What is your opinion of Breaking Bad (TV Show)?

Deyken 2010/09/15 13:37:08
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The protagonist has terminal cancer, prompting him to go on a criminal rampage. He killed, or was involved in the killing of, two drug dealers virtually on his first day! In some cases you could likely condone his course of action, but what would you do?
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  • crotchrot 2010/09/15 13:41:40
  • cmdrbnd007 2010/09/15 13:40:40
    Just another example of the line between right and wrong trying to be wiped away. Let's face it, he's still making an illegal substance that can do serious harm and possible kill the some who will eventually use it. Cancer is no excuse for his bad behavior and no one should try to rationalize that it is.
  • crotchrot cmdrbnd007 2010/09/15 13:42:42
  • Deyken crotchrot 2010/09/20 14:11:51
    I figure, from this perspective - which is exactly what the writer had intended - that many people would use badly cooked meth anyway. In justification of his actions, he reckons that since that is gonna happen anyways, he may as well (with his extensive Chemistry training) make something more pure for the already-junkies to get hooked on...

    In the process, he can make some serious money so that his family could survive after his inevitable passing.
  • Deyken cmdrbnd007 2010/09/20 14:09:28
    I agree, however, to a certain extent you may consider that there are virtually no legal option available for him to provide for his family post humuously. A lot of criminals resort to this lifestyle as a result of the same circumstances. The line remains blurred, nonetheless.

    There was once a story written, initially a film adaptation, about 6 Catholic Priests through basic research found conclusive evidence (in the story - not for real!) that God does not exist. They then went on a violent rampage through Vegas, distraught that they had devoted their entire lives to nothing.
  • Lee Grace Deyken 2011/01/10 12:44:02 (edited)

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