What is the big deal with the kardashian girls??? they are all fat and lack any talent. what am i missing???

cmah 2011/01/24 19:32:18
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  • Maxi Dove 2011/01/25 08:51:53
    you are right. their shows are a waste of time
    Maxi Dove
    they are a total waste of time - I blame their over pushy mother!
  • poopppp 2011/01/25 00:14:15
    your are wrong. they are gorgeous and very talented and funny
    in my opinion these sisters are all very beautiful and they are not fat they're curvy !yeah sure they may lack in talent but they are beautiful at least they are trying to make something of themselves .sure they've done a couple of stupid things but c'mon who hasn't ?.dont hate appreciate .
  • Angecael 2011/01/25 00:00:19
    you are right. their shows are a waste of time
    I don't like them at all. They are very fake. In the one episode I've ever watched, The big chick,
    Don't know her name. This one. fake episode ive watched chick Kardashian
    Claimed she's 'An expert on serial killers, and a big fan' (Very big fan), she didn't know who Gacy was. He was.. Oh lawd, I don't even wanna bother. She's just attention whoring, trying to make herself look.. I don't know. Different?
  • anita massengill 2011/01/24 20:38:45

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