What is your favorite Kristen Stewart movie out of these top 10 films?

Kyle 2012/07/03 17:02:38
Speak (2004)
The Cake Eaters (2007)
Panic Room (2002)
Into the Wild (2007)
Twilight (2008)
In the Land of Women (2007)
Adventureland (2009)
Fierce People (2005)
The Safety of Objects (2001)
Welcome to the Rileys (2010)
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  • Nika 2012/07/05 16:17:57
    Adventureland (2009)
    But I only like that movie because of Bill Hader, Kirsten Wiig and Martin Starr.
    bill hader adventureland funny

    I also liked The Runaways though.
  • Arel 2012/07/04 21:17:07
    i dont like her as an Actress
    One of the worst actresses ever........she knows only one expression.
  • Just MEH....Piwan 2012/07/04 15:27:27
    i dont like her as an Actress
    Just MEH....Piwan
    Seen one, you've seen them all, because all she does is stand there with her mouth open!
  • RasHooD 2012/07/04 08:41:26
    Panic Room (2002)
    she wer very young
  • LunarRain 2012/07/04 07:53:13
    i dont like her as an Actress
    You forgot the only movie I actully liked her in The Runaways.
  • Marie 2012/07/04 07:29:15
    Panic Room (2002)
    Panic room and twilight :)
  • Tori Childers 2012/07/04 05:01:54
    i dont like her as an Actress
    Tori Childers
    My favorite that has her in it is Catch that Kid.
  • ☠megan_massacre☠ 2012/07/04 02:45:44
    Speak (2004)
    Good movie
  • i<3conanthebarbarian 2012/07/04 02:19:58
    Twilight (2008)
    man I meant to pick I don't like her as an actor she can't act for nothing! But yet she gets paid the most please explain that to me.
  • shenendoah 2012/07/04 01:29:06 (edited)
    Twilight (2008)
    My favorite was The Messengers but that didn't make the list. the messengers
  • chelsei... shenendoah 2012/07/04 04:51:37
    Same here
  • shenendoah chelsei... 2012/07/04 04:59:43
    That was the first film I saw here in and she was good.
  • Charmaine 2012/07/04 01:15:22
    i dont like her as an Actress
    She is a sucky actress in my opinion and she did a terrible job in Snow White and The Huntsman, Charlize Theron owned her ass in that movie and Stewart was supposed the be the leading role!!!
  • Ana 2012/07/04 00:24:01
    Twilight (2008)
    she was awesome in twilight, she fit the part perfectly and did an awesome job with it.
  • SlaveWaterNymph 2012/07/03 23:52:48
    Speak (2004)
    the only one she can act in and she doesnt really talk. lol
  • dream-hair! 2012/07/03 21:33:08
    Into the Wild (2007)
    i like her in speak more cause i feel so sorry for her but i love into the wild, people should stop basing her acting on twilight cause they're all bad in that movie
  • MrsB 2012/07/03 21:31:32
    Twilight (2008)
    The way that Twilight was written, Kristen Stewart fit the part perfectly. She was awkward and weird and i think it's the only one that she really did well in.
  • Sprout 2012/07/03 20:24:26 (edited)
    The Cake Eaters (2007)
    pic of kristen stewartLOVE LOVE LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... I've scene every movie... pic of the runaways m ovie
  • scoots1 2012/07/03 20:17:59
    i dont like her as an Actress
    personally i think the best movie she was in is Zuthara.
  • Lanikai 2012/07/03 19:24:59
    i dont like her as an Actress
    So far, she only has two facial expressions. And since none of the above were that good, maybe she will get to be a multi million dollar actress, with only those two facial expressions.
  • Rob Williams 2012/07/03 19:19:30
    Panic Room (2002)
    Rob Williams
    But I didn't realise she was in it until I saw this question!
  • JayRevolution 2012/07/03 19:19:21
    Speak (2004)
  • Th8nos 2012/07/03 19:10:07
    i dont like her as an Actress
    ...I'm quite sure, even she doesnt like herself (as an actress)
  • fairiefang -annoying fashio... 2012/07/03 18:52:19
  • Willski 2012/07/03 18:38:46
    Twilight (2008)
    i view it as a comedy though.
  • Jack's Pearl 2012/07/03 18:27:57
    Twilight (2008)
    Jack's Pearl
    I love a lot of her movies. This one is tops with one you didn't list about being rockers. I loved that movie.
  • compufreek 2012/07/03 18:17:25
    i dont like her as an Actress
    She's terrible. Awful Actress
  • i<3cona... compufreek 2012/07/04 02:20:41
    Killed her
  • PumpkinMuncher 2012/07/03 17:58:51
    i dont like her as an Actress
    She sucks i really hate all her roles
  • Lady Winters 2012/07/03 17:43:43
    i dont like her as an Actress
    Lady Winters
    Snow White and the Huntsman sure was good though because of Chris Hemsworth.
  • tblackb 2012/07/03 17:27:25
    i dont like her as an Actress
    look at that list of moves, she's not that good of an actress & in my opinion is overpaid!
  • Lizard King 2012/07/03 17:24:45
  • Gunner 2012/07/03 17:22:23
    Panic Room (2002)
    I love that movie
  • RainbowKisses(: 2012/07/03 17:12:30
    Speak (2004)
    Her best one was speak by far..
  • Sammie Sweetz 2012/07/03 17:11:14
    Twilight (2008)
    Sammie Sweetz
    And her new movie snow white
  • Dickens 2012/07/03 17:10:26
    i dont like her as an Actress
    ..she's strictly decoration, a talentless actress...
  • YourGurll<3 2012/07/03 17:06:44
    i dont like her as an Actress
    i don't think she's that great. she has no emotion .
  • Panic Room (2002)
    Jersey Roze ♥Jwon's Cyar'ika ♥
    I thought it was a good movie...
  • Lizard ... Jersey ... 2012/07/03 17:27:40
  • Jersey ... Lizard ... 2012/07/03 17:41:00
    Jersey Roze ♥Jwon's Cyar'ika ♥
    Wow, thanks :D...

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