got real angry with my dad about it, because she tried everything to calm me down then he just walks in ans was like "Hey let's try this." and it worked. XD
  • DANNY_B0i♛ 2010/11/04 18:16:57
    They played...
    Ummm well I mean i don't really remember when I was like a baby but I do remember when I was like around 5 or 6 maybe a little later my mom would play Sarah McLachlan, Celine Dion, stuff like that and my dad would play Beatles, The Doors, and old stuff like that. I still listen to all the stuff my parents use to listen to :) mostly what my dad played.
  • KATniss 2010/11/04 17:54:58
    None of the above
    my grandmam sings :p
  • herb 2010/11/04 17:42:35
    They played...
  • memebev1 2010/11/04 17:35:23
    They played...
    Country and cowboy songs. He would sing to me. lol
  • BlondieBrownEyes 2010/11/04 17:34:40

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