What is your opinion of all the conference realignment in college football?

SportsNation 2012/11/20 13:08:11
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  • Mark5610 2012/11/20 18:14:50
    I don't know; just want it to be over
    It's all about the money.
  • Lanikai 2012/11/20 15:11:17
    I like it
    I love having Texas A and M in the SEC. I love Mizzou being here as well.

    I think Baylor is the team to watch, they are up and coming fast to replace Texas A and M as a dominant team in Texas.

    Maryland moving to a better division is good for both of those divisions.

    SO, I like the realignment, I just wish they would create a league for the smaller teams, so they don't constantly end up at the bottom of the list.

    Jacksonville State, Hawaii, etc, for smaller teams shouldn't be divisions with GIANTS, it is unfair to both.
  • Dick Nixon 2012/11/20 14:47:31
    I like it
    Dick Nixon
    I like the fact that the independents have to share earnings within a conference but it makes the Big Ten look like they don't know how to count past ten.
  • Lanikai Dick Nixon 2012/11/20 15:12:18
    Well, the SEC is supposed to be south eastern teams and we now have Missou and Texas A and M.

    IT was probably a great system when it was created, but the shake up they are doing is good for everyone.
  • Dick Nixon Lanikai 2012/11/21 15:47:37
    Dick Nixon
    I agree. I hope they get a firmer grip on ncaa cheating. I'm tired of the recruit cheating all of it. USC and Ohio State coming off of sanctions and now Penn State going into them. Those sanctions upset the balance in that entire conference. Oh and the "One And Done" player rules should be restructured. One and dones are a waste of ncaa time and the schools are wasting scholarships on those guys.
  • Lanikai Dick Nixon 2012/11/21 15:49:21
    Well, Alabama cheats and gets away with it. They find really good players and move them to a high school near the university, get them tutors for academics and work with them until they are ready for college. That is the mildest of their tricks. I wish all the cheating would stop and we could all have an ounce of faith in ANYTHING being honest.
  • Dick Nixon Lanikai 2012/11/22 12:09:32
    Dick Nixon
    What we have here are politics. Bastards... Lol...
  • Lanikai Dick Nixon 2012/11/22 14:29:36
    Yep, Auburn is having a beyond suckish year, BUT it just came out that they are under investigation for recruiting violations becaue one recruit's coach altered his transcripts so he could play there. That opened up a whole investigation and so, Auburn is on the seat again.

    notice that ole miss and Alabama never, ever face this crap. Nor Georgia, and everyone knows the boosters pay these kids and their families at most schools. But, Auburn is the red headed step child at the family reunion, always being looked at while bammer gets a pass.


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