What is your guilty pleasure song?

glendajb4 2011/08/15 22:59:40
This song..
None. I have no shame.
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There is a certain, beloved song that you are ashamed to have on your playlist.

If it plays when you're with your peers, you deny thy love for that song and it's creator to gain their approval. If it plays when you're alone, you shamelessly sing and dance along with an undeniable zeal that you can't express otherwise.

A typical "guilty pleasure" song is usually cheesy, outdated, and/or just plain bad for whatever reason it might be, and is yet so damn catchy and enjoyable to listen to. Why is this? Do record producers hire scientists who specialize in what the human ear finds irrevocably pleasurable to the brain, no matter how unpleasant it may seems on the surface?

For the record, my guilty pleasures include the Spice Girls, Shania Twain, T.V. theme songs (Cheers, Step by Step ,etc.), and Toni Basil's infamous "Mickey."

So what's yours?

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