What is the most disrespectful thing a man can do to you? please read.... explain why...

*Love is great when you finally find it* 2009/12/22 02:03:30
Spit in your face...
call you numerous names
tell you that you've cheated on him numerous times
all of the above
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  • samantha 2009/12/22 09:59:34
    call you numerous names
    i dont have a man right now i want to stay single but he called me numerous names lol but whatever some guys are a**holes
  • DisguestedPart2Chapter3 =D 2009/12/22 08:30:12
    all of the above
    DisguestedPart2Chapter3 =D
    All of them cuz if a man did that to me then he is simply no man at all.
    He is just a coward that has to direspect a woman to make him feel like a man.
  • kb5107 2009/12/22 02:26:52
    all of the above
    if a guy did this to me,...it would be over
  • corrinne 2009/12/22 02:12:48
    all of the above
    Any of these would get any man a swift ass-kicking from me.
  • BUNNIES 2009/12/22 02:08:53
    Spit in your face...
    Spitting is the worst.. from anyone.
  • rejimaru 2009/12/22 02:07:47
    all of the above
    treat me like shit, that covers everything.
  • paenitentia 2009/12/22 02:05:42
    all of the above
    I would say the most disrespectful thing a man could do to me would be rape or abuse me.

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